Chapter 7

She sat and watched him eat. Amazed by the amount of food he had in
front of him. “You aren’t eating much,” he said. “Compared to you, the U.S. Army
doesn’t eat much,” she joked. “I have to keep my strength up,” he said with a
laugh. “My brother is going down tonight.” They talked all the way to the arena. It
was amazing how comfortable with each other they had suddenly become. She
had always thought of him as a very sweet and quiet man. But she was seeing
sides to him that she never knew existed. He loved to read, especially, Stephen
King, one of her all time favorites. He had a very good sense of humor. “It’s all
that time I spent with Al,” he joked. And he was a very good listener. Whenever
he asked her a question, she was sure that he was always interested in her
answer. With each minute that she spent with him, her promise to keep things
professional seemed more and more remote.
Mark had just arrived at the arena, and was unloading his trunk, when
Glenn pulled in. He saw the two of them get out of the car, and he smiled in
surprise. “Well, there’s a step in the right direction,” he thought. “At least they’re
talking.’ They walked to the back of the car, and Glenn reached into the trunk to
pull out his bag. Lisa grabbed hers and he gently took it from her and slung it
over his shoulder, along with his. Shutting the trunk, he draped his arm across
her shoulder, and bent to kiss her softly. “Well, hallelujah,” thought Mark. “It’s
about time.”
Glenn left her bag in the training room for her. “I’m gonna go hook up with
Mark,” he said. “I’ll talk to you later.” “I’ll be here,” she said with a smile. He gave
her one more kiss. She watched as he walked down the hall, unable to take her
eyes from him. “You’d better be careful, or people will think you have a crush on
him.” She turned around laughing. “Good morning Al,” she said. “So I see I was
right after all.” “Yes..I admit it, you were right. It kills me to say it. But it’s true.”
“Just chalk one more up for me,” he said, reaching out to pinch her cheek. He
turned to leave. “ more thing,” he said turning back. “For what it’s
worth..he’s a very lucky man.”
The rest of the day was spent in a flurry of activity. TV taping days were
usually pretty intense. Somewhere around 4 o’clock, she got the message that
Mr. McMahon wanted to see her. She liked him very much, and they had gotten
along right from the start. But still, getting a message from the boss, was
unnerving. She walked to his office, and knocked. Twenty minutes later, she
came out. Anyone seeing her, would have had trouble figuring out the mix of
emotions on her face. Mr. McMahon had given her a very nice opportunity. On
the other hand, now she had to figure out how to break the news to Glenn.

Chapter 8

It was usually fairly easy to tell when something big was about to happen
in the ring. The crowds around the TV monitors grew larger than normal. She
walked up and stood next to Al as everyone watched the action in the ring. The
Undertaker was taking a pretty good beating. Of course everyone was expecting
his brother, Kane, to come to his rescue. Glenn had told her that this was going
to be where he turned on his brother, but he never told her exactly how. Right on
cue, the explosion went off, and Kane flew to the ring. Watching him, gave her
goosebumps. He managed to scatter his opponents, then he turned his attention
to his fallen brother. He reached down and helped him up. And just as quickly,
he grabbed him around the throat, lifted him and slammed him down. The crowd
was in shock. But he wasn’t done. He reached down once again. This time as he
slammed him down, Taker went right through the mat. He laid there, buried deep
in a hole as Kane leaned over and berated him. He stood up and marched back
up the ramp, leaving his brother lying there.
The moment had been electric. The crowds backstage, gasped audibly
when Mark went through the mat. When Glenn arrived backstage, he was
greeted with pats on the back and words of praise for selling the spot so well. He
walked past her and winked. She waited for Mark to come backstage. “Are you
Ok?” she asked. “Actually, I’m a little sore. Damn, that boy is strong!” She
laughed and patted his arm. “Come on back to the trainers room. We’ll check
you out.” She had one of her staff, begin to massage Mark’s sore back, when
Glenn stuck his head in the door.
“Everything Ok?” he asked Mark. “You do realize that you’ll pay for that,”
he teased. “Oh I have no doubt,” Glenn laughed. He looked toward Lisa. “Did
you see it?” “I sure did,” she replied. “And?” “And I’m glad this is all an act,” she
laughed. “I’m gonna grab a shower,” he said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Lisa
sighed. “A few more minutes for me to come up with an explanation,” she
He returned a few minutes later, still smiling from his run in. “Well I guess
it’s official...I’m a heel.” “Not to me,” she said, smiling up at him. He watched her
as she busied herself with work. “Lisa, look at me.” She turned slowly. “Have you
got something on your mind?” “What makes you think that?” “Because when you
do, you suddenly get real busy,” he said. She stopped what she was doing, and
moved to sit next to him. “Well, actually, I do have something to tell you.” “I
thought so. Come on.... give,” he said.
“I had a talk with Mr. McMahon this afternoon. Apparently he’s very happy
with the program, I’ve set up here.’ “Well he should be,” Glenn said. “It’s great.”
“The thing is,” she continued, “he’s so impressed that he would like me to set up
a similar program at OVW.” “Ohio Valley?” he said in surprise. That was a small
federation where many WWF superstars got their start or went to knock off the
ring rust after an injury. “But wouldn’t that mean you’d have to...?” “Well yes.
That’s what I have to tell you. I’ll be leaving tomorrow night, right after the
Smackdown taping.” He stood up and headed for the door. “That has to be a
record,” he said. “Fastest rejection I’ve ever had.” She stood speechless as the
door swung closed.

