Master the Disaster




We have useful tips for getting your business ready for natural and man-made disasters. Yeah, we know it can't happen to you.  Fires, floods, lighting strikes, terrorism, chemical spills, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, droughts even blackouts don't happen to you. Get Real. Sooner or later some kind of disaster will affect your business but you don't have to let it put you out of business if you think ahead and follow these steps--you can master the disaster.

Begin by creating a disaster preparation plan for your organization. Evaluate the types of disasters that are likely to occur to your business. Some risks, such as flood or tornado, are obvious others are less apparent.  For example, if you raise livestock include a plan for an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.  There is plenty of information on possible risks available on the web. Your plan should include backup  procedures,  recovery planning, insurance, and a property list.  Go get started!