Chapter 16

Emma stared down at his hand.”Emma?” he asked softly. “Yes?”
she replied, looking up into his eyes. “Are you ok?” “I’m fine,’ she
whispered. “Just surprised....that’s all.” “Good surprised?” “Oh yeah,”
she said, looking back down at his hand again. “Can I tell you a
secret?” “Sure,” she said. “That night that I was out with Marissa? The
night I....” “Forgot my name?” she said. “Yeah, that night. I was
....well....disappointed to see you with Andrew.” “You were? Why?”
“Well, the two of you looked like you belonged together. So I figured
there was no chance for me.”
She laughed softly. “But you couldn’t even remember my name,”
she said in surprise. “I know. Every time I looked at you, I got all
tongue tied.” “Now you tell me,’ she said. “You mean you...?” She
nodded silently. “I was ready to quit over it. After I decked Marissa of
course.” Now it was his turn to laugh.
“Are you hungry?” “All of a sudden I’m starving,” she replied.
“How about some pizza? I hear it’s pretty good here.” “Sounds
perfect,” she said. And it was. The pizza, the wine, the company...the
entire evening couldn’t have been better. She could never remember
being so relaxed on a first date. She laughed to herself. “Imagine me
on a date with Shane McMahon?” She could just imagine the reaction
she was going to get from Angela and Judi. “Details...we want details.”
She had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.
She was almost disappointed when the food was gone. She could
have sat there all night, just looking into his eyes and listening to him
talk. He paid the check and helped her on with her coat. Did she
imagine it, or did his hands linger on her shoulders? Thet walked back
to the parking garage, her hand wrapped warmly in his. When they got
to her car she turned to him slowly. Brushing the hair back from her
face, he leaned in close.
The feel of his lips against hers sent a surge of pleasure through
her. He leaned back and smiled softly. “Something told me it would
feel like that,’ he said. She reached up and slowly wrapped her arms
around his neck. He brought his mouth down to hers once more. Her
lips parted and she felt his tongue gently explore her mouth. A soft
moan escaped from her as his kiss became more urgent. He pulled
back reluctantly. “It’s getting late,” he said. “Yeah, I guess it is,” she
said, a little disappointed.
She unlocked her door and slid behind the wheel. “I’ll see you in
the morning,” he said, bending to give her one more quick kiss. She
started her engine, giving him a small wave, before pulling out. She
sat at the traffic light, her mind in turmoil. He had professed his
feelings for her.....and amazingly, they were exactly the same as hers.
So that they both knew how they felt, had the evening
ended so abruptly? She could still taste his kiss on her lips. “Oh please
don’t let him have second thoughts,” she silently pleaded. “I’ve waited
too long for this.”

Chapter 17

He sat behind his desk, running it over in his mind once more.
He had to make sure that he used just the right words. Last night had
come as a surprise...a very pleasant surprise. Finding out that she felt
the same way about him had been a revelation. Now he knew that his
decision to tell her his feelings had been the right one. But he also
knew that the decision he had finally made this morning was also the
right one. He just prayed that she would see it the same way.
She was humming softly as she hung up her coat. “Ok, either
you won the lottery...or Shane has finally remembered your name.”
She turned to see Angela smiling at her from the doorway. “Oh he did
more than remember my name,” she said, heading for her desk.
“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked, following behind her.
Emma turned and smiled. “I think I’ll wait until your partner in crime is
here. I’d love to see your reactions at the same time.” “Nooo,” cried
Angela. “Judi just called, she’s going to be late.” “Oh well,” said Emma,
with a shrug. “I guess you’ll just have to wait until our coffee break.”
“I knew I should have hurt you when I had the chance,” she grumbled
as Emma settled in behind her desk.
She knew he had several meetings scheduled for the morning,
so she wasn’t surprised not to see him. But she found she couldn’t wait
to look into his eyes see what she had seen the night
before....he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She was in the
middle of a report when someone reached over her shoulder and took
her pen. “In the break room.... now,” ordered Judi. Emma laughed and
followed her obediently. Their reaction was everything she had hoped
it would be. They were ecstatic for her. “There’s just one problem,”
said Emma.
“For some reason, he seemed to want to end the night sort
of....well....quickly.” “Well, if what you said is true, maybe he was kind
of surprised by the turn of events,” said Angela. “Somehow I get the
feeling, that this isn’t a lighthearted fling to him.” “You have no idea
how right I hope you are,” said Emma.
When she got back to her desk, she noticed that his office door
was opened. She walked over and peeked in. “Hi,” she said softly. He
looked up and smiled. “Hi,” he replied. “I just came back for my
schedule.” He picked up a folder on his desk and headed out the door.
He stopped and turned to her. “Listen....I’ll be tied up until around 4
o’clock. But there’s something I really need to talk to you about. Will
you be available then?” Sure,” she said. “Ok, see you then,” he said,
walking away. She watched as he got into the elevator. When the
doors slid shut, she sat down heavily. She replayed his words in her
mind, trying to rememeber the exact tone of his voice..and for some
reason she suddenly didn’t feel too well.

