Chapter 21

After the fun of the holidays, it was back to work as usual. The next Pay
Per View, The Royal Rumble, was always a fan favorite. Thirty wrestlers came to
the every two minutes. The last man left in the ring won the Rumble,
and a title shot at Wrestlemania. Most of the guys knew they had no chance to
win..but it was still fun to compete, and everyone wanted to make a good
In the weeks leading up to the Rumble, different wrestlers would be added
to the list of people scheduled to compete. Kane and The Undertaker were the
first two named. Not only that, but some subtle changes were happening in the
“brother’s” relationship. “Instead of trying to rip each other’s heads off each time
they met, things seemed to be changing for the better.
“No one is sure where this is going,” laughed Mark. “But it sure beats
having him toss me around week after week.” As the time for the Rumble drew
nearer, everyone was curious as to what order they would come out in. Common
sense would say that coming out last would almost guarantee you a win. You
would be fresh, and possibly facing someone who had been out there for a long
time. But there was always the chance that someone could come out first and go
all the way for the had happened before.
Rikishi was the lucky man to win spot number thirty. He would have the
luxury of sitting backstage while everyone else fought it out in the ring. A week
before The Rumble, a preliminary list was handed the wrestler’s
names and in what order they would come out. Glenn eagerly grabbed a copy,
and scanned it quickly for his name. Seconds later, he sagged against the wall.
“What is it?” she asked, coming up to him. “Sixth,” he said, quietly, almost
angrily. “What?” she asked in disbelief. “They have me coming out sixth. I guess
we can safely say that my push is over,’ he said, crumpling up the sheet and
tossing it to the floor.
He started to walk away. “Oh no you don’t,” she said, rushing to grab his
arm. “You can’t let this go by without a fight..or at least an explanation.” He
paused for a second. “You know...I think you’re right. I mean, knowing
Vince..coming out sixth could be the kiss of death...or it could mean nothing at
all. But either way I have to know,” he said, heading off to find some answers.
He had just about given up hope of finding anyone to talk to, when he
spotted Shane McMahon in the hallway. “Shane!” he called. “Have you got a
minute?” “Sure Glenn, what’s up?” “Well, they just handed out the list for The
Rumble....” “Yeah? And?” Shane asked. “Well the thing is...they’ve got me
coming out sixth and...” Shane put up his hand. “Dad said you might have some
questions about that. Do you think you could wait until later this afternoon? I
think my father can explain it better than I can.” “Ok, sure,” he said, watching
Shane walk away. “Well should I be looking forward to talking to Vince, or
dreading it?” he wondered.
It didn’t take him long to find out. Around three o’clock he got a message
that Vince wanted to see him. “Here goes nothing,” he said to her, as he headed
off to see the boss. When he walked into the meeting room, it was impossible to
tell exactly what was in store for him. “Glenn, please sit down,” Vince said,
pointing to a chair directly across from him. Shane was also present, as was Pat
Patterson. “So I hear you have some questions concerning your entrance into
The Rumble,” said Vince. Glenn decided that this was no time to try and be
subtle. “Yeah Vince, I guess you could say that. I was under the impression that
maybe I was headed forward here. I’ve never been one to push myself..but lately
I had the feeling that Kane was becoming more of a main event type of guy. So I
guess you could say that I was more than a little disappointed when the Rumble
list came out. “
Vince glanced at Shane and Pat, smiling ever so slightly. “Well Glenn I
have to ask you.....what the hell took you so long?” Glenn looked around at
them, a look of confusion playing across his face. “I’m not sure I understand,” he
said. “You weren’t kidding when you said you never push yourself,” Vince
laughed. “That’s very admirable....up to a point. Don’t you consider yourself at all
worthy ?” he asked. “Well sure I do...” Then for God’s sake...say so!” OK,” he
said. “Vince, I’m a hell of a lot better than a number six...and you know it!”
“Glenn, I happen to agree with you. And if you’ll give us a few minutes, I think
you’ll be more than happy with what we have to say.”

