Chapter 1

“Angela, the server is down again,” yelled Emma from across the
office. “Why are you telling me?” she called back. Emma made her way
across the room. “Because any minute now that door is going to fly
open and.....” “Now what’s wrong?” he shouted as the door of his
office banged open. “We’re checking on it now, Mr.McMahon,” Angela
said, rushing past him. “Everytime we update something, this
happens. Does somebody around here not know how to do their job?”
he asked, looking at the sea of faces staring at him. They scattered
quickly, trying not to look guilty. All, except Emma. Even angry and
looking or someone to blame, he was the most exciting man she had
ever met.
Of course he had no idea she was alive....but that didn’t stop her
from wishing like mad that one day he might actually notice her. “I
think we underestimated the number of hits the site would take,” she
said from behind him. “Jack,” he called to a man sitting 2 desks down.
“How in the world can we underestimate the number of hits we’re
gonna take? This is for crying out loud. We get more hits
than anybody. At least we did until the server went down.” He turned
quickly to go back into his office. He looked at her for the briefest of
seconds, and her heart stopped. “Let me know when we’re back in
business,” he said, shutting his door.” “Yes, Mr. McMahon,” she
whispered. She stared at his closed door for several seconds. “Emma,
we could really use your help,” called Angela. “I’m coming,” she said,
pausing to take one last look over her shoulder.
She knew from the moment she met him at her interview, that
he was unlike any man she had ever met. He was a mixture of boyish
charm and amazing intensity. During the months of her internship, she
had seen him laugh and joke, completely ignoring the fact the he was
indeed, a part owner of this company. She had also seen him exhibit
an almost palpable air of energy, when they were in the midst of yet
another crisis.
She had been proud to be in on the launching of In
some ways it had been a rocky start. But they were now the website
that others tried to copy. So she could understand why Shane was so
upset when it wasn’t up and running perfectly. It had been his project
from the start, and he had hand picked his staff. He had been looking
for bright, energetic people, with a knowledge of the ins and outs of
computers and a real love for wrestling.
That was one thing he had been adamant about. “If you don’t
like what we’re selling, then you certainly won’t sell it very well, now
will you?” he had once asked at a staff orientation. Fortunately for
her...she loved wrestling. She took a lot of ribbing over the years, but
it was something she was totally hooked on. When her friends were
going crazy over the latest movie idol, she was dreaming about The
Undertaker and the Hardy Boys.
Landing the job at had been pure luck. She certainly
was qualified, but it was really her friend Angela, who had gotten her
the job. They were in the middle of a staffing crisis. Someone they had
hired, had decided to accept another position...leaving them short
handed. Angela had suggested her. She came in and spoke very briefly
to Shane, while he scanned her resume. “Well, I’ll be honest with you,”
he had said. “We’re up against a deadline here. I really don’t have
time to be choosy. Angela seems to think you’ll be a perfect fit. Your
resume looks great. So..if you’re interested, the job is yours.”
She had accepted immediately. First because she needed the
job, and second, because she absolutely knew that there was no way
she could pass up a chance to get to know Shane McMahon.

