When the show was over, she quickly made her rounds, making sure that
everyone knew what their schedule for the weekend was. She was just about
packed up when she saw Glenn walking her way. For most of the evening, she
had been too busy to think about their date, but now that she saw him she could
feel the butterflies starting. “I think I’m getting a little old for this,” she laughed to
herself. “You ready?” he asked. “You bet,’ she said, picking up her bag. “You like
Italian food?” “I love it.” Mark told me about a place near here....I thought we
could try it.” “I’m all yours,” she said, almost immediately regretting her choice of
words. Glenn glanced at her and smiled. “Maybe someday,’ he thought.
.  “You headed home tomorrow?” he asked when they were settled into their
chairs. “Yep...back to Connecticut.” “How busy does Vince keep you?” “Eight
hour days at Titan Towers,” she replied. “Gee you don’t get much free time...do
you?” “About as much as you guys,” she said. “I was thinking,” she continued
softly. “Maybe that was part of the problem. Don and I probably didn’t get to
spend as much time together as he would have liked.”
“Don’t go blaming yourself for his stupidity,” Glenn admonished her.  “He
knew exactly where you worked and how much of your time it took up. When you
love somebody, you make the most of the time you have together. You don’t go
looking for someone else to fill your empty hours.” She found herself,
mesmerized by his words. “Listen to me.” he laughed softly. “I sound like one of
those infomercials for those cheesy relationship books.” “No you don’t ,” she
said. “You sound like someone I wish I had met before I met Don.”
“Oh God, “ she moaned to herself. “I just put my foot in my mouth again.”
“Do you mean that?” he asked, laying his hand on top of hers. “I don’t....I mean I
wasn’t....” “Yes or no?” he repeated. “Yes,” she said, too nervous to look up into
his eyes. He reached over with his free hand and lifted her chin. “I was wishing
the same thing.”
“I’m not gonna push you,” he said. “But I thought you should know how I
feel.” “I’m glad you told me,” she said, looking at him through the lashes of her
lowered eyelids. The rest of the meal went very quickly...too quickly for her taste.
She loved how he would reach over every so often to touch her hand and graze
one of his fingers across her knuckles.
When they got back to the hotel, Terri and Perry were just coming out of
the coffee shop. “Girl, where have you been? You missed all the excitement.
Don and Torrie broke up!” “They did?” Dara said, more in curiosity than surprise.
“They sure did....right in the middle of the lobby. It was too funny. She called him
a wimp.” Glenn quickly covered his mouth to hold in the laughter. “And he called
her.....well... it rhymes with witch.’
“What in the world happened?” asked Dara. “Well, I’m not sure, but I think
she was flirting with some guy.” “That’s it?” said Dara. “Well you know her idea of
flirting....she probably had him in a figure four lip lock.” Glenn couldn’t help
himself. That time he had to laugh out loud. “Poor Don,” he said. “His reputation
as a stud, shot down in flames.” Now they were all laughing. “You gonna be at
the house shows this weekend? asked Terri. “Yep,” said Dara. “Well good.
We’ve got a pool going to see who she hits on next.”
“You are so bad,’ said Dara, as she and Glenn walked away. When they
got upstairs, she suddenly had trouble looking at him. She was mumbling,
looking for her key, when he raised her face and looked into her eyes.
Wordlessly he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her softly. He straightened
up and looked at her once more. “I’m sorry....I couldn’t stop myself.” “Don’t be
sorry,” she said. “I’m not.” She reached up and pulled his head down. This time
the kiss was more passionate....more urgent. She finally released him, digging
the keys from her purse, and opening her door. Without saying a thing, she took
him by the hand and led him inside, quietly shutting the door behind them.


She awoke the next morning, wrapped in his massive arms. Running her
hand lightly along his forearm, she smiled at the memory of the night before. He
had been so gentle...and at the same time so passionate, that even now, just
thinking about it made her stomach flutter. She felt him stir and she looked up
into his clear blue eyes. “Good morning,” he said, brushing the hair from her
eyes. “Good morning,” she replied, kissing him gently. “Did you sleep well?” he
asked. “I sure did,” she said...”.When I finally got to sleep.’ “That was a pretty
amazing night, wasn’t it?” “You took the words right out of my mouth,” she said,
sighing as she felt his hand beginning a slow exploration of her.