Chapter 22

He made his way back to the trainer’s room, still hearing Vince’s words in
his mind. Everyone knew that The Rock versus Austin was a lock for
Wrestlemania. But to Glenn, that wasn’t the issue. The last thing he needed was
to come out sixth and get eliminated by some mid carder or worse, by this year’s
celebrity addition, Drew Carey. As he sat and listened to what Vince and Pat had
to say, he became more and more satisfied with what they had planned for him.
The character of Kane had been undergoing some big, but very subtle
changes. More and more he had been allowed to speak. He was beginning to
develop a distinct personality. Along with that, the writers had finally wised up
and decided that the Kane versus Taker feud was going no where. Taking a cue
from the fans they were slowly but surely bringing them back together.
He walked in to find Lisa talking to Mark. “Well?” he asked. “Did you let
Vince have it?” “Well, I wouldn’t exactly put it that way,” he laughed. “But I think
he finally knows exactly where I stand.” “Does that mean you won’t be coming
out sixth?” she asked. “Oh no, I’ll still becoming out sixth.....but it’s going to work
out a lot better than I had hoped.” “What does that mean?” He looked at her
thoughtfully. “You know what? I think I’d like to surprise you.” “Oh come on
Glenn,” she begged. “I can keep a secret.” “Yeah Glenn, so can I.” teased Mark.
“You, I’ll tell,” he said, looking at Mark. “But you........? “ he said, smiling at Lisa. “I
really would love to see your reaction the night it happens.” Lisa sighed with
resignation. “Fine, be that way. But this better be good.”
The night of the Rumble, Glenn was as nervous as he had ever been. He
knew that Vince was taking something of a chance with him. Kane had always
been a somewhat popular character. It just always seemed like the bookers
couldn’t decide whether to make him a face or a heel. The constant switching
back and forth was hard for the fans and exasperating for him. They finally
seemed content to re-unite the Kane and Taker characters, just like the fans had
been wishing for. Tonight would go a long way towards deciding exactly where
Kane was going. He hoped that by the end of the night, the fans would be seeing
him in a new light.
It seemed to take forever for the Rumble to start. People gathered around
the monitors to watch the Tag Team match and the ladder match between Chris
Jericho and Chris Benoit. Normally Glenn would have watched as well, but he
knew that conserving his energy would be a top priority. Lisa was kept busy all
night, so thankfully she wasn’t aware of exactly how nervous Glenn really was.
The match started with Jeff Hardy going up against Bull Buchanan.
Luckily for Jeff, his brother Matt followed and together they eliminated Bull. They
also eliminated Farooq. Next out was the night’s celebrity entrant, Drew Carey.
Then it was Glenn’s turn. The look on Carey’s face was priceless. Everyone
knew there was no way he intended to try and take out Kane. He ended up
eliminating himself. Then there followed a series of eliminations that would make
the people watching in the arena and at home sit up and take notice. One by
one, Kane eliminated, Grandmaster Sexay, Steve Blackman, Al Snow, Raven,
Perry Saturn and The Honky Tonk Man. Several minutes later Tazz ran in. Kane
set him on the turnbuckle and slapped him off. It had to be the shortest Rumble
appearance ever! The match progressed, with Superstars quickly coming and
some, just as quickly going. Kane eliminated Crash Holly and Albert, and then it
happened...Kane and Taker were alone in the ring. But instead of going after
one another..they seemed content to work together. They even eliminated Scotty
Too Hotty as a team. Two men later, Undertaker was eliminated. Finally they
were down to three men...The Rock, Austin and Kane. Somehow, Kane
eliminated The Rock, which left him one on one with Austin!
Backstage, Lisa stood mesmerized. She couldn’t believe that he was still
out there! Word had quickly spread that something amazing was happening in
the ring. She stood and listened proudly as his fellow performers praised, what
was probably, the performance of his career. Kane and Austin went at it for a
couple of minutes, and Austin finally managed to toss Kane over the ropes. As
Glenn made his way back up the ramp. he could hear the fans cheering for him.
He was overjoyed that they had finally come to see what he was capable of
doing in the ring. What he didn’t expect was the reaction he got backstage.

