The next morning he found her in the kitchen, moving about silently as she
prepared Rose’s breakfast. He stopped to kiss Rose, smiling when she gurgled at him.
Stepping up behind Angela, he gently laid a hand on her shoulder. Before he could say a
word she wrenched away from him, and went to feed the baby. Shane watched her for a
second and then turned and left the room. He knew she had every right to be angry, but
seeing her just then had terrified him that she might never be able to forgive him.
Back in the kitchen, Angela continued to feed the baby, forcing herself to smile for
her daughter’s sake. When Shane had touched her, her first instinct had been to wrap
herself in his embrace. Then she remembered how angry he had been with her. How he
had accused her of actually wanting another man, and the pain from the night before
gripped her once again. As she stood at the sink, rinsing the dishes, her hands trembled
with the thought that things might never be the same between the two of them again, and
once more the tears rolled down her cheeks.
Shane was desperate to make things right. He sat at his desk and racked his brain
for an answer. He knew they needed to be alone..so they could talk..all night if they had to.
He reached for the phone and called his mother. Vince had told her that he thought there
was something wrong, so she was more than happy to help her son. “I can’t explain it all
mom. Let’s just say it was all my fault and I need to make it up to her.” They arranged for
Shane to bring Rose over at 5:00. He knew that Angela was planning to go shopping with
Stephanie....so that would give him more than enough time to get things ready.
Rose was sleeping when Angela left to meet Steph. It had hurt that she hadn’t even
said good-bye, but if things went as planned, the hurting might be over soon. When Rose
awoke from her nap, he gave her a bottle and dressed her for her trip to his parents. When
he returned, he began to get things ready. “Thank God for credit cards and fast deliveries,”
he thought as he anxiously awaited her return.
When she stepped through the front door, the first thing she noticed were the
flowers...they were everywhere. Roses of every color imaginable filled every available
surface. The fragrance was overwhelming. As she went to hang up her coat, she detected
another fragrance.....and it smelled delicious. Pushing open the kitchen door she found
him just putting the finishing touches on two beautifully arranged plates of food. “I hope
you’re in the mood for lobster,” he said. Their eyes met. His were full of hope, hers, still
He picked the plates up and carried them to the dining room. “Where’s Rose?” she
asked. “I hope you don’t mind...but I asked my parents to watch her tonight. I wanted to
devote the whole evening to you.” Angela nodded silently as she followed him into the
other room. He set down the dishes and pulled out her chair. She sat down and marveled
at how he had paid attention to every little detail. “Champagne?” he asked. holding up a
chilled bottle. “Yes please,” she said softly. He poured them both a glass and raised his.
“To my beautiful wife....and to the hope that she can find it in her heart to forgive
me.....and love me once again.’ She glanced up at him and took a small sip from her
“It looks wonderful,” she said. “It’s all your favorites,” he said. They ate in silence
for a few minutes until finally she spoke. “You didn’t have to do this you know.” “Yes I
did,” he insisted. “I had to do something to show you how precious you are to me. What I
did last night was unforgivable. There is no one in the world I trust more than you. Every
time I think about the things I said....” “Don’t,” she whispered. “I don’t think I can go
through it again.
“Angela,” he began, leaning over to rest his hand on hers. “I’m scared. Scared that
you’ll never forgive me. Scared that you don’t love me anymore.” She looked up into his
eyes and he was relieved that she didn’t pull her hand away from his. “Do you remember
when we first met?” she asked. Shane nodded, giving her a small smile. “From the second
I first touched you, I knew I could never be happy with any other man. I can still remember
the thrill that went through me the day you told me that you loved me.”
He closed his hand a little more tightly around hers. “Everything I do is for you.
Nothing is more important than you. How could you think....?” She stopped, afraid she
would start crying. “Don’t you see?” he pleaded. “I was filled with fear.” “Fear of what?”
she asked. “Fear of you finding someone you wanted more than you wanted me. Angela,
you are the most incredible woman I have ever known. I see the way other men look at
you.” “Damn it Shane.....I don’t care about other men. What on earth do I have to do to
make you understand that? Why would I want anyone else? You and Rose and I have a
perfect life here. Sometimes I think it must be a dream. Why would I want to give that up?”
“I’m an idiot....aren’t I?” “Yes, you are,’ she said. “But I still love you,” she added
quietly. “You do?” he asked, his voice filled with relief. “Yes....and I always will.” He stood
up quickly and pulled her into his arms, kissing her hungrily. “I thought I’d lost you for
good, “ he said, burying his face in her hair. “Never,’ she replied. “Why don’t we finish our
dinner?” he said. “Because I have another surprise waiting for you upstairs.’


