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The Month to
Celebrate Life

       May is the month when everything blooms.  The long winter is over and everything turns green again.  The flower devotion, the santacruzan and the fiestas makes May festive in the Philippines.   May is the beginning of outdoor fun in Canada and Northern States... strolling or rollerblading or biking in the parks.... might even be warm enough to go camping, boating and fishing.  Whatever we do, let's celebrate life with our families and friends.  Don't forget to spend some time to enjoy and be thankful for God's creations.

You've Got Mail !!!
Nelson's Wish # 2

      Nell's wish for a Grand Reunion is slowly coming least we can see it happening within the next 3 years.  Our King of Wishful Thinking has a second wish that we are trying to work get everyone on-line by the end of the year.
     To get an email account is not a problem.  There are lots of free email account such as MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, ICQMail and it is quite easy to sign-up for one.  In North America, few free internet access is available through AltaVista, Freenet, 3Web and others.   If these are available in the Philippines, that will solve part of the problem.
   Cyber Cafes is another way to get online.  We heard it's only P50 per hour to access the net.  Enjoy a cup of coffee while getting updated or sending email to our classmates.  Another way is to set up strategic location where an ISP account holder can share his access once in a while with others. 
     If you have any creative ideas on how to tackle this one, we will welcome them with great enthusiam.  We have eight more months to work on this one but with God's help, it will happen.

Chris Jornales in Action
     Here is our class president, Chris Jornales (left), in action as a director at the Zoni Institute of Language in the New York.  You can visit their website if you want to know more about Chris' workplace.
Family of the Month

The Ceña Family
     This family is a solid gold when it comes to loving and caring.   Their desire to bring up theirs kids closer to their grandparents prompt them to decide to go back to the Philippines when they had the shot for Australia.  Nell & Beng want to raise their  3 kids: Kevin,  Kim & Kingsley in our homeland to strengthen their Filipino values.  No regrets in their decision because they now have more time with the kids than when they were in Australia.
We need your Pictures
     We need you or your family pictures.  As of now, we have two places where we can scan your pictures... Riz in LA or Val in Toronto.  We can only work from what we have.  Please send us your picture if you want them updated on The AfterMath.  We welcome old photos from the campus, too.  If you have access to a scanner and email (especially in the Philippines) please let us know if you are willing to help collect jpegs for us.
    msn web community

     Want to get the latest, add pictures in the photo album, post your announcements, reminders and greetings in the bulettin board, or chat in a private conference room exclusive for the Batch of  1978?   THS Batch '78 Community Site was setup with the help of Reuel Cruz.  An invitation and an email on how to go there will be sent to you soon if you have'nt receive them yet.  You will need either a Hotmail account or the MSN Passport to get there.

     Watch out for the invitation and see you in the chat room of our community site soon !!!

Whose twins are these ???

Can guess who the parent of the above picture is?
As this might be an easy guess, can you tell who's who??

Give up? or Guess right? -----> 

Life is Great !!!

Celebrate LIFE

"Math After"

     Welcome to the new section in our website.  This will link us to what's fun and cool with Math '79.  If you did not get a chance to meet and know them during our last year in THS, it's never to late to do so and now is the time.

Not Too Long Ago

     Everytime the Solitarias go to California, they make it a point to visit the Parados.  Here is a picture from about four years ago with Lex, Tess, Francis, Tet, Cristina & Maristel in one of their almost yearly reunion.
Retro Photo

^^^ Above are Marcie, Marie, Evelyn & Ariel ^^^
Below are Marie, Val, Chona & Cora

The Philippine Island Adventures

A swimming-picnic reunion in Laguna about 20 years ago

Marie, Tess and Mila

The AfterMath
Life After IV-Math
This section will features general info on our classmates... where they are, their family life, work and how life turned to be after Math '78.  Click below to access the profiles.
Farewell to Friendship Page
Our Friendship Page has grown into a separate site dedicated to the whole Batch of '78 called
"KaEskwela, atbp."

Click on the Handshake to Go to KaEskwela.
Missed the previous editions of Aftermath?

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Math Kids Club
( 3 x 2 = many )Here is a proof of that formula.
Can you name and distinguish the Evangelistas, theBautistas and the Parados?
Please contact us if you want to contribute any article or if you have comments and/or suggestions.

We need more retro photo.  Please send us your old photo for scanning and we will send them back to you.

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