Chapter 23

As he made his way through the curtain a loud cheer went up. He
looked up, startled. He was surrounded by the other wrestlers. They patted him
on the back and showered him with words of praise. He made his way through
the crowd, quietly thanking them. He stopped when he came face to face with
Mark. The big man wrapped him in a huge hug. “I knew you had it in you,” he
said, smiling like a proud older brother. “Thanks for believing in me,” Glenn said.
From the end of the hall, Lisa watched, tears in her eyes. Nobody knew better
than she did, how much this night must have meant to him. He had been working
incredibly hard, and it had finally paid off.
She went into the trainer’s room. She intended to let him have his moment
of glory with the people he worked with. She was alone for a few minutes when
she heard the door open. She turned to see him standing there, slowly removing
his mask. “Well...? What did you think?” he asked. She couldn’t say a word. She
ran across the room and straight into his arms. “Hey..I’m all sweaty, you know,”
he laughed. “Oh I don’t care,” she said, holding him tightly. She leaned back to
look at him. “I am so proud of you,” she said. “Are you?” he asked quietly. “You
were amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.” She slid her hands up through
his hair and pulled his head down. Their mouths came together softly. “You must
be exhausted,’ she said, pushing back his hair. “Yeah, I’m a little tired, but
do I feel good,” he yelled, throwing his head back. She laughed in delight. “Well,
in honor of this special night, I’ll give you your rub down myself.” “I’m flattered,”
he teased.
He laid on the table and talked non stop about the match. She smiled as
she listened to his animated description. Finally, he looked up at her. “I must be
boring you,” he said, smiling shyly. “Are you kidding?” she asked. “I want to hear
every single detail.” Every man who came into the room, stopped to offer their
congratulations. “Hell of a job,” Dwayne Johnson told him, shaking his hand.
Even Austin had something nice to say. But the most surprising words came
from Mr.McMahon, himself. Glenn was heading down the hall to the showers
when Vince and Shane spotted him. “Hey Glenn,” called Shane.
He stopped as the two men made their way over to him. “That....was a
performance to remember,” Shane said. “Thanks, I appreciate it,” said Glenn,
shaking his hand. He turned to Vince...who was actually smiling. “Glenn I had all
the faith in the world that you could carry this off. And you didn’t disappoint me.”
He extended his hand and Glenn took it. “Of course you know what this
means?””Well, I know what I’d like it to mean,” Glenn said with a laugh. “I hope
you’re up to the added work load,” said Vince. “Because I see some interesting
things in your future.” “Vince, I’m ready for anything,” he said, smiling broadly. “I’ll
remember you said that,” Vince laughed as he and Shane walked away.

Chapter 24

Days later, he continued to be amazed at the response his Rumble
performance received. “I told you, it would be like this,” she told him. “The only
one who needed to be convinced was you!” “OK, I’ll admit it. I wasn’t sure how
this would all turn out.....but I have to tell you, for the first time in a long time, I’m
looking forward to what the writers have in store for me.”
It didn’t take long to find out. He was getting ready for his work out when
Mark came up to him. “So how would you feel about turning face again?” he
laughed. “Not again,” he moaned. “Well, it seems they’re really happy with the
response they got from Kane and Taker working together again.”
“Well you know how I feel about that,’ said Glenn. “I’m all for it.” “Me too,”
laughed Mark. “I’d much rather see you chokeslamming somebody else.”
The writer’s decided to start them off in a feud against Rikishi and Haku, a
recent addition from WCW. The matches were tough, but the crowds loved
them. Kane and Taker were slowly being pushed as formidable tag team. At the
same time, each man was still showcased in the occasional singles match. Their
match for No Way Out was going to be a Tag Title Match. “So what do you
think?” asked Glenn. “Are we gettin gold this time around?” Mark laughed. “I
really doubt it. If these idiots hold true to form, they’ll play around with us some
more. Don’t forget they still have Austin to deal with and there’s always the Rock
question.” Rumors had been flying that The Rock would be taking some time off
the finish a movie. That would leave some wide open storylines. How they
planned to fit eveyone in, was still very much, up in the air.
The weekend before No Way Out was the first relaxing one they had had
in quite a while. Kane was only scheduled to appear at the Sunday house show,
so she begged her staff to fill in for her so she and Glenn could have an extra
day together. He had been buried with requests for interviews and photo
sessions. He was going to be featured in an upcoming issue of WWF magazine
and he had just recently filmed three commercials. She hated the time they had
been forced to spend apart, but she loved the attention he was finally receiving.
She had just finished up what seemed like the millionth load of laundry
when she walked into the family room to see what he was up to. He was sitting in
the corner chair, his feet propped up, reading. “It must be nice to live the life of
luxury,” she teased. He looked up and smiled. Placing the book down, he
motioned for her to join him. She walked over and he pulled her into his lap. “I’m
sorry,’ he said, I should be helping you.” She laughed softly. “Great timing,” she
said. “I’m done.” “You mean you have absolutely nothing to do?” he asked,
running his fingers along her arm. “No, not a thing,” she said. “Why? Do you
have something in mind?” He looked at her and winked. “Then why are we still
sitting here?”
They lay in each other’s arms, deliciously exhausted. “Now that’s the way
to spend an afternoon,’ he said. “Beats doing laundry anytime,” she laughed.
“Does it bother you that you and Mark won’t be winning the belts at this Pay Per
View?” she asked, as she slowly ran her hand along his chest. “No, not really. To
tell you the truth this pay per view is just a set up for the next one.” “You mean
Wrestlemania?” she asked. “Yep,’ he said. “That’s the big one. It’s not every year
that you get a chance to get into a big match. I think this may be my year.” “Well,
God knows you’ve earned it.” “Lisa?” She looked up into his crystal blue eyes. “I
just want you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me.” “Glenn
all I’ve done is remind you of what you already know. You’re good..damn good.”
“Well you may be a little biased,’ he laughed. “But knowing that you were behind
me, no matter what has made all the difference. I’m really enjoying all this
success, but it wouldn’t mean half as much, if I didn’t have you to share it with.”
“I love you,” he said, softly, leaning down to kiss her gently. She ran her
hands up through his hair. “Have you ever considered a haircut?” she laughed. “I
thought women thought long hair was sexy?” “Oh it is. But there are some men
with short hair that are pretty hot.” “Oh yeah? Name one.” “Well The Rock is
pretty...” “He cut her off with a passionate kiss. “Now what were you saying?” he
asked. “I have no idea,” she said, laying back and pulling him on top of her.

