As you may or may not know, there has been much debate ever since the three systems, Gamecube, Playstation 2, and X-Box came out, over which one is the best.  Well, as you may be able to gather by the title of this page and this pictures, I side for Gamecube.
    Gamecube is by far the best system.  Poeple that feel X-Box or PS2 are best usually use the arguments that they have modems and DVD drives.  It IS true that Gamecube does not have either of these things.  However, it is rumored that Gamecube will be releasing a system modem sometime this year.  The thing I find especially funny is that those two things are the ONLY things that are better about those two systems vs. Gamecube.  Gamecube may not be able to play CD's or DVD's, but it does play mini discs.  All of the games for gamecube are mini discs and you can also buy CD-RW's in mini disc format to burn your own music and play it on the Gamecube.  These smaller discs are not only less cumbersome, but have been proven to load over 80% faster than larger discs of the same format.  Gamecube is also very size efficient in different ways.  It's overall size makes it very portable, yet it is still EXTREMELY durable.  Unlike the X-Box in this factor, which is the same size as a standard duel-deck VCR, and weighs as much, if not more than one.  Playstation 2 does not bother me nearly as much as X-Box does.  Playstation 2 is pretty much just the original playstation painted black and fitted with DVD playing software.  There is no change in the controllers nor the graphics for that matter.  However, some of the games they make for PS2 I wish would be made for Gamecube as well.  X-Box on the other hand, annoys the living hell out of me.  Everything about it does.  It is a HORRIBLE system alltogether.  It is huge, cumbersome, heavy, and the graphics on most games are extremely remedial.  People will argue that the built-in hard drive makes it better than Gamecube, but is sadly far from it.  The Gamecube graphics on the other hand, are extemely smooth and well rendered on most games.  I will admit that I have come across a few that could use some EXTREME improvement, but that's only about 10 out of 350.  So as you can see by my article, Gamecube is by FAR the best system in almost every comprehendable way.
Gamecube Rules!