Hey hey hey May 03, 2004
Been a long long long time since I been around these parts. I wonder how many people still visit my little old site here? ;) Anyhow, I hope you guys are still having fun in SS and killing all the lamers in Chaos! I will drop by from time to time to say hi, although I don't really play anymore. I do miss a lot of you people though. The Warlords were always an awesome bunch of peeps. Last time I was in SS I hardly recognized anyone on the chat LOL. That's what I get for staying away so long :p.

Take care guys, see ya around!


Holy mother of God! A post! February 06, 2004
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

So shoot me. I know I haven't posted here in AGES, but I really don't play the game anymore :( I drop in from time to time to say hi but that's about the extent of it. I have been busy with real life things obviously ;) I have a hell of an MP3 collection these days. If you want to see the list just drop me a line and I will be glad to let you take a look.

I am happy to see that Continuum is still alive and well as it will always hold a place in my heart. I was never so addicted to a video game in my life until I found SS. I hope to see people still enjoying the game for many years to come.

Well folks, that's about all I have to say for now. Take care all and maybe I will see you around sometime.



It's that time again! July 28, 2003
Since the last time I posted here some good things have happened :). We bagged those two scumbag sons of Sodamn Insane w00t! Now for daddy ;). Good job troops on gathering intel and carrying out a successful raid against those losers. My hat's off to you!

Lance Armstrong won his 5th Tour De France :) Great job Lance, that's the way to show those French pussies how to ride! Now if someone could just teach them to fight LOL, yeah that will happen about the time we find WMD in Iraq ;) I bet that had to piss those snobby little wine drinking pansies right the hell off HAHA. Owned at your own race GG France $$.

I'm getting ready to go back up north for a while :) I can't wait, I love Canada I really do. Awesome country it is.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I know, my life is boring :p. At least I am happy though :) Anyways, until next time.

Take it EZ all


Hello world ;) July 01, 2003
I haven't posted anything new here in 3 months :( I know I suck :(

Anyways, the same old stuff going on here with me. Nothing really new to tell right now. Hopefully within a few months I will be building a new system for myself :) I'm gonna build a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz(althought AthlonXP could save me some $$), Abit board, 128 meg vid card, at least two 200 gig hardrives, 1.5 gigs of DDR ram, high speed cd writer and dvd rom drive, and some kind of really cool case for it. I will worry about the monitor after I get the comp built. Thats what I want.

I'm working on my business site if you want to see it click here. Keep in mind that it's far from finished and I may not even stick with this design, I am looking at some other designs too.

It's been hot in Canada and hot in California, both of my homes ;) Thank God we aren't too far from the ocean. I can always go for a swim heh.

That's all for now. Maybe it won't take me 3 months or longer to post here again :P See you all later.


Minor Updates March 20, 2003
Hi there

Well, I removed a ton of dead links. I will add some newer links soon so the site isn't so bare. Don't ask me why I am updating this site since I don't even play the game anymore heh. I am just doing it out of boredom more than anything ;). Just be glad and enjoy it :P

The start of the war is kind of slow and boring *yawns* we need to see some action baby! I want to see what they mean by "shock and awe" LOL. PICK UP THE PACE MAN! Looks like we will walk right through Iraq just like last time. God Iraq is lame. What a useless military they have LMAO.



My yearly update LMAO! March 18, 2003
Heya all

It's been a really long time since I posted on here heh. Obviously I am still alive ;) I've been busy with other things in my life since I stopped playing Continuum/Subspace. Now my gaming time consists of playing the Playstation 2. I have mostly been playing the online games since I got my network adapter. I think my favorite so far has to be SOCOM US Navy Seals. The game play and graphics are excellent IMO, the game is quite entertaining in a counterstrike sort of way ;). Another game I have gotten into that I hate to admit to is EverQuest Online Adventures. Yes, it's true. I think I like it :(. Addictive ass piece of s**t. Then there are the sports titles such as Madden NFL 2003, NBA 2K3 and ATV Offroad Fury 2 although ATV is actually a racing game. Overall I am a little disappointed at the selection of online titles for the PS2. Xbox has many more and are releasing new ones every month. Sony had better get on the ball with the online games or they are going to lose that race hands down.

Anyways I just wanted to post something on here since it's been so long and I wanted to say hi to all my old SS comrades :) You guys all take it easy and I may see you around from time to time as I do drop into Continuum on occasion. I don't know if anyone sill visits this site, but if you do THANKS! :) Glad to know you still love me :P

Take care all


YOOOOO Peoples June 5, 2002
Hello visitors ;)

Well I doubt anyone still visits this site still :( But it's my own fault for losing interest in Continuum/Subspace and lack of updates. Oh well it was a good 3+ year run of keeping the Warlords site up and running and updated :). I had a lot of fun doing this site and I also learned a tremendous amount about HTML while making it. I will always be a Warlord even though I do not play SS anymore :p. I had some of my favorite moments on a computer with you guys and gals. Ok, 'nuff said about that. I won't be updating the site any further any time soon. It is v.3.0 Final Version :). I'll see all of you in ICQ/MSN/EMAILS. Take care all of you and have fun playing SS :) Peace


OMG I POSTED!!!!!! March 19, 2002
Wow, It's been a long time since I have posted something on this site :). As you may have noticed SSnet is no longer hosting sites so I had to move the site back here. It's not so bad really just the little popup window on the side :P. As far as what I have been doing for the past months it's a little thing called PS2 and Xbox heh. First I got into my Dreamcast and went nuts getting ISO's. Heh I have over 250 games for the DC now ;) But then DC got kicked to the curb when I got a PS2. So that's what I do with my gaming time instead of SS now. I logged onto SS couple of weeks ago to see what was up with you guys. The thing that sucks about SS for me right now is my gamepad doesn't work with XP and sometimes not Continuum on certain computers :(. I can't play with the keyboard anymore since I have been playing with a gamepad which I started using about 6 months after first playing SS. Oh well, I just wanted you all to know that I told Addiction King that I would update the site for him here and there so you guys at least have a home base. I still won't play SS I don't think but I will update the site for you guys since I will always love SS :)

Well that's about enough of my blabbering for now. Have fun In SS and Warlords guys!!! Seeya!


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