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What I want to show you now is a little info about the Nintendo Revolution and the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Twilight
Princess Game, hope you enjoy it.

Nintendo Revolution
The Legend Of Zelda:
Twilight Princess
The next generation console from Nintendo is set
to come out next year.
Fortunately I got some pics to show you what
it will look like. It looks damned pretty in
black and white.

Pretty isn't it.
This is what
the future of
gaming looks like.

The system comes with a inclined stand (the base)
which gives it a trapazoidal look. However, it
can be placed on its side, or flat to fit in
confined spaces. And since the loading mecanism
does not eject a lid or pops-up it can be made to
spaces where only a slim DVD player could before.


Decades of Games
Revolution will play all of your favorite Nintendo GameCube games, and deliver downloadable access to 20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and even the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Now that's great news, if only those games could
be saved somewhere else like in a cd-r and then
played in the Revolution that could prevent losing
your games if the memory goes bad. Anyway, one can only dream huh?

Finally the Nintendo
Revolution also
includes several ports
on its top side which
seem to be just the
right size for the
GameCube Controllers and GameCube Memory
Cards. Which shows that they do mean it when they
say it will be backwards compatible.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics
of this console against others is the integrated
and apparently fully functioning Wi-Fi connection
included. This really adds a kick to multiplayer
games, but one must wonder the cost.
Ads say its free, but I think there's a catch
there's always a catch.

This new console will look great and work great
I just hope the price is not too great like other
new consoles out there. Like this one.

The next installment
of the Legend Of Zelda
series has been delayed
close to 5 months but
with this all gamers
expect serious improvements.

Fortunately it comes out for the Gamecube
instead of the Nintendo Revolution, which means
less money to burn in order to be able to play it;
which doesn't matter much if the Nintendo Revolution
can play GameCube games.

In this particular
adventure Link is in
early adulthood and
back in Hyrule,
which suggests a
continuation to
Wind Waker
although there is no
confirmation of that fact.

From the video available
at the Nintendo website
it seems link is cursed
and turned into a wolf.

A sorceress breaks into
Link's cell and frees him
with the caveat that he
aids her in her quest by
fighting along side her.

Something that has definitely changed from previous
versions is Link's
new ability to
fight on
instead of just
shooting arrows.

From the images its certain graphics are outstanding
and the story will involve you for hours.

I can't wait till March!, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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