“You wouldn’t,” she said, backing up. “Oh yes I would sweetheart,” he murmured, as he once
more moved in on her. “Shane...please,” she begged. But he turned away, motioning to the camera man to
start taping. Out in the arena Rock was in the ring, nose to nose with Chris Jericho, locked in a battle of
words. As always they were totally focused on what was happening in the ring. And the promo was so good
that most of the crowd never even noticed the Titantron for several minutes.
Booker took her face in his hands and tried to kiss her. Angela wrenched away from him. “Don’t
you dare,” she hissed at him. “Honey if you fight me..it won’t be pretty,” he warned her. Using his powerful
hands, he held her in place as he slowly began to slide his fingers under her shirt. She knew he meant what
he had said, but the feel of his hands on her skin made her want to fight with all of her strength. “Don’t
bother honey, it’s no use.”
Shane glanced up at the dark monitor, wondering if his plan had worked. Booker thought he had
brought in somone to make a tape for him. What he didn’t know was that the man with the camera was a
WWF video man. Everything in this room was going out to the audience via the Tiatntron. What Shane was
hoping was that Rock would see it and put an end to it. Shane felt awful standing by and doing nothing. But
Booker had made sure he had no choice. He knew about the affairs Shane had been involved in. And they
became perfect blackmail material. Shane knew that if his father or Marissa ever found out, his marriage,
his career and more than likely his inheritance would be history. He tried to talk Booker out of this, but he
wouldn’t hear it.
Ever since he had lost his title to Rock he had been obsessed with payback. And once he laid eyes
on Angela, he knew just how he would get it. Rock was in the middle of a rant when he noticed that Chris
kept glancing over his shoulder, a puzzled look on his face. It wasn’t like Chris to lose his concentration.
Rock continued to talk when suddenly Chris’ eyes widened in recognition. He reached out and grabbed
Rock’s arm, frantically motioning toward the Titantron. Rock turned....and froze. It took a second for the
scene to register. Booker had his hands up under her shirt, as he pressed her against the wall. Her hands
pressed against his chest, but to no avail. Just as Booker’s hand began to snake lower, Rock was snapped
into action. He dove through the ropes and flew up the ramp with Chris close behind.
Within seconds Rock was at his dressing room door. Wihout hesitation he slammed through it,
sending Shane and the camera man sprawling. “What the..?” Booker said, as Rock grabbed him by the
back of his shirt and dragged him into the hall. Before Booker knew what was happening Rock began to hit
him. Not the showy punches he used in the ring. But short, hard punishing hits that were beginning to do
some damage. People began to gather. Normally someone would jump in to break up a scuffle. But
everyone could sense this was something more. Using the wall to brace him, Rock threw punch after punch,
battering his ribs, his face, anywhere Booker couldn’t cover up. He finally fell to the floor, where Rock sent
a series of kicks into his ribs. Finally Chris jumped in pulling Rock away. “Ok..you made your point,” he said.
“You don’t need to go to jail for it.’
Rock stood there, his chest heaving as he struggled for breath. “If you so much as even look at
her again...I will kill you.” No one had ever seen him so angry. He was always smiling and easy going. The
man they were watching now was almost frightening in his anger. “What the hell happened?” Kurt Angle
whispered. “I’m not sure. I thought it was part of the story..but I guess not,” Bradshaw said. Booker
struggled to his feet and limped away. Rock rushed back into his dressing room where Angela was trying to
pull herself together. “Honey?” he said quietly. She turned to him, almost afraid of what his reaction was
going to be. “Are you ok?” he asked. She could only nod, tears filling her eyes. He opened his arms and
she ran into them, wishing she could stay there forever.

He stood for several seconds, simply holding her and letting her cry it out. When her sobs had
quieted he lifted her chin. “Are you sure you aren’t hurt?” “I’m sure,” she said quietly. They had both been
so unaware of anything else in the room that the movement in the corner surprised them both. Turning,
she was shocked to see Shane still standing there. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “I never thought...”
“Sorry?” she screamed. “You’re sorry? You stood there and let him attack me. I begged you to help..and
you turned away.” “You what?” Rock said, the cold fury in his voice making him almost unrecognizable.
“Rock...Angela....you have to understand. He was blackmailing me. He was going to ruin my
marriage, my career.....everything, if I didn’t go along with him.” “So letting him rape my wife was the
answer?” “No....I honestly never thought he’d go through with it.” “Shane, he had me pinned to the wall,
he had his hands all over me. Exactly how far were you going to let it go?” He looked down, unable to
answer her. “Look at me,” she yelled, shoving his shoulders. “What were you going to do..just watch him?