Chapter 25

No Way Out was exactly what Glenn said it would be...a set up for the
biggest show of the year.....Wrestlemania. The Rock was still WWF
champion.....but everyone assumed that would change the following month.
Kane and Taker had been in the Tag Title match but they became a non factor
when Haku and Rikishi interfered. “Does this mean you two guys will get a shot
at the title next month?” she asked him as they were driving back to the hotel. He
thought for a second. “I never try to second guess the bookers, because I’m
always wrong. But my guess is no. I don’t think they intend to push Mark and me
as a team...not just yet.”
And he was right. The animosity between the two characters was gone,
but they still hadn’t developed into a true tag team. But for the first time in
months, Glenn didn’t dread going to story meetings. The words run-in seem to
have disappeared from the booker’s vocabulary. They now seemed interested in
setting Mark up in a feud with HHH, since Austin and The Rock were involved in
the title match. This left the writers to find something to do with Kane. The Big
Show had recently returned from his tour with Ohio Valley Wrestling, and
truthfully, Kane was one of the few characters who could match up with him
Lisa could tell that he was ambivalent about the feud. “Don’t get me
wrong,’ he said. “I happen to like Paul. But he’s not easy to work with.” Certain
wrestlers had the reputation for never selling anyone’s moves and never jobbing
to anyone. Other wrestlers were always more than willing to help another guy
“get over.” Luckily for Glenn, Mark was like this. He was more than willing to help
out a younger guy, if he saw the potential and the desire that he felt the
business deserved.
“So what’s the problem with Paul?” she asked him. “Well...he’s not very mobile.
He tends to stand around a lot and let the other guy do all the work. Now I know
I’m no Jeff Hardy. But I do get off the mat once in a while. “ Oh I think you’re
plenty mobile,’ she said with a grin. “Let’s stick to wrestling,” he said with a laugh.
“We can discuss my mobility in a more private place.” “Discuss?” she said with a
frown. “I was hoping for a demonstration.” “What happened to that sweet,
innocent girl I used to know?” he asked, pulling her against him. “Oh her? She’s
gone,” she said with a laugh. He leaned down and slowly pressed his lips to
hers. “That’s Ok. I happen to like this girl much better.”
A couple of weeks before Wrestlemania, the writers approached him with
an idea. He listened to what they had to say. “Can I think about it?” he asked
them. “Well, we’d like to get this idea in the works right away,” Pat Patterson told
him. “Oh don’t worry,’ he said. “I’ll let you know before we start taping tonight.”
Immediately he headed off to find Mark. He found him out back, checking out the
motorcycle that would be used on that night’s show. Glenn looked it over. “Nice,’
he said. Mark nodded in agreement. “Too bad I just get to ride down the ramp.
I’d really like to open this baby up.” He wiped his hands on a rag and turned to
his friend. “So....what is it you want to ask me?” “How did you know....?” Mark
just smiled at him. “OK, I want your opinion. How do you see me fitting into the
Hardcore Division?” Mark thought for a second. He started to laugh softly.
“What?” asked Glenn. “I just had this vision of someone beating the hell out of
you with everything except the kitchen sink.....and you never even flinch.
Yeah.......I think it could be interesting.” “I kind of thought so too. Maybe I should
go and find Al. He’s the Hardcore expert.” Mark smiled and shook his head as
Glenn walked off.
The angle was added to that nights taping. And it was exactly how Mark
said it would be. No matter how hey tried, it was nearly impossible to get Kane
down and keep him down. After his match, he went back to the trainer’s room.
Lisa and Al were talking about his match. “Well, what did you think?” he asked
Al. “Well, you’re no Mick Foley....but I have to say you can take a hell of a hit.”
“It’s his hard head,’ she joked. “Ha, ha,” he said, heading for the showers.
The angle was also a success with the fans. Raven had been the
Hardcore Champ..but he lost his belt to The Big Show. Adding Kane to the mix,
had been an interesting twist. When all was said and done, he had finally gotten
what he wished for......a big time match at Wrestlemania. He would be fighting
for the Hardcore Belt against Raven and The Big Show.