Chapter 9

Quickly, she followed him into the hall. “Glenn, who said anything about
rejection? I’m not going forever. It’s just for three weeks. Mr. McMahon wants me
back in time for Summer Slam.” “Lisa, you have a staff of people who work for
you. Couldn’t one of them do it?” She looked at him in surprise. “Glenn this is my
program. I should be the one to set it up, don’t you think?” “I suppose,” he said,
starting to walk away again.
“Oh, I get,’ she said softly. “It was Ok when I was the one giving you all
the support and encouragement you needed. You just can’t seem to do the
same for me.” He turned to look at her. “Well I guess it’s better that I found out
now, instead of later on, when I completely fell in love with you.” She turned and
pushed open the door to the training room. As he watched her disappear, her
words still rang in his ears. “Love?” he thought.
He followed her into her office, closing the door. “Did you say you were in
love with me?” he asked. “What difference does it make?” she asked. “You’ve
already made up your mind about me, haven’t you?” “What do you mean?” he
asked. “You’ve got me down as just another airheaded girlfriend who’s ready to
dump you.” “I never thought that,” he said quietly. “Oh no? Then why were you
so quick to walk out on me? What happened to the man who was finally willing to
fight for what he wanted?” she asked. “I got scared..all right?” he yelled. “You
want the truth..fine, here it is. I love you too.” She looked at him, totally focused
on what he was saying. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time. And I was
beginning to hope that you felt the same way. When you said you were leaving, it
scared me. The thought of you walking out of my life...hurt. It hurt a lot.”
She walked up to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. “I am not
walking out of your life. I will be gone for three weeks, that’s it. I’ll be back in time
for Summer Slam...I promise.” “I really am an idiot, huh?’ he asked. “Yeah, but
you’re my idiot,’ she laughed, reaching up to kiss him. He looked down at her, as
he softly ran his finger along her jaw. “Ok, that’s 21 days, right?” “It was the last
time I checked,” she laughed. “Ok,” he said. “I have a feeling my phone bill is
about to take a beating.
The next night at the Smackdown taping, she watched as he once again,
went to the ring and beat on his “brother”. This time he use a steel chair to make
his point. She winced each time the chair struck Mark. “Please keep telling me
that it doesn’t hurt,” she said to Mick Foley. “Trust me,’ he said, it doesn’t hurt at
all.” “Of course you’d say that,” Al laughed. “You have no brain cells left.” Lisa
was still laughing when Glenn came backstage, out of breath from swinging the
chair repeatedly. “Now for the next couple of weeks, he gets to smack me
around,” he laughed. “Talk about dysfunctional families,’ she said with a grin, just
as Mark made his way through the curtain. “I can’t wait for this angle to be over,”
he said, rubbing his head.
She had just watched the last piece of equipment get loaded onto the
truck, when he walked up behind her. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take
you to the airport?” “No, honey, really. I’ll be fine. Besides, you need to get home
and get some rest.” He took her face gently in his hands and kissed her. “I can’t
tell you how much I’m going to miss you,” he said. “That may be the nicest thing
you’ve ever said to me,” she whispered. He looked deep into her eyes. “I love
you Lisa.” “I take it back,’ she said. “That was the nicest thing.” She ran her
hands up his arms, thrilling at the smooth hardness of each muscle. “I love you
too Glenn,” she said. He brought his mouth down to hers, in a passionate kiss.
“Call me tonight,” he said. “I promise,” she said, getting into her car. As he
watched her drive away, he smiled sadly. “Miss me.... please,” he thought.