Or did you plan to join in too?” “No,” he pleaded. “You had every chance to stop him..but you did
nothing,” she continued. Rock had never seen her so angry. But he had no intention of stopping her.
“I told you Angela..he was going to..” But he never finished the sentence. The slap was so hard
that later on, people down the hall claimed they heard it. Shane’s head snapped back and almost instantly
a thin trickle of blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. He put his hand up and touched his face in
shock and humiliation. “You want to know something? In my mind you’re as bad as he is. A man was going
to rape me..and you were going to let him. In my book you’re as guilty as he is.” Shane dropped his eyes in
“What the hell is he holding over your head?” Rock demanded. Shane kept silent. “There’s no
point in trying to keep it a secret now,” Rock shouted. “This is a small company. News travels fast.” Shane
sighed before he spoke. “I had an affair....and Booker was going to tell my wife and father if I didn’t help
him out.’ “An affair?” Rock echoed. “Shane, if my math is right, you’ve had a few affairs, And everybody,
including your father knows about them.” The shock on his face was priceless. “You mean..I did all this for
nothing?” Rock couldn’t believe how he had trivialized the pain and humiliation his wife had just suffered.
“Nothing?” he shouted. He was across the room and on top of Shane before anyone could stop him. The
two men tumbled to the floor and Rock pounded him mercilessly.
Angela screamed for Rock to be careful. The others standing around seemed either unable or
unwilling to step in. Finally, Chris Jericho could see that Rock was not going to stop until he had beaten the
life out of Shane. He jumped in and pulled him off. Rock was panting harshly, struggling to return to the
beating. “If you ever come near my wife again, I won’t just beat you....I’ll kill you.” Shane struggled to his
feet, holding his jaw. “Don’t make threats Rock,” he warned. “Shane,” Chris said. “Shut the hell up before I
let him go and he finishes you off.’ Shane brushed past them and through the staring crowd in the hall.
“You ok?” asked Chris. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for saving me from a prison sentence.’ “Just go take care of
your wife,” he said, pushing him toward Angela. She pulled him close looking at his face for any cuts or
bruises. He looked back at her and smiled. “That was some shot you gave him. Remind me to stay on your
good side.”

From that point on, Angela did most of her work at home. Booker was relegated to matches on
Heat and the occasional run in. But most of the guys made it clear that they weren’t interested in working
with him. Vince quietly took Shane aside and threatened his very existence if he even so much as thought
of stepping out of line. Rock went back to defending his title, and Angela went back to her agency. Things
seemed to be settling down...that is until she got the phone call.
She sat on the couch, the slip of paper between her fingers. Her mind was torn in a thousand
different directions. The paper represented the chance of a lifetime for her husband..but for some reason
everytime she looked at the name and phone number a sick feeling went through her. When he walked
through the door she took a deep breath. “Hey sweetie,’ he said. “How was your day?” “Fine,” she said,
glancing down at her hand. “What’s that?” he asked. “Honey, sit down we need to talk.” “About what?” he
asked, concern filling his voice. “I got a call today..with an offer for you.” “Is that all? What kind of an
offer...autographs...personal appearance..car wash opening?” he asked with a grin.
She wished it was something as simple as that.”Rock...it’s a movie.” “Oh?” he said. “What’s the
big deal? I’ve done that before.” “Rock we aren’t talking about 5 minutes worth of work here. They want
you to star in this one.” “Me? Star in a movie. What kind of movie is this?” She unfolded the paper. “The
Scorpion King,” she said. “It’s the same character you played in The Mummy Returns. I guess they want to
tell your story in this one.” “Really?” he said, reaching for the paper. And with that one word, she knew
that he was going to do it. As his agent she knew what a huge break this could turn out to be. The
mainstream exposure would be incredible. As his wife all she could see were endless hours alone as he
tried to juggle two high profile careers. “Something tells me I better call Vince,” he said.
Thirty minutes later, he came into the kitchen where she was feeding Kendra. “Apparently they
were in touch with him first. He’s all for this idea,” he said. “In fact, he’s in on the production end of this.”