It took a little while, but by the end of the meal they were feeling almost normal
again. More than once, Shane reached out to touch her hand or brush a finger against her
cheek and she responded the way she always had. “Don’t your parents wonder what’s
going on?” she asked. “Well I think dad had a pretty good idea last night that something
was wrong. And mom understood. She knows what an idiot I can be.’
Angela laughed as he stood to clear the table. When she tried to help, he took her
by the hand and led her to the living room. He pushed a button on the stereo and soft
music began to play. “You just sit here. I’ll finish cleaning up and then you and I are going
to have a very romantic evening.’
Minutes later he walked back in carrying a tray with two glasses of brandy on it.
“Shane you know what that does to me,” she said. “Yeah..I know, “ he said with a wink. He
sat next to her and handed her a glass. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you too,” she
said, taking a small sip and feeling the effect almost immediately. He leaned over to kiss
her and was pleasantly surprised when she placed a hand on his neck to bring him closer.
“I was so afraid that I’d never get to kiss you again,” he said, looking deep into her
eyes. “Shane...don’t you know yet? I could never give you up. You’re my life.” He took her
glass and put it on the table with his and took her in his arms. When her lips pressed
against his, he felt a surge go through him. “I can’t believe that after all this time you still
have that effect on me,’ he said, running his lips along her neck. “It’s like I keep telling
you. We were made for each other,’ she said.
He stood up and pulled her to her feet. “Dance with me,’ he said. She moved
smoothly into his arms and they swayed slowly to the music. Shane’s hands moved up and
down her back. She moved closer to him, resting her head against his shoulder. Shane
bent his head down and kissed the top of her head. Looking up, her eyes met his and she
reached up and kissed him. Sliding her hands up through his hair, she let his tongue
gently explore her mouth. As they continued to dance the kiss became deeper and more
Finally he released her and she stared at him breathlessly. “Make love to me
Shane...please.” He could have shouted with joy when she spoke the words. “Wait just a
minute,” he said, kissing her quickly. He flew up the stairs and left her standing there
smiling after him. “From now on it’s decaffeinated coffee for him.” Five minutes later he
came back down. Swooping her up in his arms, he carried her up the stairs.
When they entered the bedroom, she was stunned by what she saw. The room was
lit entirely by candlelight. The bed was turned down and once more she could hear soft,
romantic music. Before she could say a word he brought her to the bed and laid her down.
Without wasting a second, he began to undress her, aching to touch her just the way he
had the first time they made love. When they were both undressed, he ran his hands along
her body delighting in her whimpers of pleasure. She responded the way he hoped she
would. She too, longed to touch and caress every part of him.
Just when they were both almost frantic to be together, Shane rolled on top of her.
They both cried out as he entered her. Moving together, they brought each other to a
height of passion they had both been afraid they would never reach again. When that warm
wave of pleasure began to envelope them they clung together, calling each other’s name.
As the spasms subsided, he gazed into her eyes as he gently stroked her hair. “I
swear to you that I will never, ever cause you one more seconds unhappiness.” Angela
placed her fingers on his lips. “Just promise you’ll never stop loving me. That will be more
than enough.” 

Angela had been looking forward to their first Christmas in their own home. But
now she had even more reason to celebrate. Shane thought she had been unusually happy
lately, but he simply chalked it up to holiday spirit. He sat in the corner mumbling
obscenities at the tangled Christmas lights. Rose was on the floor happily tearing apart
some old wrapping paper and Angela was in the kitchen baking cookies and humming
She walked in several minutes later to check on his progress. “How’s it coming?”
she asked. “I’m one second away from throwing these out the window,” he said. “Oh let
me try,” she said. In a matter of seconds she had the knot undone and she handed the
string of lights back to him. The look he gave her made her laugh out loud. “Here, have a
cookie Mr. Grinch,” she said, handing him a sugar cookie that was still warm from the
He bit into it and smiled at her. “You’re one of those people who’s just full of good
cheer, huh?’ Angela nodded happily as she picked up Rose and let her have a taste of one
of the cookies. He looked back down at the lights trying his best to appear grumpy, but he
knew she was watching him. When he looked up she and Rose were studying him, with an
identical look on their faces. He couldn’t quite tell if it was amusement or tolerance. But
he did know he was looking at the two people he loved most in the whole world.
“Are mom and dad still coming over tonight?” he asked. “Yep,” she replied. “Steph
and Hunter are coming too.” “Ah, a McMahon family Christmas,” he sighed. “I’ll hide the
folding chairs.” Angela laughed out loud as she placed Rose back on the floor and went
back to finish her cookies. An hour later she walked in to find him just finishing with the
lights. She looked down and found Rose curled up and fast asleep. She bent down and
lifted her gently. “I’ll put the little princess in for her nap and then you and I can finish up
the tree.”