Chapter 2

They had to work until almost 8 o’clock, but finally, the site was
back up. She went to his door and knocked quietly. “Yes?” he said. She
opened the door and stuck her head in. “We’re back online,” she said
with a smile. “Well, it’s about time,” he said. She moved to leave.
“Wait,” he said, turning to his computer. “Let’s just make sure.” She
stood and waited while he accessed the site. “It could still be a lot
faster,” he said. “I know,” she agreed. “We’re working on that.”
They watched in silence as he picked different areas at random
to test just how well the site was performing. “Well, there are a couple
of things that could be improved. We should probably call a meeting
for tomorrow,” he said, turning off his computer. “OK, I’ll spread the
word,” she said, turning for the door. “Listen,” he said. “Tell everyone I
appreciate all their work. They did a good job.” “Thanks, I will,” she
said. “Good night, Mr. McMahon,”. “What?” he said, looking up.
“Oh..yeah. Good night....uh....” “Emma,” she said, somewhat
disappointed, that he didn’t remember her name. “Yeah, Emma,” he
said, giving her the barest trace of a smile. “I might as well be
invisible,’ she thought, closing the door.
She walked to get her coat. “Just another day in paradise,’
laughed Angela as she waited for her friend to grab her purse. “What
do you say we go and get something to eat...I’m starving.” “I don’t
know,” said Emma. “I’m kind of tired.” “Oh come on, it’ll be my treat,”
Angela said. “OK, you talked me into it,” Emma sighed.
They sat in a booth and ordered some wine. “So was
Mr.McMahon happy with our work?” Emma nodded. “Hey...what’s
wrong?” her friend asked. “Nothing,” she said, lowering her eyes. “It’s
Shane, isn’t it?” Angela asked. “Is it that obvious?” “Well to me it
is...but that’s because I know you so well.” Emma took a sip of her
wine. “Maybe if he at least knew my name.....” Angela laughed softly.
“Honey..the man is completely wrapped up in making a
success. Can you imagine the pressure he must be under? I know I
wouldn’t want Vince McMahon breathing down my neck. Well....on
second thought...” Emma looked up and laughed.
“There, that’s better,” said Angela. “You know, maybe you just
need to give this some time. From what I hear, he’s really a very
friendly, easy going guy. When the work load lightens up, maybe then
he’ll get a chance to see exactly what he’s been missing.” “Maybe,”
said Emma quietly. “But I won’t be holding my breath.”

Chapter 3

Days turned into weeks and Emma was no closer to being
anything more than an employee to Shane. She and Angela were
working on the Superstars link one day, when Angela suddenly had an
idea. “You know, instead of moping around...why don’t you let me
introduce you to someone?” “A fix up?” Emma asked. “No way.” “Oh?
And you’re meeting so many men your way?” Angela teased.
Emma had to admit that she was tired of sitting home alone.
“Well maybe I could meet one of your friends,’ she said. “But he’d
have to know from the start, that I’m not interested in anything
serious.” “Yes maam,” she said, laughing. “Your stipulations will be
duly noted.”
“This friend,” she asked. “How exactly do you know him?” “Well
he’s really a friend of Steve’s,” she said. “A wrestler?” she said, in
shock. Angela had to laugh. “This is the WWF...the odds were pretty
good.” “Oh I’m not sure about this....I mean, what is he like?” “Oh
stop worrying,” Angela laughed. “He doesn’t have purple hair or wear a
mask.” “It isn’t that,” Emma said. “Then what is it?” “Well,wouldn’t
Shane know this guy?” “Yeah, I guess he would. What’s your point?”
“Well if Shane thought I was dating someone else....”
Angela looked at her friend. “Emma, don’t you think that if he
was at all interested....” She stopped when she saw the look on
Emma’s face. “Honey, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” “Oh you
didn’t. I guess facing the truth just hurts a little. So..who is this guy
you want me to meet?” Angela turned to her computer screen. After a
couple of clicks, a picture came up on the screen. “There he is.” Emma
studied his picture. “Tell me he has a real name,” she said. “Of course
he does,” laughed Angela. “I mean the guys call him Test...but I’m
sure he’ll want you to call him Andrew.” 

