Chapter 45

*A Quaint Hotel - Vermont*

I can't believe our time went by so fast, "Beth said as she placed the suitcase on
the bed next to Chris's."We will have more times like this I promise you... just not
with a guy coming through the door like a battering ram." "Yes, I can definitely
live without that," she said laughing.

"Beth sit down for a second I have something for you." "Chris you have already
given me so much,"she said. "Sit," he replied pointing to the edge of the bed.
"Yes, sir," she replied laughing. He placed a small box in her hand tied with a
pretty red bow. "Go ahead and open it," he said laughing and she eagerly tore
the paper off to reveal a picture frame with a picture inside. "The Y2J snowman,"
she exclaimed looking up at him. "This way you can take it home with you and
keep it forever even when it's ninety some degrees," he said.

"Thank you," she said softly moving to place a gentle kiss on his lips. "You’re
very welcome," he replied pulling her closer. "Mmm.........Beth our plane leaves in
twenty minutes," he said, moaning as her hand started working it's way down his
body. "It only takes ten to get to the airport," she replied, leading him over to the

Chapter 46

*Somewhere in Miami*

Rock walked into the living room to find her sitting on the couch watching TV.
"Good morning beautiful," he said smiling. "Hi did you sleep well?" "Yes, I sure
did ...I was thinking we could head out and grab some breakfast before Al and I
take off to go work out?" "Umm I don't think so I'm really not feeling all that
great," she replied, and he was next to her immediately."Are you okay? Do I
need to call your doctor?" "No, you don't have to call my doctor. I think I just have
a small touch of a virus or something?" "Well, maybe I should stay here
and..........." "Rock go work out. I will be fine. I will sit right here and watch TV."
"Okay..........I will leave all my numbers right here by the couch.” "Okay," she said
smiling at him.

They had been gone for about ten minutes when she started to feel hungry.
Deciding to make herself some toast she got up and immediately had to grab on
to the couch as a wave of dizziness overtook her.

After she had made the toast she headed into the bedroom to grab another
blanket. It took only a moment but a piece of the oversized blanket was on the
floor and  before she could grab onto something another wave of dizziness came
over her and she started to slide to the floor smacking her head against the night
stand before she finally hit the floor -- unconscious.

Chapter 47

*Somewhere in Miami*

It was almost four hours later before they decided to head back. "Angela?" Rock
called heading into the living room only to find the TV still on but Angela was no
where to be found. "Angela................honey where are you?" he called heading
into the bedroom. " an ambulance"

*Miami General Hospital*

"Why didn't I make her go with me?" he said as they waited for the doctor to
finish examining her. "Rock you didn't know............" "There was so much
...........what if she lost the baby?" "She is not going to lose that baby," Al pointed
out reaching for another magazine. "How can you sit there and read a magazine
when she is in there fighting for her life and our child?"

"Rock sit down before I lay the smackdown on you," Al said almost glaring at
him. "I just............I don't want anything to happen to her," he said sitting down
next to Al who was watching a nurse walk toward the exam area. "Why won't that
doctor come out here?" he asked. "Maybe he's not done examining her?" he
pointed out waving at the nurse who had smiled at him.

The doctor came out of the area glancing around the room. "Doctor my
girlfriend....Angela how is she?" "Mr. Johnson let's go over here where we can
talk privately." "What's wrong doctor...........she's okay right..........and our
baby......if she loses that baby it will..........she won't ever recover."

"Mr. Johnson............Angela is still unconscious and well she has lost a lot of
blood either from something when she fell or maybe from a lot of excess stress
that just wasn't helping the baby............" "It's my fault," he said sinking down into
the chair, and looking out the window.

"Dr. how is Angela?" "Al asked. "If she keeps on the way she is...........I don't
expect her to make it through the night."

Chapter 48

*Miami General Hospital*

"May not make..............what kind of sick joke is that?" Rock asked looking up
at the doctor."It's not a joke Mr. Johnson............the next twenty-four hours are
very critical to both her and the baby..........if you will excuse me I have other
patients to see." "Of course doctor," Al said.

"I have to go see her," he said starting for the room. "Maybe she needs to rest?"
Al pointed out."Maybe you need to sit down and shut up?" Rock replied hotly.
"Look pal I was the one who helped you orchestrate this little kidnap plan so I
don't suggest you tick me off got that?" "Yeah whatever," he replied moving
toward the nurses desk.

"Excuse me I need to see my girlfriend...........Angela........." "I'm sorry sir the
doctor left strict instructions for her to be left alone for a while so she can get
some rest." "Get some rest.......she's in a coma how much more rest can she
get?" "Sir please just calm down and I will check with the doctor as to when she
can have visitors."

She had just picked up the phone when the announcement for the code blue
came over the speakers. "Angela!" he screamed racing for the door only to be
pulled back by a security guard. "Back up or I take you to the big
house..............let the people help her," he said moving aside so the doctors
could get through.

"Come on Rock," Al said from behind them. "Take him and get some coffee or
something," the guard suggested. "I am not going anywhere not until I know for
sure my baby is okay and she is going to be okay."

About ten minutes later a doctor appeared. "He looks too old to be practicing
medicine," Al said as he came nearer but Rock just ignored him. "Dr. My
"I'm sorry sir............we did all we was just too late."

Chapter 49

*Miami General Hospital *

"Too.........too late," rock said and Al moved to grab him just before he passed
out. "Dr. may we see her.............just for a moment so he can............." "Say
good-bye? of course," the doctor replied "She's in room four."

