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Born To Be Free

Canada Day - July 1


Happy Canada Day
to our Canadian Classmates !!!

Happy 4th of July
to our American Members !!!

*PhilippineMega Reunion 
- Part 2

We finally met Inia last Saturday (June 3) at lunchtime in SM City, North Edsa (Cabalen Restaurant ).   Nel and Beng, Bong Ramos and his wife Emily,  Ariel Ciego and his son, Willy Torres,  Gigi de Silva Gregorio,  Solly Diaz,  Cora Grande and  Wilma Lansigan were there..... (From Dante)
Family of the Month

The Semilla Family
     Jollo & Monette is the best example of what family life is all about.  Jollo extends his care not only to his immediate family but to his old folks as well.  Likewise, Monette put behind her flourishing career so that she can take good care of their 2 loving children, Jonathan Paul (Jopoy) and Josephine Mae (Jasmin).  This attitude towards family life is the very foundation of their eleven solid years of happy marriage.
Child of the Month

Can guess who the parent of the above picture is?

Give up? or Guess right? -----> 

 Cris Aniag in LA

It was an hour of fun and laughter with Cris!!!

For More
Meet You in San Francisco

Riz & Dana decided to take the family for a long drive to San Francisco on the same week that Lex & Tess and kids is scheduled to have a week-long vacation up there.

It was another mini reunion that took place in Liby & Ernie's home in Union City, a suburb of the Bay Area.

Math on the Net

Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius

July 17 - Jaime Tan
July 18 - Tony Fajardo
July 19 - Josefina Santos-Olais

We like to pay tribute to the the past accomplishments of our collegues.  We hope our kids will follow these footprints.

     Jaime Tan  was the no. 3 overall ranking in the 1978 Entrance Exams at the PLM.

Congratulations, Jaime !!!

.After Surgery...the power of prayers

     Praise God, the surgery went smoothly...I'm feeling sore here and there but generally fine.  I stayed overnight at the hospital.  The doctors and staff were great and did everything to make the operation as pleasant as possible.
     Compared to most of the patients who underwent the same type of surgery, I'm one of the least bothered by discomfort and pain.   I believe that this was due to the many friends  and family members praying behind me during and after surgery. 

Thanks and regards,

Retro Photo

Remember those railings in THS.  Here are the Math beauties posing from the second floor... 
Solly, Tess, Marcie & Cecille.

Disco Fever

Late 70's...the Disco Era.  Here's Val & Chona showing off their moves during the party at the Parado's.   In the background are Ipe, Roy & ???.

The AfterMath
Life After IV-Math
This section will features general info on our classmates... where they are, their family life, work and how life turned to be after Math '78.  Click below to access the profiles.
The Math After

     Welcome to the section in our website that will link us to what's fun and cool with Math '79.  If you did not get a chance to meet and know them during our last year in THS, it's never to late to do so and now is the time.

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