Chapter 4

“Why did you tell them to pick us up here?” asked Emma,
checking her hair for the tenth time. “I just thought you’d be more
comfortable meeting him in your own know...home field
advantage?” “You’ve been watching too much ESPN,’ laughed Emma.
At 7:30 on the dot, the doorbell rang. “Is Steve always this punctual?”
“Never,” said Angela, with a grin. “Must be Andrew.”
She opened the door to two smiling faces. “Hi sweetie,” she said
to Steve, giving him a quick kiss. She turned to the other man and
looked up. “It’s nice to see you Andrew.” “Hi Angela. It’s nice to see
you too.” “Come on in,” she said. The two men stepped into the room.
Emma stared up at Andrew. Angela had said he was tall, but she never
said how tall. “Ceiling fans must pose a real threat to this guy,” she
Angela turned to her friend. “Emma, this is Andrew. Andrew, this
is my best friend Emma.” He smiled and extended his hand. He was
physically imposing, but his smile was completely disarming. “Angela
has told me all about you,” he said. “Yeah but I convinced him to come
anyway,” Steve said with a laugh. Angela, smacked his arm. “Hey,
nobody lays a hand on the WWF Champion.” “Watch me,’ she said,
wrapping her arms around his waist. “Well now, that’s different,” he
said, playfully nuzzling her neck. “Your fans should see you now,”
Andrew said, shaking his head.
“So where are we going?” asked Angela. “I thought you might
like to try that new place by the harbor. They have a nice outside
deck. I know how you like to watch the boats,” said Steve. “Isn’t he
just the best?”
asked Angela. “Yeah, he’s a regular Stone Cold sweetheart,” teased
Andrew. Steve looked at Angela and Emma and winked. “There are
ladies present, so I’ll ignore that...for now.” “Settle down boys,”
Angela said. “Save the rough stuff for the ring.” Emma had to laugh at
them. “Maybe this won’t be such a bad night after all,” she thought.

Chapter 5

Surprisingly, she found herself enjoying the dinner. Andrew was
sweet and charming and Steve was actually funny. “It’s nice to see you
smiling again,” Angela leaned over and whispered to her. “OK, don’t
rub it in,” Emma teased. They were sitting and having coffee when it
happened. They were talking about some of the funny things that
happen on the road when both Steve and Angela looked past Emma to
the restaurant entrance. Steve smiled and Angela’s eyes widened in

Emma turned and her heart sank. Standing in the doorway was
Shane with a very pretty woman. “I wonder who that is,” said Angela.
“I think her name is Marissa something,” said Steve. “I met her at
WWF NY when we were there.” “Must be serious if he’s still seeing
her,” said Andrew. Emma looked down at her hands. She was twisting
her napkin, desperately avoiding looking in the direction of the door.
Unfortunately, Shane spotted them. “Oh no, he’s coming over,” Angela
said under her breath. “Do you think anyone would notice if I hid
under the table?” Emma asked, trying to paste a smile on her face.
“Hey, we must be paying you guys pretty well if you can afford
to eat here,” he teased. “Actually we’re charging it to the WWF,” said
Steve with a laugh. “Don’t let my father hear that,” Shane laughed.
“Marissa, you remember Steve don’t you?” “I sure do,” she said,
smiling. “How are you?” “I’m fine, thanks. This is Angela.” “She works
at with me,” said Shane. Marissa extended her hand. “Its a
pleasure to meet you.” Angela smiled back at her, totally aware of the
daggers Emma’s eyes were shooting at her. “And that’s Andrew
Martin.” “Hi Andrew,” she said brightly. “And that’s.....oh man I did it
again,” he said, smiling sheepishly. “Emma,” she said, barely looking
at him. “Shane is terrible with names,” teased Marissa. “He seemed to
remember everyone elses,” thought Emma, still not believing how
much it hurt.
“Well, we’ll let you get back to your dinner,” said Shane, placing
his hand against Marissa’s back to guide her to their table. “Enjoy your
evening.” He smiled at them, but when his eyes met Emma’s he
suddenly got the strangest feeling. He felt awful about forgetting her
name again.....and the look in her eyes told him that she felt just as
“How about we take a stroll along the pier?” asked Steve. “That
sounds nice,” said Angela, linking her arm in his. Andrew stood up and
helped Emma pull out her chair. “You’re an awfully nice man,” she
thought.”You deserve much better company than me.” “What do you
think..are you up to it?” he asked her. She took one more quick glance
at Shane and Marissa. “I’ll bet you never once forgot her name,” she
thought. She turned back to Andrew and smiled up at him. “Let’s go,”
she said, taking his hand.
Chapters 6 - 10