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The Travel Month

It seems like last month was Math-1's month of choice for travelling. Liby & Ernie has gone back to the Philippines for a vacation.  Chris Jornales has gone to LA  from New York.  Inia has travelled across to LA from New Jersey.  Beng and Mandy and the kids headed down to LA from Vancouver.

In line with these frequent flyers, TRAVEL will be the theme for this month's edition.  We will present some scenic pictures and give the highlights of these trips. 

All roads lead to L.A. ......and the Philippines, too.

Mega Reunion in the Philippines

A big contingent of Math-1 and their family welcomed the balikbayan Liby and husband Ernie during their vacation in the Philippines for the reunion of the new millenium.
 Family of the Month 

The Evangelista Family
When it comes to Godlihood, the Evangelistas are the prime examples.  Mandy and Beng with their kids, Faye and Joy.  Click on the picture or button for more.
Love Birds of the Month

Lasting Image of Liby & Ernie Odiamar 
in Grand Canyon, Arizona
Chris Jornales Visited L.A.

Chris with the Bautistas & the Parados 
Coast to Coast...

It's West meets East when our New Yorker, Inia visited the Californians, Dana & Tess...shown with the Parado twins (Fe & Cris)
Whose child is this ???

Can guess who the parent of the above picture is?

Give up? or Guess right? -----> CLICK HERE

 Another One in L.A.

     A royal treatment was given to Inia and the family of Beng & Mandy and their kids, Faye & Joy by our brothers and sisters in L.A..  Riz, Dana, Lex, Tess & all of their kids have once again shown the western hospitality at its best by making the vacationer's stay their most memorable week in California.

      The trip created a strong bond between the group that less than a day after they part ways, they are already missing each other...and the kids expressed the same feelings, too.  Another proof that Math-1 is a one big family.

     More stories & pictures are coming soon.

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Retro Photo

Let's travel back in time and see how we look like 22 years ago. 
Here is our 1978 class picture.
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We would like to extend our deepest and sincerest condolences to Ariel Nepomuceno who recently lost his dad from a heart attack.  Let us continue to pray for the soul of Salvador Nepomuceno.
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