Below are some pictures of my pets.  AWWWWW... AREN'T THEY CUTE!
These are my two cats, Banjo and Spunky, sharing a bed on top of the washing machine.  Awww...  Isn't brotherly love cute?
Here are my two cats again, only this time, they chose the chair.  =)
Here is my dog, Shakes.  He is nothing but a big softy really.  Unless you get near his food...
Nothing like a little "Me" time underneath the tree eh?  He just can't wait for Christmas!
Here is Spunky again, just chillin' in the kitchen.
Shakes...  Just looking cute.
Ahhhh...  Nothing like a good stretch huh?
This is Shakes looking at me atfer I asked him if he wanted some food.  I was lying...