Dragonball is one of the series of japanese cartoons known as Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.  Dragonball is the very first of the 3 series of episodes.  It introduces a character known as Goku, and tells about his adventures on earth.  Goku is not a human.  He comes from a race of human-like aliens known as Saiya-jins.  They are just like humans in almost every way, except that at birth, they are about 20 times more powerful than an adult male human.  Saiya-jins are taught to harness thier energy at a young age and are a race of deadly warriors.  When thier home planet, Vegeta, blew up at the hands of frieza, Goku was sent in a saiya-jin space pod to Earth.  He was discovered by an old man named Gohan, who adopted Goku as his grandson.  This is where the series of Dragonball starts.  He meets friends such as Krillin, Bulma, Chi Chi (who later becomes his wife), and Master Roshi.  When the series of Dragonball ends, Dragonball Z starts.  Read my info on Dragonball Z to learn more about it.