Using a Feeler Gauge to Recover the Combination for a Master Lock Key Storage Lock
The above picture shows the 0.0015" feeler from an automobile feeler gauge, purchased from an auto parts supply store. When purchasing a feeler gauge, check the package and make sure the guage includes a 0.0015" or 0.002" feeler, with 0.0015" preferred. The end of the feeler has been cut into a trapezoid shape, using a pair of scissors. A line was drawn about 5/16" from the end of the feeler, using a felt tip pen.
Insert the feeler just to the LEFT of one of the thumbwheels, as shown in the above pictures. Turn the thumbwheel one position at a time, and check the depth that the feeler inserts at each position. Find the position where the feeler inserts deepest. In the above picture on the right, the feeler inserted deepest at 3. Repeat for each of the other three thumbwheels.

Now, turn each of the thumbwheels 5 positions, in either direction. In the picture on the right, the thumbwheels read 3325. After turning each thumbwheel 5 positions, the thumbwheels read 8870. Now, push the lever, located to the left of the thumbwheels, down to open the lock in the normal way.

Note the differences from using the feeler gauge to recover the combination for the Master Thumbwheel Padlock. The feeler is inserted to the left of each thumbwheel, instead of the right. The feeler inserts deepest at a number, not half way between numbers. The thumbwheels must turn half a turn to reach the correct combination, not a quarter turn.

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