Chapter 18

She found it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything for the
rest of the day. Shortly after 4 o’clock she heard the ding of the
elevator. She looked up to see him approaching. “How were your
meetings?” she asked. “Fine,” he said. “Why don’t you come into my
office?” “Well, he isn’t wasting much time,” she thought. She stood up
slowly and followed him in. “Have a seat,” he said, indicating a nearby
Emma sat down, nervously twisting at her fingers. He turned to
her and took a deep breath. “Do you know Barry Werner?,” he asked.
“Isn’t he the publisher of WWF magazine?” she replied. “Yes..he is,”
said Shane. “We had lunch the other day, and he mentioed that he’s
looking for someone to head up their computer division. He really
doesn’t want someone new. He’d prefer someone who’s already
familiar with the company.”
She continued to look at him..not quite sure where he was
heading. Shane fiddled with some papers on his desk, before he
continued. “I suggested your name to him.” “Me?” she said. He
nodded, smiling at her. “It’s a great opportunity. You’d have the
chance to run the entire didvision. I mean, after the great job you’ve
done were the logical choice.”
His words were barely getting through. “But that would mean
leaving here...wouldn’t it?” Shane laughed softly. “Well, yeah. I mean
you’d still be in this building....just in another office.” She sat frozen in
place. “I thought you liked my work....I thought you liked me.” He
looked at her, realizing that she was completely misunderstanding him.
“I do,’ he said quickly. “I just thought this would be a wonderful
chance for you.”
“I see,” she said quietly. Several seconds passed before she
could look up at him. “If you aren’t interested in me, why don’t you
just say so? I had the feeling last night that something wasn’t quite
right.” Shane shook his head quickly. “No, you’ve got it all wrong. This
is a legitimate job offer.” “Sure it is,’ she said. “And how convenient
that it came right after you lied about liking me so much.” “Emma,” he
said, “that was no lie...I do like you.” She shook her head and laughed
ruefully. “Yeah, you like me so couldn’t wait to find a way
to get me out of here.”
Shane looked at her, panic beginning to rise in him. This was
what he had been afraid of. “That’s not why I offered you this job,” he
said. “At least not entirely.” “So I was right,” she said, standing up.”
“Emma please, let me explain.” “There’s no need,” she said. “Tell Mr.
Werner I’d be glad to accept the job. In fact, the sooner I can
start..the better.” She turned and walked out to her desk. “If you don’t
need me for anything else...I think I’d like to go home. I’m not feeling
very well.” “Emma please.You have to let me explain.” “There’s
nothing to explain,” she said shortly. “May I go?” He nodded silently.
She walked to the elevator, punching the button repeatedly. She
stepped inside and waited for the doors to close before letting her
tears fall.