In reality, it was Angela who did most of the decorating. Shane sat on the couch
and pointed out bare spots on the tree to her. When she was finished, she stepped back
and surveyed her work. “Perfect,” she announced. “I don’t know if I’d go that far,” he said.
“Excuse me?” she asked, giving him a very dark look. “I said, I agree..it’s perfect.” “That’s
what I thought you said.”
Glancing over her shoulder, she sensed the time was right. She crossed the room
to a box she had lying next to the couch. Opening it she began to hang them on the
mantle. “What’s that?” he asked. Turning, she smiled brightly at him. “Christmas
stockings. I had them made at the mall.” She hung up the first three, each one bearing
one of their names. “I like those,” he said. Then she reached down and hung up a
fourth.....but it had no name. “Who’s that for? Expecting someone?” “In a manner of
speaking,” she replied casually.”They won’t be here this Christmas....but definitely next
“But there’s no name,” he continued. “Well of course not. We haven’t chosen one
yet, silly.” She turned and looked at him, her hand resting gently against her stomach. “Do
you mean?” “Yes,” she laughed. “I was afraid I was going to have to draw you a picture.”
He leapt up from the couch and took her in his arms. “Just what Rose and I have been
hoping for.” “I have got to hear one of those conversations,” she said with a laugh.
“When?” he asked. “In June.” “Just imagine,” he said, pulling her down onto his
lap. “Maybe we’ll have another beautiful daughter.” Hmmm, “ she said thoughtfully. He
watched as her gaze traveled up the stairs and she suddenly winced. “Honey, what is it?”
“Maybe it will be a boy...and he’ll be.just like his father,” she said. “I just had a picture of
a smaller version of you hurtling from the top of that bannister.” “Life is gonna get real
interesting.” he said with a grin.”

Interesting wasn’t the word. Things got very busy for Shane at work, Angela
decided that she wanted to finish her second book before the baby was born, and Rose
decided it was time to try out her walking skills. Angela found it impossible to get anything
done while Rose was awake. “I don’t get it,” she said to Linda. “She’s one little girl. She
can’t walk very fast...but somehow I can never catch her.” “She reminds me an awful lot of
Shane when he was that age,” Linda told her. “If you think he’s hyper now...you should
have seen him then.” Angela glanced down at her stomach. “I think I’m scared,” she said
with a laugh.
“Now you know that if you need any help, all you have to do is yell.” “You might be
sorry you said that,” Angela told her. She was standing at the counter putting the finishing
touches on dinner when Shane came. home. “How’s my beautiful wife?” he asked, kissing
her cheek. “Exhausted,” she said with a weary smile. “And how is my sweet little girl?”
“Your sweet little girl is the reason I’m exhausted,” she moaned. Rose was busy in one of
the lower cabinets, emptying out as many pots and pans as she could.
“Whoa, “ he said, scooping her up. “Unless you’re going to do some cooking, I
don’t think mommy wants all of those.” Rose turned to look at Angela. “No’, Angela said
with a smile. “No?” Rose repeated. Angela shook her head. Shane put her down and she
looked at the mess, then up at him. “No,” she said, and headed into the other room.
Angela laughed at the expression on his face. “I don’t think she gets the concept,” he
remarked. “Oh she gets it. She just wants you to clean it up.” He bent down and put
everything away for her.
“How’s the novel coming?” he asked, peeking into the simmering pots. “It isn’t,”
she replied, smacking his hand. “I thought I would try to write a little when she was
napping, but I was so tired, I fell asleep too.” “Poor baby,” he said, taking her in his
arms.” “Yeah, poor baby. My publisher gave me a deadline and at this rate I’ll never meet
it.” “Well, things have calmed down a lot at work. How about if I take a couple of days off
and keep hurricane Rose occupied? Would that help?” “Oh Shane....you’re a lifesaver,” she
said, hugging him tightly. “All I need is a couple of hours each day....and I know I can get
so much accomplished.” “Then consider it done,” he said, kissing her.
The next day he got up early and made breakfast for himself and his daughter.
Angela walked in to find him wiping up the floor. “Did she actually swallow any?” “It’s hard
to say...I was ducking most of the time.” “Are you sure you’re up to this?” she asked. “It’s
not as easy as you think.” “Honey...she’s a baby. I can handle her...no problem.” He lifted
Rose up, tickling her as they walked out. “Come on Rosebud...you and daddy are going to
have some fun.” “Good luck daddy,” Angela said with a smile.