“So you’re going to do it?” she asked. “Well, they have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. Vince and I
are going to fly out right after the Smackdown tapings. We’re using the private plane..so this must be a big
deal.” She tried her best to show her enthusiasm but already she could feel the miles between them. “This
might mean taking off some time from wrestling,” he said as he let Kendra grasp his finger. “How much
time?” she asked. “Three, maybe four months,” he told her. “And Vince is ok with that?” she said in
surprise. “He seems to be. I guess we’ll know more after the meeting.”
“Would you take Kendra upstairs for her bath?” she asked. “I want to clean up in here.” “I sure
will,” he said with a smile. “Come on sugar,” he said, lifting her and kissing her cheek. “Daddy has lots to
tell you.” Angela watched him walk from the room, carrying their child, silently wishing she had never
answered the phone.

In what seemed the blink of an eye, the deal was made and plans were set in motion to explain
Rock’s absence from wrestling. “It’s going to mean jobbing at Wrestlemania again..but think of the huge
pop I’ll get when I come back,” he told her. She had sat and read the script he had been given and she
saw precious little free time for him. “This is some part,” she said as she flipped through the pages.
“You’re telling me? I think it’s going to make taking a Stone Cold Stunner look like a walk in the park. “It
doesn’t look I’ll be seeing much of you,” she said softly. He looked up in surprise. “Honey, you aren’t
worried about that..are you?”
“Rock you’ll be three thousand miles away. I have my agency and my clients...not to mention a
little girl. “Honey, I know all that. But we can work it out. You can come to see me, and I’ll come back to see
you.” “Sweetheart, you don’t understand. These films are run on tight budgets. They aren’t going to let
you take off a couple of days because your wife misses you.” He moved next to her on the couch, sliding
his arm around her shouder. “Are you unhappy that I decided to do this?” he asked. “No...I want this for
you....really. I just wish we had talked it over. You were so worried about Vince’s reaction..but you didn’t
seem all that concerned with mine.”
“You’re right,” he said. “And I’m sorry. I guess I just got caught up in the excitement of the whole
thing.” “Do you really think we can work out time to see each other?” “Of course we can,’ he said. “I’m
sure my mom will be more than happy to help and maybe I can convince Scrooge McMahon to fly you out in
that fancy jet of his.” He took her face gently in his hands and kissed her. “There is no way I’m going four
months without you.” She felt a little better...but mentally she began counting the days until he would be
She sat backstage at Wrestlemania, the excitement of the event lost on her. All she could think was
that in two more days, he would be gone.The first free day they could see for him was over two weeks
away. “I promise to call you everyday,’ he said. “It’ll hardly be the same thing,” she said softly. “The time
will fly by..you’ll see.” But the only time that flew was the two days until he was standing at the front door,
holding his suitcase and waving to his driver to wait.
“Did you kiss Kendra good-bye?” she asked. “You bet I did. And I told her to take good care of
you.” He set his bag down and took her in his arms. “I’ll call you every single day,” he said. “And as soon
as I can arrange it..you’re coming out to see me.” She wrapped her arms around his waist, breathing
deeply. She wanted to memorize everything about him..his feel, his taste, his smell. Looking down, he
cupped her face and kissed her. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you too,” she said, her voice quivering.
He quickly picked up his bags and headed to the car. She shut the door before he pulled away, afraid she
might want to go running after him. “I hate the damn movies,” she thought angrily.

True to his word, he did call her every day. In the beginning, his calls were full od details about his
day, the people he had been meeting, and the excitement of a new career. But after two weeks, she could
hear more and more weariness creeping into his voice. He was putting in almost fifteen hours everyday,
and it was beginning to take it’s toll. He was less inclined to go on about his day, seemingly satisfied to
listen to her. “Any chance I might be seeing you soon?’ she finally asked. “Sweetheart, I really don’t know.
They’ve got me working six days a week on filming, and the seventh day sure isn’t for resting. I’ve done
enough personal appearances to last a lifetime. “I know,” she said quietly. “I’ve seen you on Entertainment
“Really?” “Yeah....I guess I just thought that by now I’d be seeing you in person.” “I promise you
that I’ll work something out in the next two weeks honey. I just have to get over the hump I think.” There
was a long pause and finally he spoke. “I hate to do this...but I’m really tired. And I have to go out on
location tomorrow. I really should get some sleep.” “Ok honey, I understand.” she said, disappointment
tinging her voice. “Will you call me tomorrow?” “You bet,” he said. “I love you Rock.” “I know you do.....and
I love you too.”