Chapter 10

It was after 2 A.M. when she set her bags down in her room. Looking at
her watch, she debated whether or not to call him. “He said to call. But it’s so
late....” Finally the desire to hear his voice won over and she punched in his cell
phone number. He answered almost immediately. “I didn’t wake you, did I?” she
asked. “No, I was waiting for your call,” he said. “Was your flight all right?” “It was
fine,” she said wearily. “You sound so tired,” he said. “Why don’t you go to bed?”
“No Glenn, please. I really wanted to talk to you,” she said. “OK,” he replied, “but
not too long. You really do sound exhausted.”
“You never did tell me where your current angle is going,” she said. “Well,
they’ve been debating about whether or not I should lose my mask.” “You’re
kidding,” she said in surprise. “How do you feel about that?” “Truthfully? “I don’t
like it. I realize that Kane was created by the writers, and they really control what
he does. But I can’t help but feel that he’s a part of me. I guess I’m kind of
protective of him.” “How does Mark feel about it?” “He agrees with me,” he said.
“I’m hoping that with him on my side, the writers will reconsider.” “And if they
don’t?” she asked. He paused for a second. “I may have to show them how
much of a monster I really am.” She smiled at the passion in his voice.
“I wish I could be there to support you,” she said. “Just knowing how you
feel helps a lot,” he said. “You want to know what I wish?” “What?” she asked
softly. “I wish you were in my arms right now. That’s what I wish.” “Me too,” she
replied quietly. “Lisa?” “Yes Glenn?” “Do you remember what you said yesterday
about falling in love with me completely?” “Yeah, I remember.” “What do you
suppose I would have to do to make that happen?” he asked hopefully. “Not a
thing,” she replied. “It’s already happened.”
They talked for a few more minutes and then her weariness got the best
of her. “I want you to go right to sleep,” he said. “And dream of me.” “It will be my
pleasure,” she said. “I love you Lisa.” “I love you too Glenn,” she said. “Call me
tomorrow,”. “I promise,” she said, hanging up. She decided to leave the
unpacking for tomorrow. She grabbed a nightgown from her bag, slipped it over
her head and gratefully crawled under the covers. In seconds, she was asleep.
She was awakened by the feel of his lips against her shoulder. “Good
morning beautiful,’ he whispered. She rolled to her back to look up at him. “Did
you sleep well?” he asked. “I sure did,” she said. “I dreamt of you all night.” “Oh?
And what exactly was in those dreams?” he asked, sliding his hand under her
nightgown. “You and I made love over and over,” she said. “Oh you mean like
this?” he asked, as he moved on top of her. “Exactly,’ she whispered, gasping as
she felt him move against her. She moaned in delight, reaching up to wrap her
arms around him.
She opened her eyes, taking several seconds to adjust to the dark. It took
a moment for her to remember where she was. Her heart was beating so hard
she could feel it all the way to her toes. “Oh my God,’ she whispered. “And that
was only a dream.”