She actually found herself doing some writing while they were gone. She had
reached a part in her story that had become a little tricky. But being able to concentrate
on it, she finally began to make some headway. She took a short break to make some tea
when the doorbell rang. Angela opened the door and stared in shock. “Hello little sister.”
“Diane...what are you doing here?” Her gaze traveled from her sister to the children she
had gripped in each hand. “Hank and I are through. I left him.” “Well where are you
headed?” Angela asked, terrified to hear the answer. “Why here, of course,” Diane said,
moving past her. “That’s what family is for...right?”

Angela stood frozen as her sister made herself at home. “Kids, this is your Aunt
Angela. Angela this is Billy and this is Teresa. Angela looked down at the little girl who
must have been about eight. She looked up at Angela and smiled tentatively. Angela then
turned and was met with the defiant gaze of ten year old Billy. She remembered what
Diane’s husband was like and this boy appeared to be a carbon copy.
“Tell me what happened,” she asked her sister, as she nervously perched on the
edge of a nearby chair, “What’s to tell?” said Diane. “Hank lost his job...again. As usual we
got into a fight over money....well more like a fight over having no money. I just got sick of
it. So I decided that maybe what I needed was a change of scenery. She let her eyes travel
around the room. “This is some house you have here.” Angela glanced around making sure
that Billy wasn’t on the verge of breaking something.
“Where’s the baby? I’m dying to see her?” “She’s with Shane.He took her out for
the morning.” How is Shane?” she purred. “He’s fine. We’re expecting another baby in
June.” Diane sat back and looked at her. “Don’t get stuck in the same rut I did. Before you
know it, you’re stuck at home all the time and he’s still free to come and go as he
pleases.” Angela couldn’t believe she was saying these things in front of her own children.
“Are you hungry?” she asked. “I could fix you some lunch?”
“Sure,” Diane said. “Come on kids....let’s eat.” They settled in at the kitchen table
as Angela made some sandwiches. She could hear Diane rambling on behind her, but all
she could think about was how Shane was going to react when he came home and found
them here. She didn’t have long to wait. Just as they were finishing their food she heard
him come through the front door. She braced herself as she stared at the door to the
kitchen. “Hey sweetheart, we’re back,” he said as he pushed open the door.
He stopped in his tracks, staring at the unfamiliar faces. Angela quickly stood and
took Rose from him. “Shane, you remember my sister Diane? And these are her kids, Billy
and Teresa.” Shane turned to look at Angela, but before he could say a word, Diane was up
on her feet and hugging him. “It’s so good to see you again,” she said. Shane looked over
her shoulder at Angela, completely and totally confused.

“Are you here for a visit?” he asked. “Yeah....an extended visit,” she said with a
sarcastic laugh. Shane turned to Angela, who was finding it impossible to look him in the
eye. She ran her fingers through Rose’s hair. Let’s get you changed and give you some
lunch.” She moved past Shane quickly, before he had a chance to say a word.
She had just finished changing Rose when he walked into the nursery and shut the
door. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Oh Shane...I had no idea she was coming. I opened
the door and there she was. She said something about Hank losing his job....and a fight
they had.....and now here she is. I didn’t know what to do, so I let her in.” “Sweetheart,
slow down,” he said. “It’s fine. She’s your sister. Of course she can stay with us. I’m sure
that she and her husband will work things out. For now why don’t you just enjoy visiting
with her?”
Angela gazed at him and smiled. “I was so afraid that you’d be angry.” “Don’t be
silly.This is your home too. My family is in and out of here all the time. Of course your
sister is welcome here.” She picked up Rose and headed for the kitchen. “I hope you don’t
end up regretting those words,” she thought.
Diane stood, leaning against the counter as Angela fed Rose. “She’s a real cutie,”
she commented. “You want a boy this time?” she asked Shane. “It really doesn’t matter.
We just want another healthy child.” “Ahhh, all men say that. It’s a lot of bull. They all
want boys.” Angela kept her head down, feeling her shoulders tense with each word out of
her sister’s mouth.
“Your Uncle Shane is the one who works with the wrestlers,” Diane said to Billy.
“I’ve seen you on TV,” said Billy. “You aren’t a real wrestler though....are you?” “Not
really,” Shane said with a laugh. “I pretty much just show up once in a while and let the
other guys toss me around.” “Maybe he could get you into a show sometime?” “Sure,” said
Shane. “That would be cool...I guess,” said Billy. “I’d like to see Stone Cold Steve Austin in
person. Now he’s a real wrestler.”
