The Un-Official WebSite of Torres High School's IV-Math-One (Batch 1978)

Welcome to the Year 2000

Greetings to all the Mathematicians around the world. 

We are launching this Website as our means of communication.  In this day and age, distance is not a factor to bring our class closer together.  We can reunite the batch of '78 by taking advantage of the internet.

Have you ever wonder whatever happen to Ariel or Marcie or whoever your best buddy is?  If you have news and pictures and stories or announcements, you can send it via email or mail to  Nelson Ceña (if you are in the Philippines), Felix Parado (if you are in the US West Coast) or to Val Buzon (if you are in Canada or the US East Coast). 

We will try our best to keep everybody informed on where our batchmates are and what's new with so and so. 

Remember those photographers around Torres High?  If you have any of those nostalgic black & white group pictures, just send us your copy and we will scan them, post them on the Web and return them to you.

AfterMath... Life after IV-Math-1

Remember the golden orange blouses and maroon skirts? ... the white shirts and khaki pants? Have you ever been stranded outside the gate because you forgot to bring your class ID?  Those were the high school days in THS.

That was then, what's it now?  Everybody is surely anxious to know how life turned to be after Math-1 '78. 

This section will features general info on our classmates... where they are, their family life, work and whatever information we can get on each one.  Sorry, no street address for privacy and security reasons.  But we can surely post email addresses.

... to see the list and access personal scoop. 

Mini Reunion in L.A.

    July 4th, 1999- It was a mini class reunion for the our classmates in California.  Riz and Dana host the reunion attended by Lex & Tess, Liby & Ernie (who drove down from San Francisco) and Tet with her Mom and kids. 

Lex, Liby, Dana, Riz, Tet & Tess (with Fe)

Click on the reunion picture to see more.

Family of the Month

The Parado Family

Felix & Tess Parado were blessed with 5 great kids.  From left to right (clockwise) are  Maristel, Mariecris, Felix, Tess, Mariefe, Patrick and Francis .

Mariecris and Mariefe are identical twins who is now a little over 2 years. Patrick is 3 years old while Francis is 6.  Their eldest, Maristel  is  9 years old.

One of the reunion photo held @ Corazon Grande's home 
in early 80's. In the picture are Val, Tess, Arnilo, Chris, Rodel, Gloria, Cora, Dante & Liby.

 1991 Mini Reunion @ The Parado's
Lex & Tess with Riz, Dana, Denise, Alisson, Francis, Chona, Charmaine, Val & Maristel.
Whose child is this ???

See if you can guess who the parent of the above picture is.

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Where's everybody ??? 

Please send us an email or mail with personal information that you want us to mention in this WebPage.  If you know anybody who does not have access to the internet, please send us their info and we'll place it here, too. 

It is safe to give your address as we will not publish it on the site but we will keep it in the file which can be obtained upon request by Math-1 member only.

Alumni Net 

     Just to inform you that there is an alumni site on the web listed by school and graduation year.  You can register or find somebody you know and communicate with them via email.

The URL for the THS site is:

Our email addresses: 

Nelson Ceña -
Felix /
Val Buzon- / valbuzon @

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