She hung up the phone, feeling like there was a million miles between them instead of only three
thousand. She awoke the next morning, feeling more tired than when she had gone to bed. She looked at
his side of the bed and sighed. She stood up and a wave of nausea went through her. “That’s what I get
for not eating last night,” she thought. She went to get Kendra so she could make breakfast for both of
them. Someohow she mananged to drag herself through the day...fighting the constant feeling of
After dinner, she gave Kendra her bath, checking the clock constantly, trying to judge when he
might call. She decided she might as well make herself comfortable, so she changed and crawled into bed,
waiting for the phone to ring. When she opened her eyes she looked at the clock. For a moment, she
couldn’t clear her head enough to make sense of what she saw. “Eight o’clock?” she thought. “Why is it so
bright in here?” Then it struck her. It was morning. She must have fallen asleep and missed his call! She
quickly checked her messages, surprised to find that there weren’t any. She scrolled through the caller ID
twice, searching for his number. When she finally accepted thatit wasn’t there, she sat down heavily. “Only
two weeks,” she thought. “Didn’t take him long at all to forget me.”
She fed and dressed Kendra, determined to find anything that would take her out of the house.
She put on her best face, smiling for her daughter, but her heart was broken. She packed her diaper bag,
planning to stay out as long as possible. She no sooner shut the door, when the phone rang. “Where the
hell is she?” he thought. He felt awful about not calling her the night before, But he had walked into his
hotel room with the intention of lying down for a minute and hadn’t opened his eyes until he had gotten
his wake up call.
He called twice more before he was called away to the set. Leaving a quick message he left to
start another grueling day. When Angela walked back inside the first thing she did was check the phone.
She was relieved to see that she had a message from him, but also a little angry. “I hope it didn’t take too
much time from your busy schedule,” she thought. She went about her usual chores, feeding the baby,
doing laundry, trying to keep up with her clients and waiting to hear from him. At nine o’clock that night, the
phone finally rang. “Hi sweetheart,’ he said. “Hi,” she replied. “I’m really sorry I didn’t get a chance to call
yesterday. I was totally wiped out. I just fell asleep. Are you ok? How’s the baby?” She took a long pause
before she spoke. “We’re both fine,” she said.
“Please don’t be angry with me,” he whispered. “Talking to you is all I have to look forward to
these days.” The tone of his voice melted her heart. “I’m not angry,” she sighed. “I’m lonely and tired and I
wish I never heard of the damn Scorpion King.” Rock laughed softly. “I know what you mean. Do you feel
ok? You sound as tired as I do.” “I’m just a little run down, I think.” “Well do me a favor...take better care
of yourself. Because I don’t want you sleeping through your entire visit.” “My entire what? “I knew I’d get
your attention,” he laughed. “I made arrangements for you to come out here week after next. Think you
can make it?” “Try and stop me,” she said, suddenly feeling better than she had in days.

The second Rock’s mother set foot in the door she knew something was diferent. “Have you called
the doctor yet?” she asked Angela. “The doctor? For what?” She leaned in closely, gazing into her eyes.
“Well, he’ll probably think you’re just run down. But me? I think you’re pregnant.” “What?” Angela said in
shock. “You mean it isn’t possible?” Ata asked. “Well sure it’s possible...but...I never thought..” She quickly
turned and flipped through the calendar on the counter. She covered her mouth in surprise. I’ve just been
so busy and so tired, it never occured to me. Maybe I better call the doctor. Boy won’t Rock be surprised?”
When she got back from her appointment she simply smiled at Ata. “You sure missed your calling.
You should have been a psychic.” “So I was right?” she said beaming. “Yep...you’ll be a grandma again in
six months.” “Rock is going to be ecstatic,” she said. “I sure hope so,” Angela said, doubt tinging her
voice.” “Honey...what is it?” Ata asked. “Oh it’s nothing,” she sighed. “I guess sometimes I get nervous
that Kendra and I won’t be enough for him when he’s done living the Hollywood life.”
“Look at me,” Ata said. “I raised that boy. He knows a good thing when he has it. You and that
little girl mean the world to him. Nothing is more important to him.’ “I know Ata,” she said softly. “I just miss
him so much.” “I know you do sweetie. But don’t ever doubt his love for you. I know my son. And he’s
devoted to you.”