“That he is,” said Shane with a smile. “How about you? You like wrestling?” he
asked Teresa. She had been sitting quietly in the corner, practically making herself
invisible. Angela had the feeling that she did that a lot. “Yeah....it’s ok.” she almost
whispered. “She has a crush on The Rock,” her brother said, his voice taking on a nasty
edge. “I don’t blame you,” said Angela. “I think he’s cute too.” She looked up at Shane and
winked quickly. He smiled in return, touched by how she seemed to sympathize with this
sad little girl.
“Have you thought about calling Hank?” Angela asked her sister. “What for? So he
can tell me how he can’t find work?” she whined. “I just thought he might be worried about
where you are.” Oh I told him I was headed up here.” She laughed again....a sound that
was beginning to grate on Angela’s nerves. “He said to enjoy visiting with my rich sister.”
Suddenly Angela got a sick feeling in her stomach. Something told her that Diane was
trying to get something from her. And with each passing minute her discomfort became
something a little closer to anger.
“What kind of work does your husband do?” asked Shane. “Oh anything and
everything. I always tease him. He knows a little about everything and not enough about
anything.” “Well the reason I asked is because I might be able to get him something down
at WWF NY. We always need help there.” “Well aren’t you nice?” she said. “You’d better
watch it Angela....I just might have to take him away from you.” Angela spun around and
Shane was more than a little surprised at the look on her face. Granted, what her sister
had said wasn’t exactly appropriate. But Shane was sure she hadn’t meant it.But now
seeing the look on Angela’s face he wasn’t so sure.
Later that night as they got ready for bed, he watched her carefully. She had been
extremely quiet all night. He could sense a growing anger in her and he was worried. When
she got into bed and turned off the light he held out his arms and she quietly entered
them. Kissing the top of her head, he ran his fingers across her bare shoulder. “Are you
ok?” he asked. “I’m fine,” she replied. “Just a little tired.” “I understand,” he said.
“Thank you for offering to help Hank find a job,’ she said. “Oh honey, don’t thank
me. Weren’t they the ones who took care of you when your parents died?” Angela nodded
silently. “You know I always think you were pretty brave to leave like you did. Not many
people can go out on their own when they’re only eighteen.” When she didn’t reply, he took
his finger and raised her chin. The look in her eyes made him sit up. Switching on the light
he took her face in his hands. “What is it? Talk to me.” Shane...I didn’t exactly move out.’
“What are you talking about?” he asked. She paused and took a deep breath. “Hank and
Diane threw me out.”

  “They what?” he asked, suddenly experiencing a feeling that he didn’t like. “They
hadn’t been married all that long. They had Billy and were expecting Teresa, I was just one
extra person to feed. Kathy had just moved in with her boyfriend...she wasn’t looking for
her little sister to move in with her...so I went out on my own. I got an apartment...found a
job and went to night school. “It wasn’t terrible....I managed...” “Damn it..stop defending
them,” he said, the fury in his voice unmistakable. “My God...you were their sister. You
don’t throw your own sister out onto the street.”
“Shane honey...please calm down. Everything worked out all right, didn’t it? I
mean, I got through college, I found a job....thanks to that job I found you....so all in all....I
think I did ok.” “That isn’t the point,” he said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.
“Honey, be quiet...they’ll hear you.” “Do you think I give a damn if they hear me?” he said,
standing up and beginning to pace. “Don’t you see what they’ve done to you?”
She looked up at him, not sure what he meant. “They have you believing that
you’re still not quite good enough. They still treat you like you owe them something. Well
let me tell you something....you’re a hundred times better than both of them put together.
I always wondered why you were so funny about the engagement ring I bought for you.
Now I know what it was. You didn’t think you deserved it..did you?” Angela lowered her
eyes, knowing how close to home his words were hitting.
“Angela,” he continued.....”you are worth it....and so much more. I would give you
the world if I could. There are three people who wouldn’t be able to live without you in
their lives....me, Rose and that little one,” he said, looking at her gently swelling abdomen.
“As far as I’m concerned you don’t owe them anything....and you never will.”
She sat there silently, twisting the sheet in her hands. After a moment, she looked
up at him. “What about their kids?” she asked. He shook his head slowly. “You can’t help
yourself, can you?” He walked back and forth a few more times, and suddenly he stopped.
“Tomorrow I’m going to give your sister the phone number of the manager at WWF NY.
But it’s gonna be up to Hank to get the job. He can mention my name...but that’s it. Then
I’m going to write them a check.....enough so the kids won’t starve until he finds work. And
I want her to take the check...and leave.”