Chapter 11

She had never had three weeks pass so slowly in all her life. And just
when she thought it was over, some last minute delays forced her to stay until
Sunday, the day of Summer Slam. She walked into the arena and smiled at the
chaos. “Finally, I’m home,” she laughed to herself. She headed for the training
room, planning to drop off her bags and hunt down Glenn. Members of her staff
were setting up the last of the equipment when she walked in. She was met by a
chorus of “welcome back” and a round of hugs. “Well, it sure is nice to be
missed,’ she said.
She quickly went over the day’s schedule. “Listen guys, I promise I’ll be
right back. But I really have to go and check on something.” “His dressing room
is down the hall and to your left,” they teased. “Ha, ha,” she said. “And to think I
missed you guys.” She quickly headed down the hall, stopping only for quick
hellos. She paused in front of his door, almost too nervous to knock. Just as she
reached up, the door was pulled open. She stood, staring up at him. A huge grin
spread across his face. Taking her hand, he quickly backed up. “Get in here,” he
said. The door hadn’t even swung shut, when he had her pressed against it,
kissing her. “Wow,” she said, as he pulled back. “Maybe I should go out and
come in again.” “Don’t you dare,” he said. “I am not letting you out of my sight.”
She reached up and kissed him again. His tongue explored her mouth gently.
“God, I missed you,’ he whispered
They talked for a few minutes, trying to catch up. Suddenly he stood up.
“There’s something I have to show you,” he said, disappearing into the
bathroom. “Oh really?” she said seductively. He stuck his head back out. “No,
nothing like that,” he laughed. “My loss,” she said with a wink. “They’ve decided
that Kane needs a new look.” “You’re kidding? Well to tell you the truth, those
red jammies never did much for me,” she said with a laugh. “Are you ready?”
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she said. He stepped into the room, and her jaw dropped.
“Well, what do you think?”
The outfit was basically black, with a little red outlining some strategically
placed mesh cut outs. Instead of the one-sleeved look he had been sporting, this
outfit used a tank top, which exposed his incredible arms and his very sexy
chest. “Have they issued seat belts to the ladies in the audience?” she asked.
“What?” “Trust me, sweetheart. When they get a look at you, a lot of women will
be hitting the floor.”
She walked over and touched the material lightly. “Very nice,” she
murmured, running her fingers along his stomach. She walked around behind
him. “Looks good back here too,” she said, giving him a playful smack. “Hey,
don’t get personal,” he teased. She looked up at him. “Honey, you are hot!” she
said. “Well how do you like that?” he said in wonder. “Kane...WWF sex symbol.”
She laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. “Don’t let it go to your head.
I’m not about to share you with anybody.”

Chapter 12

The atmosphere at a Pay Per View was always highly charged, and this
night was no exception. She and Glenn had only been able to spend a few more
minutes together before they were both called away to prepare for the evening
ahead. She reached up to kiss him. “Good luck,” she whispered. “Will you still
love me after I’ve been revealed?” he asked, flashing that irresistible grin. “More
than ever,” she said, touching his cheek lightly.
When the time came for the match, space in front of the monitors was at a
premium. Everyone knew that this would be a moment to remember. The match
itself, wasn’t all that long. But when the crowd realized that The Undertaker was
trying to expose his brother’s face, you could sense their heightened interest.
Several times, Kane was down and Taker tore at his mask. In the end, Taker
was victorious, removing the mask, and holding it up for the crowd to see. Glenn
quickly covered his face, heading backstage. Someone tossed him a towel as he
made his way through the curtain. He draped it over his head and walked
towards the training room. She stood just inside the door, waiting for him. He
stepped inside and removed the towel. He still had traces of the black make-up
they used around his eyes.
“So, how was that?” he asked. “I don’t tell me,” she said. He
wiped at what was left of the make-up. “You know, if I had to do that with anyone
except Mark, I think it would have been a lot harder.” “So now what?” she asked.
“Does the mask stay off?” He looked out from under the towel. “Nope,” he said
with a smile. “Mark and I convinced them that it was a lousy idea.” “Good for
you,” she said. “I need a shower,’ he said. “I’ll be back to take you to the hotel,
Ok?” “I’ll be waiting,” she said with a smile.
The rest of the matches passed quickly enough. When the night was over
and all the equipment had been packed, she met him in the parking garage. “I’ll
bring you back tomorrow to pick up your rental,’ he said. He placed their bags in
the trunk, and they headed out. She listened as he talked almost non stop while
they drove to the hotel. She could tell how much his attitude had already
He carried their bags as they made their way down the hall to her room.
She slowly unlocked the door and pushed it open. He looked down at her
smiling. “What?” he said. She reached out and took his hand. She backed into
the room, gently pulling him inside. Once inside, she closed the door, and turned
to him. He dropped the bags to the floor and took her in his arms.
The kiss was deep and urgent. He desperately wanted to make up for lost
time. She slid her hands up under his shirt, stroking across his massive chest.
His fingers tangled in her hair as he kissed her with a passion, he had never
experienced before. He stopped to look into her eyes. “Lisa, I want to make love
to you,” he whispered. “You’ll never know how I’ve ached to hear you say that,”
she said. He bent and lifted her. He carried her to the bed and laid her down
gently. They undressed each other, kissing each other with increasing urgency.
He leaned back to look at her. “You are so beautiful,’ he said softly,
running his hands across her breasts and down to her stomach. She closed her
eyes as a tremor of pleasure ran through her. He leaned down to kiss her. She
rested her hands against his broad shoulders as he trailed his lips down across
her skin, pausing to gently suck at her nipples. She whimpered with delight as he
continued his discovery of her. When he parted her legs she arched towards
him. He probed gently at first, the wetness of his tongue sending shivers through
her. The more excited she became, the more he wanted to taste her. “Glenn, I
want,” she pleaded.
He moved up and over her. She reached down to feel him and gasped
when her hand closed around him. “Love me please,” she said, straining towards
him. He entered her slowly. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in
deeper. They began to move together, both of them totally lost in desire. “Yes,
Glenn..that’s it,” she cried as she gave in to a sweet climax. Feeling her respond,
he too let himself slip over the edge.
They lay together, her head buried against his shoulder. “You were
wonderful,” he whispered in her ear. She picked her head up to look at him.
“That was incredible. I knew it would be like that.” He held her face tenderly. “It
always will be...I promise.”

