Hello. Welcome to our site. Please feel free to surf around on our website and check out our dogs.
We do not have any puppies at the present time, however, we do have a breeding planned for late May/early June 2007.

Since we have had such an interest in our planned litter, we are taking deposits presently for those folks who want to secure one of the pups from this litter.
Our intent is to have as many of our pups pre-placed prior to birth as possible. With the outstanding quality and the affordable prices of our Boerboel puppies, we expect to have this summer 2007 litter mostly claimed before their birth.

We are proud to announce that our next litter of Boerboels will be one of the first few litters of Boerboels born in the USA to have AKC paperwork!

The AKC has accepted the Boerboel into the first step of the registry in FSS. We will proudly be offering puppies with such AKC paperwork. We have taken the step to ensure the future of our line by getting into the AKC database early on, and will build pedigrees in their database to eventually bring the breed to full AKC registry, which at that time will mean the Boerboel breed will be allowed to show at AKC shows! This will also bring more recognition to the breed, allowing more breed education as well as creating integrity to the future of the breeds pedigrees.
That is an awesome future to look forward to. We will be dual registering all of our litters, so in addition to AKC paperwork, our pups will also be USBA registered. USBA is the breed club registry for the Boerboel breed in the United States.
   Click the buttons below to see the sire and dam of our planned summer litter.  Also, click the link to see photos of some of the pups this sire and dam have produced already.
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