“The only thing I care about is you....and my children. And family or not, your
sisters are going to learn that their days of treating you like dirt are over. You’re a
McMahon now....and we never take things lying down.” Angela wasn’t sure if she should
laugh or cry. “I feel like I’m in the middle of a WWF storyline.” Shane walked to the bed
and took her in his arms. “You are the single most important thing in my life. Don’t you
ever sell yourself short again. Do I make myself clear?” “Yes Shane....perfectly,” she said,
allowing him to draw her into a warm embrace. “Now let’s get some sleep. I have some
throwing out to do in the morning.”


Shane could sense how nervous she was. “I’m going to handle this,” he said. “I
don’t want you getting involved at all.” She took Rose to the kitchen and began to make
her breakfast. When Diane came downstairs with the kids, Angela took them with her and
Shane steered Diane to his study. Ten minutes later, she stormed out, check in hand and
grabbed the kids. “Let’s go,” she said. “We’re heading home.”
Both children looked completely confused. Angela stood frozen to the spot afraid of
having yet another confrontation with her sister. But Shane had warned Diane not to say a
word to Angela. He had led her to believe that it was all his idea so that any hard feelings
between the sisters could be avoided. When they came downstairs, ready to leave, Angela
was at the door waiting. Shane stayed in the kitchen, grateful that he didn’t have to spend
one more second with Diane.
Angela quickly hugged her sister and Billy. When she bent down to hug Teresa, she
whispered in her ear. “I want you to call me.” “Really?” she asked, her eyes wide. “Yes,
really,” she said. “I want to know how you’re doing.” “Ok,” the little girl said. When Angela
finally closed the door, she felt as though the weight of the world was off her shoulders.
She walked back into the kitchen to find Shane once more cleaning the floor. “I think I’m
the only one she does this to,” he said. Angela took the sponge from his hand and tossed it
into the sink.
Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “What was that for?”
he asked. “I just wanted to thank you,” she said softly. “I want a promise from you,” he
said. “Anything,” she told him. “Promise me that you and I will be completely truthful with
each other from now on. There is nothing you can’t tell me. And nothing I can’t tell you.”
“You’re right,” she said. “I promise.” She reached up to kiss him again but was stopped by
the sound of Rose banging on her high chair. “Me, me,” she insisted. “Now what?” Shane
asked. “She wants a kiss,” Angela said with a laugh.
“Oh, ok. Here you go,” he said, giving her a noisy kiss on the cheek. Rose giggled in
delight and turned to her mother. Angela bent down and kissed her as well. That seemed
to satisfy her and she went back to dropping her breakfast on the floor.
“Now I want another promise from you,” he said. “What’s that?” “I want you to go
into your office and give that book of yours all the attention it deserves. Rose and I are
going to mom’s to get spoiled for the day.” “I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she
said, gently touching his face. “Sweetheart, that’s something you’ll never have to worry

Angela was folding baby clothes and putting them in the new dresser when the first
cramp hit. This time she knew what to expect...so she checked the clock each time she felt
one. She had passed her due date three days earlier and Shane had taken to calling her
every hour to check on her. She glanced at the clock trying to guess which would come
first..Shane’s call or the contraction. She didn’t wait long to find out.The phone rang and
she picked it up with a smile. “Shane, come on home...it’s time.” “Are you sure?” he
asked. He heard her gasp as yet another pain went through her. “I’ll be right there,” he
“Don’t forget to call Steph,” she said quickly, before he could hang up. Stephanie
was going to come and pick up Rose and take her to her grandparents house. Angela took
her suitcase and Rose’s bag from the closet and placed them by the door. She knew
exactly how hyper Shane would be when he got home and she was determined that one of
them would remain calm.
She heard his car roar up the driveway, so she stood and waited for the door to
open. “How many minutes apart?” he asked breathlessly. “Five.” “Where’s Rose?” “Steph
came for her.” He looked around frantically, completely at a loss as to what to do next.
She bent down and handed him her suitcase. “To the hospital,’ she said.
“Why are you so relaxed?’ he asked her as she laid on the delivery table. “I have no
idea,” she said with a laugh. In truth it had been a very easy pregnancy and even her labor
didn’t seem all that difficult. When the doctor told her it was time to push, she almost
couldn’t believe him. The second the baby was born, she craned her neck anxiously to see
it. Neither she nor Shane had wanted to know the baby’s sex beforehand, so they were
both extremely curious.