Chapter 13

He awoke the next morning to find her head resting on his shoulder and
her arm draped across his stomach. He leaned down to kiss her forehead. She
opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him. A slow smile spread across her
face. “Good morning,” he said. She laughed softly. “I had a dream like this,” she
said. “Oh really?” he asked. “So tell me, what happened in this dream?” She
smiled and lowered her eyes. “Are you blushing?” he teased. He gently lifted her
chin. “Well, in this dream....we....uh...we made love.....a lot.” He smiled and her
heart skipped a beat. “You want to know something? Dreams can come true.” He
rolled over on top of her and showed her how.
She wasn’t sure how she got through the rest of the day, because she
was positive that her feet never touched the ground. They drove to the next
arena and he kept her entertained with stories of all the antics that had taken
place while she was gone. Most of them involved Al and Mick. “Are they ever
serious?” she asked him. “Oh they’re all business in the ring,” he replied, “but
outside.....? In any other business I’m sure they would have been committed by
When they arrived at the arena, he walked her to the trainer’s room and
handed her bag. “I’ll meet you for lunch later,” he said. “I can’t wait,” she said, as
he kissed her softly. She watched as he strolled off down the hall. Suddenly she
realized she was staring. She looked around, hoping nobody had seen her.
Giggling, she pushed the door open, and froze where she was. On the table was
the most beautiful bouquet of daisies she had ever seen. She walked over, and
picked up the card. “Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world,” it
read. On the bottom was his name. Tears came to her eyes as she gently
touched the delicate petals. Daisies had always been her favorite flower. She
could remember her mother’s garden being filled with them. But how did he
When the rest of the staff arrived there was quite a bit of good natured
teasing about the flowers, but nothing anyone said, could spoil the warm feeling
she had in her heart. At twelve o’clock, he popped his head in the door.
“Anybody hungry?” he asked. “Come in here,” she said, holding out her hands.
He walked in and she took his face and kissed him warmly. “What was that for?”
he asked slyly. “How did you know that daisies are my favorite?” she asked.
“Don’t you remember? A couple of months ago, one of the make-up ladies got
flowers for her anniversary or something. You told her how much you liked
daisies. You said your mom grew them when you were a kid.” “And you
remembered that?” she asked in astonishment. He looked at her sheepishly, “I
remember everything about you,” he said.
“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you,” she said, “but boy, I sure
wish I had done it sooner.” He laughed and took her in his arms, lifting her off the
ground. “Ok, break it up you two.” They turned to see Mark smiling at them.
“Romance is one thing, but not when I’m starving. Let’s eat.” Smiling, she took
his hand, and followed Mark out the door.
She knew there was a meeting scheduled for later that afternoon. They
were supposed to discuss, storylines and possible match ups for the next Pay
Per View...Unforgiven. He stopped by to talk to her before he got ready for that
night’s RAW. “So how did it go?” she asked. “Well, nothing is set in stone...but it
looks like I may just be on my way here.” “What do you mean?” “They’re
planning a fatal four way at Unforgiven......and it looks like I’ll be in it.” She
jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck.
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