Hello and welcome to StAndrews Steel! The home for steel products for your alternative lifestyle!

Here you'll learn all about me. My interests, hobbies, the people in my life, my pets, and more. I've included photos of my work, and a list of my favorite links to other sites.

What's New?

Be sure to check in from time to time, and view some of my new works and goings on....who knows it might be fun eh!

Warning: Though this site is NOT pornographic in content, it does contain adult issues and partial nudity. 21 years old and over only please. Under 21 years please exit now!

My name is Master St.Andrew. This is obviously not my real name, but one I chose some time ago to use in chat rooms.

I am creating this site for two reasons. One is to shed some light on a very romantic, exotic, erotic, and sensual lifestyle. This lifestyle is so intense, that it at times fills the senses to overwhelming proportions. The second is to show you some of my steel work, and work in progress.

It is however, often confused and misunderstood. This lifestyle is D/s, or Dominance and submission. All this means is an absolute exchange of power, between two or more CONSENTING adults.

This site contains no pornographic pictures or language, so if this is what you seek, you would be better served by moving on.

This site does however, cover indepth and frank information on adult topics. It has adult words and thoughts within it, as well as some pictures of my steel work for alternative lifestyles. If you are easily offended by such topics, or words, again you maybe best served by moving on.

My goal here is to openly discuss, and hopefully answer some questions on a lifestyle that is near and dear to me. As well as so many of my close friends.

This site contains some poetry, writings, pictures and links to other sites that I hope will help those curious, to understand and learn. If you like what I have said so far, then kick back and enter my world. The world of St Andrews Crossing.

For information on pricing and shipping please email me.

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