Vince Mcmahon was sitting in his study drinking some brandy when Amy came
into the room. "There's someone here to see you." "Jealous?" he asked. "No
because you see, I am all the woman you will ever need Mr. McMahon."

"That will be the day," came a voice from the doorway. "Hello Tracy please come
in," he said moving to take her hand. "Thank you Vince," she replied glancing at
Amy. "I ...umm... need to go fix my make up," she said. "Yes dear you are
looking a little like Alice Cooper, " Tracy said smiling.

"So what do you have to tell me?" he asked as soon as Amy was out of ear shot.
"Your plan worked perfectly. I told her who I was and then I heard a click...." "So
you think her and Dwayne had it out?" "Well I seen him storming from the house
not an hour after the phone call."

Vince smiled moving to sit next to Tracy. "You did a very good job," he said.
"Thank you Mr. McMahon that is what you paid me for.... to break them up."
"Yes.... about your payment," he said helping her slide off her leather jacket. "I
think I have changed my mind about your method of payment," he said moving
to kiss her neck.

Moving to lock the door he turned just in time to see her undo her red halter top
dropping it to the floor, her black lace bra soon following. "I think you will like this
method............much better," he said walking towards. "Well Mr. McMahon as
they say in this business.............Just Bring It."


It was almost three in the morning before Linda drifted off to sleep. Glancing over
at the clock the minute she woke up she found it was only seven thirty. Forcing
herself up out of bed she went and took a quick shower.

Heading into the kitchen she glanced into the refrigerator and decided she really
wasn't hungry. She walked into the living room sitting down and flipping on the tv.
The remote seemed to freeze when she got to The Learning Channel. They
were showing back to back episodes of their show A Wedding Story.

She watched the face of that beautiful bride as she promised to love and honor
her husband. "That could have been me," Linda thought. Before she knew it the
program was over and another one starting. "A Baby Story," she thought to
herself. "I have to change this channel." Problem was, the remote wouldn't

"Dang remote," she said glancing on the table by the chair for some batteries. A
quick search of the "Put Everything In There Drawer" revealed no batteries so
Linda settled in to watch about the joys of having a baby.

"I made the right decision... she can give you children and a future," she thought
to herself as once again the tears fell.


There was a knock at the door and Linda got up to answer it. "Hi Mom, we just
couldn't wait to see you." Stephanie said as she set her bags down moving to
give her Mom a hug. "Hey Stephy........it's good to see you. So where's this boy
friend of yours?" "He'll be along later," she replied moving to sit down in the living

Just as Linda sat down the phone rang. "Hello?" Stephanie said. "Hey Mom it's
for you." Her heart started to beat a little faster when she thought about it maybe
being Dwayne. "Hello?" "Hey Mom, I was thinking how about Rissa and I taking
you out to dinner and well I guess Stephanie can come too." "Shane I really
don't......""Mom come on....it will do you good to get out." "All right Shane but let's
not make it a late night........I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." "All right we will
pick you and Steph up in a couple of hours." "See you then,"she said hanging up
the phone.

"Who was that?" Steph asked coming into the room. "Shane and Rissa are
taking us out to dinner," she said as Stephanie headed to get the door. "She's in
here," she said coming back into the room where Linda stood. "Mom, this is my
fiancee........Dean Malenko."


Dwayne sat there watching the patrons move around the bar. "Can I get you
something else sir?" Turning he found a waitress smiling at him. "Bring me
another drink," he said giving her that famous smile. "Sure," she said placing a
piece of paper on the table with his napkin.

When she went to get his drink he reached for it and unfolded it smiling when he
realized it was her phone number. "So you having a meeting with Jack?" came a
voice from behind him. "Leave me alone Amy," he said not even turning around.
"Can I sit down?" "Free seat," he said nodding toward the chair as she sat down.

"So what's her name?" she asked. "Leave it Amy.... stick to your little Hardy
problems." "Okay number one Jeff, and I split up before Christmas...." "Look
Amy.........we just weren't meant to be and the sooner I accept it the better
off I will be."

She started to say something when she noticed him sit up in the chair, his hands
almost shattering the glass in his hand. "Dwayne?" she asked following his gaze
to where Linda and Stephanie stood in the entrance way of the restaurant talking
with Shane and Rissa.

"Mom our table is ready," Shane said as they started to walk past his table. Linda
felt her arm brush against something and she turned to apologize. "I'm
sorry........" she began. "That's okay," Dwayne said as their gazes locked.


They both knew they should look away but neither one of them wanted to. "Mom
our table." "Oh yes... umm... I'm coming," she said, as her gaze moved to Amy.
"Hello Mrs.McMahon." "Hello Amy," she replied moving to glance back at him. "I
umm... need to go powder my nose,"she said heading for the bathroom.

"Well, Amy I'm gonna head home before I get any more drunk than I am," he
said standing up, and heading after Linda. She was just about to push open the
bathroom door when he caught her arm. "Please....can we talk?" "I see it didn't
take long for you to move on..........oh no let me guess.... you don't know her
either right?"

He pressed her up against the wall kissing her softly. "Damn woman.........yes I
know her but we were just talking." "Do you even know the truth anymore?" she
asked. "I am telling you the truth.........I do not know Tracy and there is nothing
going on between Amy and I."

Suddenly someone spoke up behind them. "He's right Linda he doesn't know


"Amy?" she asked. "Vince paid Tracy to say she was Dwayne's girlfriend and
that they had been together." "Why are you doing this?" she asked. Amy walked
up to them. "Because Vince McMahon is a selfish.... pompous......you know
what," she said smiling. "You know when they first walked into the restaurant I
thought it was Steph that had your attention but after what I just saw you guys
love each other. Please don't let him break it up?"

Dwayne looked at her cupping her face. "He has tried to run our lives for too
long," he said smiling. "I think you’re right.............I've missed you so much," she
said as a tear slipped down her cheek. Moving slowly he kissed her softly tasting
her tears. "I love you," she whispered wrapping her arms around his neck. Slowly
Dwayne turned to Amy. "Would you tell Shane and Rissa?" "I will think of
something," she said smiling. "Amy.............thank you," Linda replied hugging the
other woman. "Hey I know two people in love and you two are definitely in love."

Dwayne reached for her hand leading her out of the restaurant. "Come on we
don't have much time to get to the airport." "Airport?" she asked laughing. "We
are going to Vegas you are not getting away from me again." "Dwayne............I
wouldn't want to," she replied.


*One Year Later*

"So we just need to put these cookies in the oven and then we can go color,"
Linda said reaching for the oven mitt. "Mommy can we color in the book that
daddy got me?" six year old Samantha asked moving to get her crayons off the
table just as Dwayne came through the door. "Daddy," she screamed throwing
her crayons back on the table. "Hey sweetheart have you been helping
mommy?" "Yes, were making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies," she said.
"Maybe if daddy''s good we will let him lick the spoon?" Linda said laughing as he
moved behind her wrapping his arms around her. "That's not the only thing
Daddy wants to lick," he whispered in her ear, smiling when he felt her tremble.

"Mommy can I go get my new Barbie to show daddy?" "Sure honey," she said
softly, shifting in his arms. "I love you," she said placing a tender kiss against his
lips. "Not half as much as I love you Mrs. Johnson, " he said. "The adoption
agency called today, and it looks like she's going to get that little sister she
wanted," she said, watching him head over to the table and sit down.

"So did you get your revenge on Mr. McMahon?" he asked smiling. Looking up
she thought for a moment before she spoke. "I'm happy..............so definitely .....I
sure did."
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