Chapter 19

She stood at her kitchen counter slowly stirring her tea. The
rollercoaster of emotions she had been through had left her exhausted.
She had been so heart broken by Shane’s rejection of her that she
hadn’t even given her new job any thought. She walked into the living
room, and curled up in a chair. He was was a wonderful
opportunity. “Maybe in time, I’ll even enjoy it,” she thought.
Glancing at the clock, she sighed when she realized it was only
8:30. “This night will never end,” she thought. She was heading into
the kitchen with her empty cup when she heard the knock on her door.
“Who could that be? “ she thought. Pulling the door open slowly, she
stared in amazement at Shane. “Can we talk...please?” he asked.
“Why? Did you forget to mention that you’re transferring me to
California?” she asked snidely.
“Can I come in? I’d rather not have this discussion in the hall.”
“Fine,” she said, moving aside to let him pass. He took his jacket off
and laid it on a chair. Emma sighed softly. “Can I get you anything?”
“All I want is your complete attention,’ he said. “You never gave me a
chance to explain today. Will you at least sit and listen to me?” She
paused for a second. “All right,” she said, sitting across from him.
“First of all you were wrong about why you were offered that job.
Barry mentioned it to me last week. But my memory being what it
is...I forgot to bring it up.” “Really?” she asked. “Yes really.” “And as
for me wanting you to be in another office? Well, there might be some
truth there.” He could see the pain in her eyes, so he quickly
continued. “But it isn’t for the reason you think.” “I’ve been in offices
before where someone was dating the boss. It was a disaster. I don’t
want that to happen to us. I thought there would be a lot less pressure
on both of us if I wasn’t your boss anymore. That’s what I was trying
to tell you this afternoon.” “Well you sure did a lousy job of it,” she
said, suddenly feeling a thousand times better.
“Then I’m forgiven?” he asked, giving her the smile that always
melted her heart. “Yes, you are,” she said, walking over to him. He
reached out and touched her face. “I hated it when I thought you were
angry with me.” “I wasn’t angry...I was hurt. I thought you didn’t want
me anymore.” “No chance of that,” he said, pulling her face close for a
sweet, lingering kiss. She pulled back and smiled at him. “Are you sure
I can’t get you anything?” “I have everything I want right here,’ he
said, once more, covering her mouth with a warm, sensual kiss.
After several seconds had passed, she leaned back slowly to look
into his eyes. “What?” he asked softly, running his hands up and down
her back. “If I remember correctly,” she began,” the last time you
kissed me, the next words out of your mouth we’re good night.’’ “Not
this time,” he whispered, slowly brushing his lips against hers. She
took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom door. “Are you
sure?” he asked. Silently, she pulled him inside, quietly closing the
door behind him.

