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° 2nd April 2004: Chat Room Added - Click Here Please note that it may take a while to load.

° 2nd April 2004: I am now allmost certain that the next single from MB20 will be 'All I Need' - I have seen it available for perchase from ebay and Amazon ... just waiting for an official release date from Matchbox Twenty.

° 2nd April 2004: Back to the subject... I have uploaded PUSH (with a few visualizations) in a flash file (so i don't get sued) as it was the poll winner :-) Enjoy! If you need the latest version of flash player you can download it here. View the poll results and Listen to PUSH here

° 2nd April 2004: Sorry for the update delay - I'm usually much more organized, but its been a hectic month - Including my 18th Birthday!! - Party Photos coming soon for anyone interested.

° 24th Feb. 2004: A nice new static menu has been added... see the very top of this page and the overall look of the site has been improved slightly, it was beginning to look a little messy. :-(. Changing over to the new server hasn't happened yet but will do shortly.. watch this space.

° 17th Feb. 2004: Basically... Plans are coming together nicely now... We have found a new server.. and will be moving shortly so expect some site problems over the next couple of weeks.... I have just finished a brand new message board with a login feature... getting rid of the old impersonal predecessor.. i will leave it where it is for now so you can read the old posts and see guest posts but please support the site and sign up to the new one and post like crazy.. i might even make you an admin! Click here!!!

° 7th Feb 2004: I have heard rumors that the next single will be 'All I Need' ... here's hoping :-D

° 19th Jan 2004: It be a sad day for the UK MB20 web community... one of out biggest affiliates has announced its closure effective tomorrow afternoon (20th jan). We pay homage to you Gem!! Thanks for all your hard work at 'Matchbox Twenty UK Fans'.

° 16th Jan 2004: Photos from the Manchester and Wembley 2003 Gigs uploaded to the Gallery.

° 16th Jan 2004: Chat with your webmaster on msn - I Have also recently joined the official MB20 forum located on the official site - under the name 'Matchboxben' so look me up :-)

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Matchbox Twenty - The Bright Lights of the UK...

Are you a Matchbox Twenty Fan? Do you live in the UK? Do you love the hit singles Unwell, Bright Lights and Disease, well here we are, just for you, Matchbox Twenty - The Bright Lights of the UK... Dedicated to bringing you the latest information regarding Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty (20). Based in the UK this is one of the first UK fan bases.. But don't worry, you're still welcome, even if your not from the UK. We love MB20... So Should You! Including MB20 Lyrics, Tabithas Secret Lyrics, Rob Thomas SOLO lyrics and much much more. Mb20 Forever, thats what we say.

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* 1st April 2004: "SHOW: A Night In The Life of matchbox twenty," the live concert film recorded in Atlanta will be in stores on May 25, 2004.

* March 2004: Check out Paul's first film score in the short film "UGLY" directed by Moon Zappa. -

* 16th Jan 2003: matchbox twenty WON the People's Choice Award for Favorite Musical Group!

* 14th Dec 2003: Rob has released a new single "A Merry New York Christmas" as a solo track in the USA... Its not currently up for release in UK so its another import. :( .

* 11th Nov 2003: EP Released

* New Single released in the UK - Bright Lights - Celebrating MB20 as a touring Band

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::EP - Available Nov 11th 2003::

° 17th Jan 2004: The site has undergone a few difficulties.. basically because we have become more popular and are now in a position where it is going to cost quite allot to upgrade our server... Please if you can afford to donate anything, 50p, £1.00 then it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and regards for your continued support. Ben

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