"This website  aims to reach out to all the graduates of Torres High School, Batch 1978
and likewise serve as the center point of communication and message center geared towards the rekindling of the old friendship and upliftment of each ones' lives whenever  possible"

Lenten & Easter Month


    This is the month to recollect, reconcile and rejoice.  Recollect all our shortcomings.  Reconcile with God by asking his forgiveness.  And rejoice and claim our victory in Jesus' resurrection.

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Holy Week message from Fr. Erick Santos.

Val's Easter Video Greeting

East Coast Mini Reunion

Grand Central Reunion in New York

One night in New Jersey
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What's the Buzz ??? 
Tell me what's happening !!!

     Remember the Jesus Christ Superstar presentation during the class homeroom?  Val played the JC while his buddy Ariel C. was the Judas.  Lex played the role of Peter and  Galor was the Mary Magdalene.  It was an astonishing performance by Chris as King Herod and Rain as the Pilate.  Are you one of the other 10 apostles?
     This is one of the moments when the class joined together to recreate something meaningful.  Now it goes beyond the play.  Twenty-two years after, we're still a bunch trying to create something meaningful.  The friendship and ties will never end as long as we ask......... What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening!

Keep in touch.
Thanks from Ariel Nepomuceno
(On his dad, Salvador Nepomuceno's funeral)
    Ye requested me to relay his profound thanks to all of you guys.  He already received the financial aid that you sent door-to-door.  Its so amazing how we managed to keep intact despite the years of separation and the distance. Anyway, that Friday night,  I was there with Willy Torres, Roy Innocencio, Galor, Cora and Carol Milan.  Ipe came early pero hindi na namin inabot. Solly wasn't able to come kasi maysakit yung anak. Tony Fajardo came later in the evening with his wife. I let them read Fr. Eric's e-mail forwarded to me by Val.  We went home altogether after sharing stories.  - Nell
 Family of the Month 

The Solitaria Family

Ohio is the "Home Sweet Home" of the Solitarias.
Glenn & Tet are very proud of 
"the finest kids in town"
...Cristina, who turned 7 last January and
Michael, who will be 5 in June.

Picture of the Month

THE GODFATHER - Dante Manalang
is shown here with his godson, Kingsley Ceña.
Whose children are these ???

Can guess who the parent of the above picture is?

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Get Together in TORONTO

     The Buzons and the Bisdas who are 7 km away from each other get together to get to know each other well and chat on the memories in THS.

      Reuel Cruz & family from Ohio stayed with the Buzons for a night during their trip to Toronto. 

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Friendship Page

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We have been getting news about fellow Torresians.  We thought it will be cool to give you updates on the 
"Friends of VI-Math 1"

AfterMath Life after IV-Math

This section will features general info on our classmates... where they are, their family life, work and how life turned to be after Math '78.

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Batch '78 Website Ready to Hatch
The Friendship Page is growing at a tremendous rate and it is inevitable to make it a separate website that will serve the whole batch of 1978.  We need your suggestions on the suitable name for the site.Send your suggestions to:

All suggested names collected before April 15 will be voted upon and the winning name for the new website will be adopted on May, 2000.  We will also accept volunteers who can help us strategically gather information and pictures of our batch mates.

Register in the Alumni Net

     Just to inform you that there is an alumni site on the web listed by school and graduation year.  You can register or find somebody you know and communicate with them via email.  We encourage you to join and register.

The URL for the THS site is:

Snaps From the Mini-reunion in L.A. Last Month

We'd like to share some great photos that we failed to publish last month.  Never too late to show the fun and camaraderie that was shown by Riz, Dana, Lex, Tess, Inia, Beng, Mandy & their families.

     Please contact us if you want to contribute any article or if you have comments and/or suggestions.
     We are building an address/phone book that can be handy to everyone.  To make it more private and secure, we will give it a different site address.  It will not be linked to our website. We will send the site address by email. You can send your address & phone number to:

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M.A.T.H. >>> "Moments At Torres High"
(Our Memory Lane)

Here's a happy moment during the reunion at Cora Grande's mansion. 
Can you recognize them and name everyone in the picture?

 More happy faces from the past. 

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