“What time is your flight?” he asked, rolling her to her back and nuzzling
her neck. “Noon,” she answered, holding back the moan of pleasure that was
fighting to come out. “That gives us plenty of time,” he said, glancing over her
shoulder at the clock on the table. “Are you sure?” she asked, not really caring if
she made her flight or not. “Trust me,” he said, preparing to remind her just how
incredible the night before had been.
When they had finally showered and dressed, she found herself staring at
the bed they had just spent several unbelievable hours in. When he saw the look
on her face, he pulled her into a warm hug. “Don’t look so sad. Last night was
the first of many exciting nights I have planned for you.” “You have no idea how
glad I am to hear you say that,” she said.
They walked to the parking garage together, holding hands and talking
quietly. “So I guess I’ll see you Saturday then,” he said, helping her load her
bags into her trunk. “I should be at the arena pretty early,”  she said. “I hear
Vince has quite a few new ideas he wants to try out. “ “Why don’t I like the sound
of that?’ he moaned. Dara shut the trunk and moved to get into the driver’s seat.
“Not so fast,” Glenn said, pulling her into his arms for a long, lingering good-bye
kiss. “That has to hold you until Saturday.” Dara stared at him, words failing her.
She slid behind the wheel and smiled at him. Glenn pushed the door
closed and silently mouthed the word Saturday once more. She drove off, still
able to taste his kiss on her lips. On the other side of the garage, Torrie sat at
the wheel of her rental car. She had watched the entire exchange between
Glenn and Dara with growing annoyance. Everyone last night had assumed that
her break up with Don had been because of her flirting. But she knew better.
Don had begun to regret ever leaving Dara.
“He probably thinks he can win her back,” she thought. “Well fine...he can
have her. That will leave poor Glenn all alone. And who’ll be there to mend his
broken heart? Me..that’s who.”

Glenn was finishing up a quick workout when Torrie strolled in, carefully
giving him the eye. Glancing over at her, he gave her a quick smile, and began to
gather up his things. Torrie continued in his direction, never once taking her eyes
from him. “I guess you heard about me and Don?” Glenn nodded, not really
wanting to discuss anything having to do with Don. “I guess I knew it wouldn’t
last. He’s still hung up on Dara.”
The mention of her name made his head snap up and Torrie had to hide
her smile. “All he ever did was talk about her.” “Well, she’s done with him,” Glenn
said, wishing she would just close her mouth. “I wouldn’t be too sure,” she said,
putting on her best pout. “She was pretty upset when they broke up..I’m sure it’s
the last thing she wanted to do.”  Glenn picked up his bag and headed for the
door. “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he doesn’t call her.”
Torrie smiled with satisfaction as she watched his retreating figure. “That’s
some man,” she thought, practically licking her lips. “He makes Don look like
Howard Finkel.” Glenn on the other hand wasn’t smiling at all. “He better not call
her,” he thought. “If he even thinks about getting in touch with her, he’ll wish he
was already dead.”
Dara was completely unaware of any of it. Vince had her and Steph run
ragged. “If he makes one more script change, I’m quitting,” said Steph. “Can you
do that?” laughed Dara. “No.....but I can sure dream about it.”  She hadn’t been
able to do anything but give Glenn a very brief kiss as they passed in the hall. “I
promise, we’ll have lunch together,” she called as she continued to race away
from him. That had been two hours ago. He wandered up and down the
hallways, stopping briefly to chat with a couple of people , but basically waiting
for her.
At 1:00 he finally saw her, trudging slowly toward him. “Can I go home
now?” she asked, falling into his arms. “No offense honey....but you look awful.”
“I guess I forgot. Vince’s idea of a few changes actually means a complete
overhaul.” He took her by the hand and led her to the food area. “Sit right here
and I’ll bring you something,” he said. “I’m not about to argue with you,” she
replied, falling into the closest chair.
He brought her a sandwich, some potato chips and a soda. “You’re my
hero, you know that? Go get something for yourself and come and sit with me.”