Chapter 26

She had been to Houston only once before. It was an interesting city. It
was Mark’s hometown so he had given them a list o nice places to see. Not that
they would have much time. Most pay per view events were one night.
Wrestlemania was the entire weekend. The WWF had set up a fan area called
Axxcess. There were exhibits, videos and a special area where the wrestlers
were set up to give interviews and sign autographs. She knew that Glenn would
be tied up all day, so she decided to walk around and just be a fan for the
She went to most of the exhibits, and was caught up in all of the
excitement of Wrestlemania. She walked through the autograph area and smiled
at the number of little children who were excitedly waiting for an autograph from
their favorite Superstar. She had always felt badly that Glenn had to wear his
mask at every public appearance. “I’m used to it,” he joked. “Besides, I’m no
Rock,’ he teased. “I happen to love that face,’ she said. “I just think it’s too bad
the rest of the world hardly ever gets to see it.” “I really don’t mind,’ he said. “At
least they’re letting me talk now.” He loved meeting the fans...especially the
young ones. “They’re the reason that this business even exists.” he said. “Mark
taught me that. A wrestler without fans? Well, he’s not a wrestler for long.”
The two days of Axxess went quickly. On Saturday night they decided to
stay in the hotel and relax. “I like personal appearances,’ he had told her. “But
being nice all day can wear you out.” She laughed as she laid on the be next to
him. “Well you can feel free to stop being nice anytime you want.” He turned to
her and gently held her face. “Nice wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for tonight.”
“Oh? And what did you have in mind?” “This,” he said, lowering his mouth to
hers. Immediately, her hands slid through his hair. “I’ve got news for you,” she
said quietly. “This is nice...real nice.”
His hands moved quickly. In minutes they were both undressed and
kissing each other passionately. His mouth moved along her skin, making her
tingle. When he came to her breasts, he slowed, letting his tongue make slow
circles around each nipple. A small groan of pleasure escaped from her as his
hand slipped between her thighs. “That feels wonderful,’ she sighed as he
stroked slowly and steadily. Her hips rose with each touch. He could feel her
responding, so his hand moved more insistently. Wave after wave of pleasure
washed over her. She called out his name as she strained against him, seeking
total release. She laid back, gazing at him. “No one could ever make me feel the
way you do,” she whispered. “I’m counting on that,’ he said.
She pushed him back, and slowly began to run her hand along his chest.
Her fingers trailed across his stomach and she smiled. “Those workouts have
really paid off.” He was just about to say something when he felt her hand close
around him. His breath caught in his throat as she slowly and methodically
began to stroke him. Her movements became more deliberate as she felt him
growing harder and harder. “Are you ready for me?” she asked. “You know I am,”
he said. She lifted her leg over him and eased herself down. Holding her hips, he
began to move inside of her. She leaned down to run her hands along his chest
as he pushed harder and deeper. Feeling ready to explode, he leaned his head
back and closed his eyes, becoming totally lost in loving her. She could feel him
letting go and she too let her self enjoy a long, sweet climax. They laid together
for minutes, gasping for breath and feeling their hearts pound. “Do you think it
will always be like that?” she asked. “Ask me again in fifty years,’ he said, kissing
her once more before peacefully drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 27