Ata’s words helped her get through the last few days until she was finally in a plane and ready to
land in California. As she stepped through the gate she saw a man holding a sign with her name on it. “I’m
Mrs. Johnson,” she said. “I’m here to take you to the hotel maam,” he said. “Oh...all right,” she said. She
tried to enjoy the scenery on her ride, but she was so anxious to see her husband, she couldn’t focus on
anything. She was taken immediately to their room when she arrived. “Enjoy your stay,” the bell boy told
her. Smiling, she shut the door, wondering she would actually get to see Rock.
A large bouquet of roses stood on the table. She picked up the card and read it with a smile. “I’ve
missed you more than I can say. I’ll be there as soon as I can. I love you. Rock.” She wandered around his
suite, glancing out the windows at the view below. It was a beautiful sight, but it was lost on her. All she
wanted was to be looking into the eyes of her husband. Grabbing a magazine, she curled up in a chair to
read. Minutes later the phone rang. “Hello?” “Hey sweetie. Please tell me I’m not dreaming. You’re really
here....right?” “I’m here,” she said. “Was your flight ok?’ “It was fine. When will you be here?” she asked.
“Probably not until around 8:00,” he said. “And you’ll be exhausted....I’m sure,” she said quietly.
“Sweetheart, once I lay eyes on you, I’ll be wide awake.” “Please hurry,” she said. “I’ll do my
best,” he said. As she hung up she tried to decide which was the best way to tell him that he was going to
be a father again. “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it,” she thought. “All I want right now is to feel that
man in my arms again.” 

She ate a light dinner by herself and tried to watch some TV. But jet lag caught up with her and
soon she was fighting to keep her eyes open. She decided to close her eyes just for a moment and before
she knew it she was fast asleep. When he walked through the door, he stopped and stared, a smile
crossing his face. He crossed the room quietly and knelt next to her. Brushing the hair from her face, he
leaned forward and kissed her softly.
Her eyes fluttered open and she stared at him for a brief second. “Baby....is that really you?” she
said. “It’s really me,” he whispered. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around him, tears rolling down
her cheeks. “I’ve missed you so much,” she said. “I’ve missed you too,” he said. He took her face in his
hands and gently kissed her. “I’ve missed that too,” he said. “Then do it again,” she said. He obliged
happily, covering her mouth in a deep sensual kiss.
“I’m sorry you had to wait so long,” he said. “I had a meeting they wouldn’t let me out of.” “I
don’t care,” she said. “You’re here now...that’s all that matters.” He lifted her in his arms and carried her
to the bedroom. “I’ve waited so long to be with you,” he whispered as he began to undress her. Angela
laid back, reveling in the feel of his hands on her skin. He quickly shed his own clothes and stetched out
next to her. “Kiss me again,” she pleaded. “With pleasure,” he said, brushing his lips against hers. Sliding
her hands up into his hair she kept his mouth where it was parting her lips to savor the warm sweetness of
his tongue.
Moaning softly, his hands began to explore her. The room became silent except for the low moans
and whimpers of desire coming from the two, long separated lovers. When he finally moved over her, she
gazed up into his eyes and saw what she had been missing all these weeks, the true love of the only man
she would ever need. He eased inside of her slowly and she wrapped her legs around him possesively.
Words became unecssary as instinctively they began to move together. Wishing it could last forevevr, she
clung to him as waves of sensual delight flooded over her. “I love you,” he groaned softly as he released
deep inside of her.
He hated the thought of moving. Night after night of wanting to be with her had left him aching
and he wanted to finally enjoy their closeness. After several minutes he reluctantly rolled to his side and
smiled at her. “That was worth waiting for,” he sighed. “Do you think we could stay right here until I have to
leave?” she teased. “I wish,” he said softly. Suddenly, she sat up. “I almost forgot, I have a ton of pictures
for you. Your little girl has grown since you’ve been away.” She climbed from the bed and dug the pictures
from her bag. Returning to his side she handed him the envelope. She watched in delight as a smile of pure
pleasure crossed his face. “She gets prettier everyday,” he said. “I show her your picture every morning,”
she said. “She always has a smile for you.” His head dropped back against the pillow as she took the
pictures from his hands.
“I can’t wait to get back home,” he said, trying to hold back a yawn. “We can’t wait for you to be
there,” she said, going to put the pictures away. “I was going to wait...but I can’t hold it in any more,” she
said. “I have some wonderful news.” She turned around, ready to tell him about the new baby, and she saw
that he had fallen sound asleep. “My poor baby,” she whispered, walking to his side of the bed. She gently
pulled up the blanket and kissed his lips softly. “I guess the news can keep for one more day.” She slid into
the bed and snuggled next to him. “Good night daddy,” she whispered.

