Our Dogs

In an effort to console my sister at the loss of her beloved Rottweiler, my family purchased their first English Mastiff.

He was named King Arthur of Camelot, but everyone called him "Wart". He was the gentlest, sweetest soul that you could ever imagine. Shortly thereafter we purchased him a mate, Queen Gwenivere (or "Nenni").

Today our family is owned by 13 mastiffs who come running when we lean out the door and yell: "Tigger, Duck, Judge, Chanie, Izzy, Lady, Dolly, Jersey, Tucker, Millie, Libby, Belle, Tess!" My sister, who is now married and no longer part of the household also owns three Mastiffs: Archie, Noodle and Saber.

We absolutely love this breed, and we know you will too.

This is Nenni, my sister, Calli, and Wart