The doctor looked up and smiled at them. “Say hello to your son,” he said. Shane
looked at her and smiled. “A little boy,” he said. “Let me see him,” she said, taking
Shane’s hand. When the doctor held him up, she almost cried. “He looks just like you,”
she whispered. “I hope he’s a little calmer,” he said with a laugh. Angela couldn’t take her
eyes from him. “He’s so beautiful. Oh thank you Shane,” she said, pulling him down for a
hug. “He’s the most precious thing you’ve ever given me...him and Rose.” “I can’t wait to
call mom and dad,” he said. “They’ll go nuts.” They wrapped the baby in a soft blanket
and handed him to Angela. “Hey sweetheart,’ she said, kissing his forehead. “We have to
name him,” Shane said suddenly. “Well, I kind of have a name....if you want to hear it.” “Of
course,’ he said. “Justin Shane,” she said quietly, running a finger along his tiny cheek.
Shane repeated the name to himself. “You sure about the Shane part?” he asked jokingly.
“Absolutely,” she said.
“Hey Justin,” he said quietly. “He hasn’t even cried,’ she said to the doctor. “They
don’t all cry. He seems like a very mellow baby.” “That’ll be a nice change after Rose,’ she
laughed. “It’s a good thing you finished that book when you did,’ he said. “Something tells
me you’re going to have your hands full.”


Angela laid the baby in the crib, slowly rubbing his back. It was the first night she
would be leaving him. “I’ll take very good care of him,” Linda said, laying a hand gently on
her shoulder. “Besides, I’ll have plenty of help.” They both turned to see Rose walk in
carrying a small stuffed rabbit. She held it up to her mother and Angela looked at her
questioningly. “What’s this?” she asked. “Baby’s toy,” she said simply. Angela smiled as
she set the toy next to a peacefully sleeping Justin. “Thank you for sharing,” she told Rose.
The baby had been born three months ago and Vince and Shane had practically
begged her to return to writing. They had initiated a couple of new storylines that they
were hoping she could help with. And as much as she hated being away from the kids, she
was looking forward to spending some time with Shane. Between caring for two children
and his increased workload, their time together had been reduced drastically. She prayed
that she was wrong, but she couldn’t lose the nagging fear that maybe things between
them had changed.
During the drive to the arena she tried to engage him in conversation, but he
seemed content to give her one word answers as he concentrated on the road. She finally
sat back and gazed out the window, trying not to admit that maybe she was right. Maybe
her husband was losing interest in her.
They hadn’t been in the arena for more than two minutes when Shane was
confronted with a myriad of problems. Sighing deeply, he turned to her. “I’ll catch up with
you later.” She watched him walk away, a dull ache in her heart.
Deciding that work might be her only answer for now, she headed for the writer’s
room. Several minutes later, she was aware of someone standing behind her. “Are you
Angela?” he asked, with a disarming smile. “Yes I am,” she replied. returning the smile. He
pulled out a chair and sat next to her. “I’m...” “I know who you are she said, taking his
hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Rock. What can I do for you?”
“Well It’s my new storyline,” he began. “You don’t like it?” she asked. “Oh, no, no.
It’s fine. I’m just not sure I can carry it off. I’ve never done anything like this before.’
Angela smiled at his concern. “We thought it might spark viewer interest to give The Rock
a love interest.” “I agree,” he said. “But I’ve gotten used to staring guys down. This weeks
script has me gazing into her eyes. I’m not sure I can make that transition.”
She turned to face him, suddenly becoming very aware of just how close he was,
and just how good looking he was. “It really isn’t very hard,’ she told him. “You just look
straight into her eyes..just like you would anyone else...only softer.” Their eyes locked and
he began to understand what she meant. “If you really want to sell the effect, you could
reach up and touch her cheek, or brush some hair from her eyes.” He did what she
suggested, and he was amazed to discover how much it helped. What neither one of them
noticed was Shane, standing in the doorway, watching them.
“I think this might work,” Rock said softly. “You’re a very good teacher,” he told
her, taking a deep breath and sitting back. “Shane is a very lucky man. You tell him I said,
he’d better be good to you or someone might just steal you away.” “I’ll remember that,’
she said softly as he left the room. Shane stood out in the hall trying to make sense of
what he had just seen. Lately he had been getting the feeling that he and Angela were
drifting apart. Up until now it had only been a feeling. But after seeing that a cold fear
crept into his heart.

The next day it had been impossible for him to concentrate on anything. Angela
had been very quiet on the ride home the night before. Several times he thought she was
about to say something only to stop and look away from him. When they had gotten into
bed she had turned over and closed her eyes....and even though he couldn’t be sure..he
thought she might have been crying.
Now as he walked into his house he almost dreaded seeing her.As many times as
he tried to convince himself that it couldn’t be true, he now believed that she wanted to
leave him. He walked up the stairs suddenly noticing how quiet it was. “That’s weird,” he
thought. He walked into the bedroom and stopped. Angela was lying on the bed, a child
cradled protectively in each arm. Shane couldn’t help but smile at the scene. Everything
he loved, everything that meant something to him was right in this room. He made up his
mind right then that there was no way he was going to lose it.