When she opened her eyes, she could see that it was still dark. Rock’s side of the bed was empty
and she could hear water running. Angela leaned up on one elbow and looked at the clock. “4:30?”
Dropping back on to the pillows, she waited for him to come out. “Hey...what are you doing awake?” he
said. “I was about to ask you the same thing,” she said. “I’m getting ready for work,” he said. “I have to be
in make-up by 5:00.” “That’s one lousy job you’ve got,” she laughed. “I was hoping we could have
breakfast together”.
“No time,” he said with regret. “But how about lunch? I’m working in the studio today. You could
meet me there.” “I’ll do whatever you want sweetheart,” she said. “Great. I’ll ask them to send a car for
you around 11:30, ok?” “I think I could get used to this star treatment,” she giggled. “You’re always a star
to me,” he said kissing her before rushing off to finish dressing.
The car came at 11:30 just as he promised. When she arrived at the studio, she was directed to a
large area where tables of food were being set up. She wasn’t sure where to wait, so she simply stepped
back out of the way. “Can I help you?” She turned and found herself looking into a pair of deep, green
eyes. “Yeah, maybe you can,” she said. “I’m waiting for my husband. He’s supposed to meet me for lunch.”
The man smiled broadly at her. “Are you Angela?” “Yes...I am,” she said. “I’m John Barker. I’m the
assistant director on your husband’s movie.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said, taking his hand. “But how did you know who I am?” “Oh
that’s easy. Your husband has a picture of you and your little girl. He takes it wherever he goes. We all
know what you look like.” Angela was momentarily embarassed, but secretly thrilled. “Come on and sit
down,” he said. “Rock should be here any minute. I’ll keep you company.” He got her a soda and they sat
to talk. “Rock tells me you’re an agent,” John said. “I have my own agency,” she replied. “I only have a
couple of clients..but I’m working on it.” He was in the middle of a story about Rock’s movie when she felt a
soft kiss against her cheek. “Making friends?” he teased. “Just keeeping the lady company,” John laughed.
“I’ll leave you two alone.”
Rock dropped into the empty seat and took her hand. “Miss me?” “You know I did,” she said.
“How was your morning?” “Very busy,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “And to think I was worried about staying
in shape. “He got them both some food and she sat and listened as he talked about what he had been
doing. More than once she started to tell him about the baby. But a steady stream of people stopped by
their table, effectively interrupting her each time. She was about to give it one more try when a woman....a
beautiful woman...... sat down next to Rock. “Ready to go back to work?” she asked.
Angela stared at her and somewhere in her mind she heard Rock introduce her. She knew she
was co-starring in the movie with him, but her name wasn’t important. What was important was the fact that
she had a death grip on her husband’s arm. “I guess I’d better get back,’ he said. “I shouldn’t be home as
late tonight,” he said. “Rock...we have that premier tonight...remember?” He turned to his co-star and
shook his head. “I completely forgot.” Turning back to Angela, he smiled. “I hope you brought something
pretty to wear. I want to show you off.” She simply smiled and nodded. “I’ll call you later,” he said as he
was pulled from his chair. She watched as he was lead away, two thoughts in her mind. He hadn’t kissed
her good-bye and she still hadn’t told him about the baby.

Angela dropped her purse on the bed and sat down to remove her shoes. She knew she was
being childish, and she knew that her husband loved her. But all that didn’t matter. All she had wanted was
five minutes alone with him to tell him that he was going to be a father again. At this rate she’d have to tell
him as he was holding her hand in the delivery room. She leaned over and picked up the phone. “Hi Ata.
It’s me. How’s my little angel?” “Oh she’s just fine honey. How’s that big angel of mine?” “He’s fine,” she
said quietly. “What’s wrong?” Ata asked. “I’m selfish,” Angela said. “No you aren’t honey. Why are you
saying that?”
“I want all of Rock’s time. And I know that isn’t possible.” “He won’t be making that movie forever
you know.” “Yeah..I know.” “So what did he say about the baby?” “I haven’t told him yet,” she said. “Why
not?” Ata asked. “Because he’s either been asleep or surrounded by other people.” “Well you better tell
him before that child starts school,” she teased. “Believe me...I’m trying,” she said.