Chapter 20

Taking a deep breath, she finally gave in to the passion that had
been building up for so long. She moved quickly to undo the buttons
on his shirt, sighing softly as she ran her hands across his chest. She
pushed the shirt from his shoulders and tossed it on a nearby chair.
“Now you,” he murmured, sliding her sweater up and over her head.
He ran his fingers gently across the swell of her breasts.
Staring into her eyes, he reached around and unhooked her bra,
letting it fall. A smile played across his lips as he reached up to caress
her. A short gasp of pleasure escaped from her as her slid his
fingertips across her already aching nipples. Leaning down, he flicked
his toungue against the sensitive skin before pulling her close and
enjoying her fully. He sucked gently, running his tongue in slow,
enticing circles. She arched forward, tangling her fingers through his
In one quick movement, he released her breast and gathered
her up in his arms. Laying her down, he quickly finished undressing
them both. His eyes drifted over her slowly. “Beautiful,” he said softly
as his hands wandered freely. Emma moaned softly as she gave in to
the incredible sensations coming from his searching fingers.”Oh,
Shane, I knew it would feel like this,” she said, wrapping her arms
around him.
He gently took her face and kissed her. Smiling at her quivering
response, he let his lips travel downward. A thrill ran through her as
his lips brushed across her skin. She whimpered with pleasure as he
ventured closer to the center of her desire. When she felt his tongue
against her, she cried out, gripping his shoulders. Shane took his time,
savoring her sweetness. “Oh please Shane,” she moaned, “I want
you.” He moved up until he was face to face with her. “Love me
please,” she begged. He eased inside of her groaning as her legs
wrapped around him. They moved together, gazing into each other’s
She felt a tremendous wave of pleasure about to envelope her.
Burying her head against his neck, she cried out his name. Her
response pushed him forward to a long sweet climax of his own. She
held onto him, feeling his pounding heart. Leaning back, he smoothed
the hair from her face. “Still think I don’t want you?” he asked with a
grin.” She laughed softly. “You’ve managed to convince me,” she
replied, kissing him tenderly.
She awoke sometime later, turning over to reach for him. She
was surprised and dismayed to find his side of the bed empty. Sitting
up, she was just about to get out of bed when her bedroom door
opened. “Hey, what are you doing?” he asked. “I just went to get a
little something for us to eat. I seem to have worked up an appetite.”
She leaned back on her elbow and smiled at him. “I was wondering
what happened to you.” He searched her face carefully. “You thought I
left, didn’t you?” Emma hesitated for a second. “Yeah, I did,” she
admitted. He put the tray of food on the dresser. He laid down next to
her and took her in his arms. “I’m going to say this only once,” he
began. “You are an incredible woman. I intend to take my time getting
to know you. I think you and I are about to create something amazing
together.’ She stared up at him amazement.”The only way I’ll leave is
if you ask me to.” “There’s no chance of that,” she whispered.
He bent down to kiss her. “Shane,” she whispered. “Won’t the
food get cold?” He looked over at the tray of food and back at her.
“I’m not crazy. I didn’t bring anything hot.” “I always thought you
were smart,” she said, pulling him close. “Who needs food?” he said,
surrendering to her once again.

     Chapter 21

Six months later she was sitting behind her desk when her
intercom buzzed. “Yes Michael?” “There are two women here to see
you, but they refuse to give me their names.’ “Two women? What do
they want?” Suddenly her door burst open. “We want to know when
you got to be too good for us?” Angela said with a laugh. Emma sat
back and laughed. Judi looked around the office with admiration. “Not
bad,’ she said.
“I was planning on asking you two to come down and see my
new office,’ she said. “I just moved in this morning.” “Tell me
something?” asked Angela. “Does Shane know about Michael out
there?” “You mean my assistant?” Emma said. Judi laughed wickedly.
“What exactly does he assist you with?” “Now you know my heart
belongs to Shane.” “It isn’t your heart I was thinking of.” “You never
change,” Emma said with a grin. “So what brings you two down here?’
“Well we have a little something for you,” said Angela, handing
her a small package. “What is it?” “Open it and see.” She tore off the
paper and opened the box. Inside was a nameplate for her desk. “This
is great...but I already have one,” she said, pointing to the one sitting
on the front edge of her desk. “But not one that says this,’ said Judi,
handing her an extra plate.
Emma turned it over and smiled at what she read...Emma
McMahon. “We wanted to be the first to put your new name in print,”
Angela said. “It isn’t my new name yet,” she corrected them. “Ok, so
we’re two days early,” Judi said. “I love it...thank you,” Emma said,
standing up to hug her friends. “When I think back to just how close I
came to leaving this place...” “You can thank me later,” teased Judi.
They turned when they heard her office door open. Shane stood there
smiling, holding a bouquet of roses. “What’s the occasion?” asked
Emma reaching for the flowers. “Well they’re to celebrate your new
office. I was going to have them delivered..but I thought you might
prefer  more personal approach. “Oh, I do,” she said, kissing him.
“We’ll leave you two alone,” Angela said with a wink. “You will be
at the wedding won’t you?” he asked them. “Are you kidding?” said
Judi. “After all we’ve been through? We wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
The three women laughed as Judi and Angela closed the door. “What’s
so funny?” he asked. “It’s a long story,” Emma said, wrapping her
arms around his neck. “But thank goodness, it has a happy ending.
She pressed her lips against his. He had no idea what she was talking
about...but he didn’t really care. They were together, they were happy,
and the the future never looked brighter.

     The End

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