Sitting on the edge of the bed he reached out and gently touched her face. Her
eyelids fluttered open. When she saw it was him, they flew open completely. “Oh my gosh,
what time is it?” “It’s only 4:00,” he said. “I decided to come home early. What’s going on
here?” She glanced down at her two sleeping children. “Rose and I were trying to convince
Justin to take a nap.” “I think it worked,” he said with a smile.
Just then Rose opened her eyes. “Daddy!” she said, reaching up for him. “Hey
Rosebud...you helping mommy with the baby?” Rose put a finger on her lips. “Shhh, baby
sleeping.” “Oh, sorry,” he whispered. “Why don’t you come downstairs with me and help
me cook dinner? I’ll let you take out the pots.” “Let’s go,” she said happily, climbing from
the bed. Angela watched as they left the room. For a second there it was just like it used to
be. That was when she made up her mind. Tonight she had to know.

After dinner had been eaten and the children had been bathed and put to bed, she
found herself sitting in the middle of the playroom gathering up toys. She had stopped for
a moment to examine a small teddy bear. It was one Shane had bought for Rose during
one of his trips. She was absentmindedly stroking the fur when he walked in and sat
beside her. “Want some help?” Sure,” she said resuming her work. They worked in silence
for a few seconds when the overwhelming need to know was too much for her to take.
“Shane?” “Yeah?” he said, immediately picking up on the tone in her voice. “I need
to talk to you. There’s something I have to know.” “All right,” he said, that fear seeping
back into his heart. “Do you still love me?” she asked. “What? Of course I do.How could
you ask me that?” “Maybe what I really mean is do you love me the way you used to?” He
moved over closer to her, reaching out to take a trembling hand.
“Baby, look at me....what’s wrong?” “I don’t know Shane. That’s just the point.
lately I get the feeling that being with me is the last place you want to be. You’re hardly
ever home and when you are, you’re on the phone all hours. I just get the feeling that
you’d do anything to avoid being with me.” “Baby no,” he cried, pulling her against his
chest. “I know things have been crazy at work, but you mean everything to me. I love you
more now than I ever have.” “You do?” she asked, her voice filled with hope.
He nodded silently as he leaned over to kiss her. “If you want to know the truth I
was afraid that you didn’t love me anymore.” “Why?” she asked. “I saw you and Dwayne at
the arena the other night. I saw the way you were looking at each other. It scared the hell
out of me.” Honey, I was helping him with a scene...nothing more.” “Yeah, I thought
so...but it just seemed like you were enjoying having him flirt with you.” “I think I was,” she
admitted softly. “It was nice knowing that there was still a man who thought I was
attractive enough to flirt with. My whole life is about taking care of these kids and this
house.....and don’t get me wrong....I absolutely love it. But lately I’ve been feeling like
maybe you don’t want me the way you used to.”
“I think we both just went through a very bad, very busy time,” he said. “How could
you think I don’t want you like I always have?” “I can remember a time when we made love
so spontaneously...just because we wanted each other so much. Now I’m afraid that’s
gone for good.” “Think again,” he said quietly, as he gently pushed her back onto the softly
carpeted floor.
He leaned down to kiss her and she reached up and pulled him down hungrily.
Their hands worked feverishly, pulling and tugging until their clothes lay strewn about the
room and they were locked in a heated kiss. “Touch me baby, please,” she begged him.
And he was only too happy to oblige. His mouth went immediately to her breast as his
hand found it’s way between her legs. Angela moaned in delight as he began tease and
torment her with his tongue and fingertips.
Just when she thought he pleasure would almost too much to bear, he rolled to his
back and looked up at her with desire in his eyes. “Love me, please,” he whispered. With a
slow smile, she leaned over him and began to work her way, slowly and methodically down
his body. When she finally took him in her mouth he knew that every fear he had over
losing her was gone. He gave himself over to her as she brought him to the brink of
ecstasy. Then without a word she raised up and straddled him, lowering herself until she
could feel him fill her completely.
Then their passion took over..just like it had in the past. They became lost in each
other...wanting nothing more than to please each other totally. Their climax was long and
sweet, their voices blending as they cried out in release. Lying together afterward they
both knew that there was no way anyone or anything could ever come between them. The
bond they shared was so strong it was hard to remember a time when they hadn’t been
together. “I love you Shane...and I always will,’ she whispered. He pulled her close and
held onto her tightly. “I know baby...and I love you too. More than I could ever tell you.”

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