Shown below are photos of some of the most famous ancestor dogues within our dogues pedigrees here at Red Dog Ridge. Thanks go out to Jennifer Roberts at Rising Star for allowing us permission to use some of the photos from her site, to place on ours for ancestry indentification. All photos belong to Red Dog Ridge or were used with permission.
CH Red Black Silber Amigo
CH Bam Bam Un De Mes Amis
CH Belmondo The Red Powerpack
CH Borg De La Gaie Maisonnee
CH Eros De La Etang De Mirloup
CH Spring Mtns. Big Goofus
CH Korona Baster
CH Hot Diggity's Mumbo Jumbo
CH Rano De L'Aube Rouge
CH Roumba De L'Aube Rouge
CH Dorsdof Davil
CH Uliou De L'Aube Rouge
CH Minnie Del Pardo
Red Dog Ridge Zorah Myah
CH Red Dog Ridge Wish Of Wishes
Red Dog Ridge Victorious Augustus
Red Dog Ridge Miss Lots O'Sass
CH Zeus