Here is a couple of letters from one of our puppy owners...I am trying to make a complete puppy update page, so please send in pictures and stories!
Hi Octavia,

I was looking a your website and read the letter I had sent to you a few years back.  I have a huge smile on my face.  I am still madly in love with Sindel (piggy).  I do believe that she understands pretty much everything I am saying.  If I ask her for a kiss she sometimes turns her head to say "I don't think so", I then tell her how much she hurt my feelings and she eagerly gives me a big sloppy kiss.  She is the biggist snuggle bunny I ever met.  It is her fault I over sleep quite often.  My husband is my alarm in the morning.  When he gets out of bed I know it is 6:00am and time to wake up.  Well, when my husband gets out of bed, Sindel climbs up and lays down next to me.  Most of the time I don't realize because she is so quick and gentle that I continue to sleep thinking that the warm large body next to me is my husband.  Needless to say I roll over and discover it is her and have to jump out of bed about a half hour later than I should.

I wanted to tell you about my pizza crust story.  Sindel is not in the habit of grabbing anything off of the table, that's what makes this so funny to me.  I work from home quite a bit.    I was working in the livingroom on my laptop that I had placed to my right on the couch.  I had pizza for lunch and left the crust on a plate on the coffee table a foot in front of me.  I was working like that for an hour or more.  At one point my back was getting sore from hunching over to work on the computer so I picked up the computer and put it on my lap and kind of slouched down in the couch.  Sindel obviously felt  that if she stayed in my blind spot I would never know that she was going to swipe the pizza crust.  Well, I did not see a hair on her head or anywhere else for that matter.  She was so sneaky I didn't see a thing, she did manage to stay in my blind spot ,she was right in front of me just inches away.  I did hear her move the paper plate though.  I closed my laptop and looked at her right in front of me.  It was the funniest thing I ever saw, her look of victory suddenly turned into Oh crap!  As her ears went back and I saw the whites of her eyes (I call them shark eyes.  She only gets that way when she is super excited or did somethig wrong).  She didn't know what to do so she just sat there with the crust hanging out of her mouth not sure wether to eat it or drop it.  I took the crust out of her mouth put it back on the plate gave her a big hug and just cracked up.  I am still laughing about it. 

I am attaching a picture of Sindel and Daisy from last fall.  Hope all is well.
Annette contacted me regarding a puppy last summer, she wanted a fawn male, and I explained that we had brindle females, but that she was more then welcome to come out and meet us anyway. We then spent about an hour on the phone, she expained how she wanted a good dog, that they had had a dog, but even after a year or so of private training, they still had to place the dog far away from children, as they have a 8 year old boy and the dog was aggressive towards their son.
"What did I think of Mastiffs and kids"...she asked this as I was watching Lucy play chase with my son...he had the ball, then she had the ball, then he had it again.......and then the big tackle came with both "kids" coming up for air, dirty, muddy and smiling from ear to ear.
She came out to meet us and fell in love with one of the puppies ( Pikachu). They were four weeks at the time. At 7 weeks, I did my puppy evalulations and the results did not surprise me at all ( after watching the puppies for seven weeks, I knew who was the boss, and who was the shy one, and who liked to get dirly...and who was the pig out of the bunch.

With a heavy heart, I KNEW that I could not, would not sell this puppy to this family, Pikachu was the pack leader, she was bossy, headstrong, a brat with a attitude  Not the puppy to place in a family that just went through having to get rid of their dog because of behavior problems.
So I made my call, and explained tha Pikachu was not the pup for them, and why she was not, but I thought that Piggy would fit in nicely. Now, Piggy wasn't the prettiest, she had a bit of a fluffy coat, not much, but she had alot of body to that hair, she had a "got milk" mustache, and a star on her chest. But, she was really really sweet. So, Annette sighed, and agreed to Piggy. I could tell that this was not the dog that she would have chosen, but, she was going along with it, because she really really wanted a mastiff, and Michael ( her son) also did.
At nine weeks they picked her up, not as fluffy, but still with her got "milk face" We talked abit about obedience training and which was the right classes for her, and went over basic contract stuff, all the while Piggy was lying down by her, sleeping.
Here is the latest letter I have recieved from Annette over the last few months. Enjoy.
" I also wanted to thank you for Sindel.I know that she was not my original choice but I am sooooooo happy to hae her. I didn't think that we were going to get along in the beginning because she ws so stubborn but since I have gotten very serious with her obedience training it is really paying off. She is very much part of the family.
I really saw the change when I brought her and Daisy to the groomers for a bath and flea dip last week. First the groomer said that both dogs were very well behaved, I thought to myself "she must be thinking of two other dogs" Then I brought them home and Sindel looked at me with the most loving look that I have ever seen. She did not leave my side all day. She literally had to be touching me in everything I did that day. If I was doing dishes, she had her head on my feet. I was cleaning the tub and she stood on the side of me resting her head on my back the whole time. Watching TV, on my lap. Every day she listens a little better and gets into less trouble. Again, I just wanted to thank you. We will do everything we can to keep her healthy and happy."

Annette Nov 19th, 2001