"Al please.........go in there with me." "Don't you think you have some phone calls
to make?" he asked. "Why should I? She turned her back on Angela just
because she followed her heart." "Rock...........she is still Angela's friend." "She
doesn't need or deserve to be called you got that?" he replied walking away.

Slowly he walked over to the phones, making sure Rock couldn't see him. Dialing
Beth's cell phone number he waited for her to pick it up."Beth.............hi it's me
Al. Umm I've got some really bad news.........................there was an accident
and we are here at the hospital here in Miami........Beth...............Angela didn't
make it. I know you guys weren't exactly seeing eye to eye over Rock but she did
still think of you as a friend .........well I really despise these dang voice mail
things......we’re at Miami General Hospital............."

Slowly he hung up the wondering if once she got the message what would Beth
do, and if she did show up while Rock was still there? Would they need more ER

Chapter 50

*Chris's summer house - Miami Florida*

They walked in and Chris immediately pulled her into his arms. "That had to be
the longest plane ride I have ever been on." "Oh come now I am sure it wasn't
that bad," Beth pointed out laughing. "Oh yeah I just now got the sucker out of
my hair.""Let me check my messages and then I will help you fix your hair,"she
replied reaching for her phone.

“Chrissssssssssss!" He came running into the room as soon as he heard her
scream. "What is it ....what's wrong?" "Angela............accident..................she's
gone............we have to go I have to ...........please?" "Sure let's go," he said as
she was already racing for the car.

Dwayne was just getting ready to go in and see her when he heard them come
into the hospital. Glancing toward them he watched Beth heading straight
towards him. "You murderer," she cried lunging at him. "Beth stop," he said
grabbing her arms. "Let killed my best friend.................I knew
Angela was making the biggest mistake of her life and it cost her her life."

"Are you talking about Angela Ratliff?" They all turned to see a middle aged
doctor coming towards them. "Yes we are.............we would like to see her one
more time before they take her to the morgue." "The morgue? My dear I don't
know what you have been taught but people who are alive do not go to the

Chapter 51

*Miami General Hospital*

"What kind of Bates motel place are you running here?" Rock asked. "Excuse
me?" the doctor said. "A little while ago this doctor who looked older then dirt
came out here and said that she didn't make it...?" "That would be Dr. Samron,"
he said shaking his head. "I am terribly sorry but there was a mix up with the
charts, and he gave you some news that was meant for another family." "Then
why is he still practicing medicine if he can't tell the difference?" Beth asked just
as Rock raced through the door.

"Angela...............we are getting you out of here coma or no coma." "Rock.....I'm
in here,"she called and he came into the room to find her sitting up in bed. "You
came out of the coma," he said moving to sit next to her. "Yeah...a little while ago
we’re both fine.........the doctor checked the baby out and everything is fine."

"I love you," he cried pulling her against him. "I love you too," she replied feeling
his tears dampen her hospital gown. "You’re really okay?" he asked laying a
hand on her stomach. "Both of you are okay?" "Yes, baby we’re fine,"
"Rock............if you still have that ring..........would you put it back on my finger?"
"As soon as we get home honey I promise," he said, has they both heard the
door open.

"Can we come in?"

Chapter 52

*Miami General Hospital*

"Beth.........." she said."I'm glad you’re okay." "Thank you............." she began.
"Angela I did a lot of thinking on the way here and well, can we go back to being
friends?" "I would like that.....but that means you have to realize i love Rock and
he's going to be a part of my life...........forever."

Rocky walked over to Beth kneeling in front of her chair. "I know what I did to you
was...........horrible and please believe me if I could take it back I would........but I
don't think you’re that vicious of a person ..............Beth, I make her happy and I
will try my best not to ever make her cry again..............I want to be your friend. I
know I have no right to ask this.but can we start over as friends?"

Beth turned to see Angela crying softly. "Please Beth.........I want us to all be
friends again.............give him another chance?" She thought for a moment
before turning to glare at him. "I am telling you this one time so listen hurt
her again...........and I will make sure they never find your body."

"I only want to make her happy and I think we both know what that is" he replied.
"Are you guys friends again?" she asked hopefully. "Well, Beth?" he asked. After
a while she glanced over at Angela smiling "Yes we’re friends again.........but he
has been warned."

Chapter 53

*Dwayne and Angela's home - Miami Florida - 7 months later*

"Rock I put her pink socks out on the dresser she is not wearing those socks
with that outfit." "Not even if she wants them like that?" he asked. "Rock... Beth
and Chris are going to be here with the baby in twenty minutes go put those pink
socks" "Yes mommy," he said taking the baby back into the nursery.

She was just finishing straightening the house when there was a knock at the
door. "They’re here," she cried. "I'll go get the door... you calm down," he said
laughing. "Let me have the baby." "What.... you think I can't hold her and answer
the door at the same time?" "Rock.........." she began and he immediately
handed her the baby. "Go see mommy Alexis," he said laughing as he opened
the door.

"Hi," he said as Chris and Beth came into the house setting the baby carrier on
the table. "Oh he is just so precious," Angela said reaching in to tickle the baby's
chin. "What's his name?" Rock asked. "Christopher Douglas," Beth said glancing
at Angela. "May I?" "Sure," she replied placing the baby in her arms. "What's her
name?" Chris asked. "Alexis Elizabeth," Angela replied glancing at Beth.

"Did you?" she asked. "Yes, we both decided on it,"she replied as Beth moved to
hug both of them. "Thank you," she said. "I suggested it," Rock said and they all

"I'm really glad we’re all back together so to speak," Angela said. “And I
just.........I hope we don't ever go through anything like that again""Not if I can
help it," Rocky said because I don't plan on losing you and some of the best
friends a guy can have."
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