He was just slipping into his tuxedo jacket when she emerged from the bedroom. He took one look
and let out a low whistle. “You look gorgeous,” he said. “I probably can’t hold a candle to the women you
see out here,” she said. He walked over and took her face gently in his hands. “No one is more beautiful in
my eyes than you,” he said. He kissed her slowly and she smiled up at him. “Thank you,” she said softly.
Then she took a deep breath and prepared to tell him about their newest addition to the family and....the
phone rang!
“Damn,” she said under her breath as he went to answer it. He spoke for a second and then
turned to her. “Our limo is here.” “Wow, I’m impressed,” she laughed. And she was even more impressed
with the way he was treated all evening. “And I thought you were popular with wrestling fans,’ she
whispered to him. After the movie he told her he was supposed to make at least a token appearance at the
studios cocktail party. She smiled and agreed, trying to determine when he might actually be alone with
her. She dutifully followed him around the party as he spoke to everyone who stopped him. She found
herself suddenly becoming more and more irritated. She was tired, she was annoyed by how many people
treated him like an old friend when in reality they barely knew him. At that point she would have given
anything for them to be back home and doing something boring.
He was about to bring her across the room one more time to meet yet another person who’s
name she would never remember when she let out a long sigh. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Is there any
chance of us actually being alone tonight?” she asked. “Honey, I told you it would be like this.” “No, you
told me that you had to make a token appearance. That was two hours ago.” “I’ll be ready to leave in a
minute,” he said. “Oh what difference does it make,” she said with a wave of her hand. “I’ve been trying to
tell you something for two days. What’s another ten minutes?” “Tell me now,” he said. “You’ve got my
attention. That’s what you wanted....right?” “Fine..if that’s the way you want it.” She paused and just
blurted it out. “You and I are going to have another baby!”

“What did you say?” “I think you heard me,” she said as she lowered her eyes. Quickly grabbing
her hand, he pulled her out on to a nearby patio. “You’re going to have a another baby?” She nodded and
gave him a tentative smile. “I can’t tell you how may times I tried to tell you.” “I can’t believe it,” he said,
pulling her into his arms. “Are you happy?” she asked. “Happy? I’m way past happy,” he said. “When?”
“Should be sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” she said.
“Does mom know?” Angela laughed at the memory. “She knew before I did.” He slid his hands
from her waist to rest gently against her stomach. When he looked up at her she could see tears in his
eyes. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too.” Sliding her arms around his neck, she kissed him warmly.
“Let’s get out of here,” he said. “But don’t you have people to talk to?” she asked. “You’re the only one I
want to talk to,” he said.
The rest of her visit was everything she had hoped it would be. He managed to get out of some of
his commitments and he spent all the time he could with her. When it was time for her to leave, she wasn’t
nearly as upset as she feared she might be. Only another month or so and then I’m home for good,” he
said. “Until they want you for another movie,” she said. “I don’t know about that,” he said. “Being away
from my family for this long just isn’t worth it.” “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it,” she said.
“Finish this one and then we can concentrate on our newest project.” She looked down at her stomach and
he laughed.
“This one is definitely a boy,” he said. “What makes you so sure?” “My mom isn’t the only psychic
in the family,” he said with a wink. “I wish I could drive you to the airport,” he said. “That’s ok. I kind of like
private good-byes anyway.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply. “I want you to call
me when you get home,” he said. “I don’t care what time it is.” “Yes sir,” she laughed. “I love you Angela.
Don’t ever doubt that. All this movie stuff? It isn’t real. You and Kendra and that little one..you’re what’s
real. I can’t wait to get back home and start living my life again.” “We’ll be there when you do,” she said,
gently touching his face. He kissed her once more and knew that if he made a movie every year, no one
could ever write a love story as wonderful as the one he shared with her.


“My baby?” Kendra asked as he held her over the crib. “Well, kind of,” he laughed. “He’s your
brother. Can you say Daniel?” “Baby,” she said with a giggle. “Close enough,” he said as he kissed her
cheek. “Is he asleep?” Angela asked as she walked in. “Almost,” he said. “Kendra wanted to say
goodnight.” “My baby,” she repeated. “I’ll remember that at 2 A.M. when he’s crying,” Angela said.
They walked into the living room and he set Kendra down to play with her toys. “This is way better than any
script I’ve ever read,” he told her as he pulled her down on to his lap. “It is perfect, isn’t it?” she said with
a smile. “Whoever said fantasy was better had no idea what he was talking about,” he said as he kissed

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