Wrestlemania was being held in the Astrodome. When Lisa peeked out
from behind the curtain she was amazed by the size of the crowd. “Not an empty
seat in the place.” She turned around to see Shane standing behind her. “I
couldn’t resist taking a peek,” she said. “The atmosphere is unbelievable.” “It
really is different, isn’t it?” he said. “I look forward to it every year.” “You ready for
your match?” she asked with a grin. “My father won’t know what hit him,” he
laughed. Shane and Vince were scheduled to go up against one another. “How
is Glenn tonight?” “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so ready for a match,” she
said. “He’s usually pretty quiet when it comes to discussing what he does in the
ring. But, for some reason, he’s been talking about this match a lot.” “Something
tells me he’s going to have one hell of a night,” Shane said. “What makes you
say that?” “Oh...just a feeling I have, that’s all. I’ll talk to you later,” he said,
smiling as he strolled off. “I wonder what he meant by that?” she wondered.
Luckily for her she didn’t have all that much time to sit and think about it. It
promised to be a very hectic night. Since it was Wrestlemania, the matches
would be a little longer and more people would be participating. That meant more
work for her staff. She barely had a chance to wish Glenn luck as he headed for
the ring. She made sure that Al saved her a space in front of the monitor.
“I have to give Raven a lot of credit,” said Al, with that crazy grin. “He’ll be
lucky if those two don’t kill him.” As usual for a hardcore match, the action quickly
moved from the ring to the backstage area. Al was right, Raven was taking quite
a beating. Kane and The Big Show took tuns throwing each other through doors,
steel fences and even walls. The action finally moved back out to the top of the
ramp. Big Show managed to knock Kane down. “Oh no,” she thought to herself.”
Not again.” The Big Show went over and lifted Raven over his head. “Her comes
the pin,” she said. “Don’t be too sure,” Al said. ”Just watch.”
Suddenly Kane got up. He walked up behind the Big Show. Show turned
to see him, but it was too late. Kane gave him the big boot and both Big Show
and Raven tumbled into a pit along side the stage. “Oh my God,” she yelled. But
Kane wasn’t through. He quickly ran to the edge of the stage and leapt into the
air. He landed a huge leg drop right on top of The Big Show! As quickly as
possible, he scrambled up to his knees and pinned him 1..2..3! Kane was the
new Hardcore Champ!
Lisa threw her arms in the air and wrapped her arms around Al’s neck. “I
can’t believe it!” she shouted. She turned back to the monitor just in time to see
him raise the belt triumphantly over his head. The crowd erupted in cheers. She
was unable to take her eyes from the monitor. Finally after all this time, he was a
champion. And something told her this was only the beginning. He had proven to
his fans and to the people he worked with that he was more than ready to step
up and be noticed. Maybe, more importantly, he had proven it to himself too.
She quickly made her way back to the trainer’s room. All three men would
be arriving soon, and she wanted them to be taken care of. She could tell he was
coming by the sound of the voices outside shouting their congratulations. He
stepped through the door and carefully removed his mask. He held up the belt
for her to see. “Not bad, huh?” “It’s wonderful,” she said, hugging him tightly. “I’m
so proud of you,” she whispered.
The rest of the night went by in a blur. All she could think about was
watching him hold up that belt. When the time came to head back to the hotel, it
took several minutes to get through the people still wanting to congratulate him.
She settled into the seat next to him, reaching out to take his hand. “Did you
know this was going to happen?” she asked. “I had no idea until right before I
went out,” he said. “I’m surprised I could remember all my spots.”
They walked into the hotel room. He dropped their bags on the floor and
quickly had her wrapped in a huge hug. “I just wanted to thank you,” he said. “For
what?” “For never losing faith in me. For understanding how important all of this
is to me.....and ...just for loving me.” “You don’t have to thank me for that,” she
said. “It’s been my pleasure.” He bent his head to give her a tender kiss. “You
know, I normally get some time off around now....but something tells me I’m
gonna have to wait.” “You should be glad for that,’ she said with a smile. “Well
normally I would be. But now we’ll just have to postpone our honeymoon.” “Our
what?” she asked in surprise. “Lisa....I want you to marry me.” “Oh Glenn...yes,”
she cried, throwing her arms around his neck. “Don’t you even want to think
about it?” he laughed. “Oh trust me.....I have been thinking about it.”
He held her face tenderly in his hands and gazed into her eyes. “I used to
think that my whole future depended on what happened in that ring. Now I know
better. Now I know that my future depends on you.” Holding her close, he knew
that no title belt in the world could make him feel as special as she did.

The End

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