Glenn filled a plate for himself and returned to sit with her. “So tell me...what on
earth has Vince got you doing?” “Everything short of washing his car,” she said,
taking a bite of her sandwich. “God, I had no idea how hungry I was.”
She was in the middle of explaining some of Vince’s changes, when her
cell phone rang. Suddenly, Glenn felt a tightness in his chest. He kept his eyes
riveted to her as she answered. “Hello?” She paused for a second, then said,
“What the hell do you want?” Glenn knew immediately that it was Don. “Yes I
heard about your break up....and no....I don’t care. If you called looking for
sympathy...forget about it. As far as I can tell you both got what you deserved.
Now you’ll have to excuse me...I’m having lunch with Glenn.” She switched her
phone off and dropped it in her purse. “That should drive him sufficiently crazy.”

Glenn spent the rest of the afternoon replaying her words to Don. He had
to admit that Torrie had him concerned that Dara might still have feelings for the
man, but hearing her effectively shoot him down had assuaged his fears.
Unfortunately the feeling didn’t last very long. For the rest of the afternoon he
had only caught fleeting glimpses of her, but each time he did, she was talking
on her cell phone. “It can’t be him,” he thought. “No one is that persistent.” But
Don was. He called Dara no fewer than seven times. Finally she reached her
breaking point.
“Don, I have to keep my phone on in case Mr. McMahon needs to call me.
But if you don’t stop, I’m gonna switch it off.” “Then agree to have lunch with me
tomorrow, ‘ he said. “Don....we’re through,” she said. “I know....but I don’t want to
leave things between us the way they are. All I want to do is talk to you.” “If I
agree will you leave me alone?” she asked. “If that’s what you want,” he said.
“Ok...1:00 in the  hotel restaurant,” she said. He hung up, a smug smile crossing
his face. “I always could talk you into anything,” he thought.
Later that evening, as she and Glenn drove back to the hotel, he was
telling her about an autograph session he had for the next day. “I completely
forgot about it,” he told her. “I don’t think we’ll be able to have lunch after all.” “Oh
that’s ok,” she said, trying to hide her relief. She could have her lunch with Don,
and finally get him completely out of her life. She didn’t see any point in telling
Glenn until after it was over. She knew how irritated he became anytime she
even mentioned his name.
As they crawled under the covers, she snuggled happily into his arms. “It’s
amazing how my life has changed in just a couple of weeks,” she said. “And it’s
all because of you.” He looked down at her, trailing a finger along her cheek.
“Well. it isn’t all me. If you hadn’t finally seen Don for the jerk that he is...” “Oh
please don’t mention that name,” she moaned. “I’d rather fall asleep thinking
good thoughts.” “Oh?” he said, leaning up on his elbow. “Anything I can do to
help with that?”
“Well, now that you mention it....” She took a lock of his hair and twirling it
around her finger, gently tugged his head downward. His lips met hers, softly
brushing back and forth and then coaxing her lips apart. She melted into his kiss,
letting his arms completely envelope her. Don had always seemed much more
interested in his own satisfaction. Glenn was so sweet and generous. She
couldn’t wait until tomorrow. She would finally be rid of Don once and for
all...then she could start giving every ounce of her attention to the incredible man
who was about to make love to her.
When she walked into the hotel restaurant he stood up immediately and
waved to her. She walked over and went to sit down. As she did so, Don leaned
over to kiss her cheek. “I don’t think so,” she said, pulling back quickly. He looked
at her sheepishly and sat back down. “I’m glad you decided to come. The last
thing I want is for you and I to stay angry with each other” “Why on earth would
you be angry?” she asked. “Well, you did toss my ring into the pond,” he
reminded her. “It was my ring,” she reminded him. “And you were lucky I didn’t
stick it someplace else.”
“I don’t want to fight,” he said. “I want us to try and put all the bad feelings
behind us. There was a time we were in love,” he said, touching her hand lightly.
Watching from across the room, Torrie took it all in. “Won’t Glenn be interested
in this?” she thought. Dara pulled her hand back, and glared at him. “If you think
for one second that you have even a remote chance with me...you can forget it.”
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