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Father's Month
We dedicate this month to all the Dads for all their hard work to provide the best for their family.
Happy Father's Day on June 18th

Love Bites
    Were you bugged by Love?...the Love Bug that is.  Just a reminder to protect your computer with AntiVirus program and you can download the latest definitions every now and then to make sure that you are protected from the latest virus.  This is the downside of the email system.  By protecting our system, we can prevent the viruses from spreading. 
Family of the Month

The Dagal Family
We like to pay tribute to Milagros Bascara-Dagal, who passed away in September, 1998.  She was blessed with a wonderful family.  She is married to Gary Dagal and they have 3 children, Heather, Gladys & Ezekiel.  Her family currently lives in Las Piñas. 
Child of the Month

Whose child is this ???

Can guess who the parent of the above picture is?

Give up? or Guess right? ----->
our batch msn web community
has gone public...

   This project was pioneered by Reuel Cruz.  With his suggestion, to make access easier, we have re-created our THS Batch '78 Communty Site.  We called the new site, after our non-official website.  You can now go direct to the site and join even without the invitation.  The address is:

    This will compliment our website and get your active participation.  You can post pictures, messages, start discussions, schedule a chat or cyber-conference.  You will need to install a chat software and a software to upload pictures but MSN will assist you in doing that when you try those features.  See you in the chat room!!! 

Traveler of the Month

Varinia "Inia" Asuncion

     From Belgium to Toronto then back to New Jersey.  Inia did it all in two weeks.  From her conference in Guinea, she flew down to Vancouver, stopping in Montreal for few hours.  She met Beng (Nuguid) Evangelista in Vancouver but because of tight schedule and other unforeseen reasons, she did not get a chance to see our two other schoolmates, the Cajuiats and the Galvezes.  She drove down to Portland, Oregon then back to Vancouver.  On her way home, she stopped by in Toronto for 3 hours, enough time to have a snack and chat with the Buzons.
     She's been to LA with the Parados and Bautistas two times this year.  She is currently in the Philippines until June 4 and if it calms down in Sierra Leone, she will be there, too. No doubt Inia will be our traveler of the year.

Inia during her 3 hr-stopover in Toronto with Chona & 
Mommy Luming.

Chat & Snack at the Woodbine Centre 
Chona, Inia, Val & Mommy
Math on the Net

University of Toronto
Mathematics Network

Here is a mathematicians site from the University of Toronto.  If you are in the mood to think and give your gray matter some workout, try the puzzles and games in the site.  Education does not end in the school.  We have kids that will once in a while ask us about their Math assignments and other homeworks for that matter.  The web is a powerful research and learning tool.

We will try to search for helpful Math sites and give you the link to it.  If you want to share one with us, we will gladly welcome them.


Ariel !!!
We would like to give credit and
Ariel Ciego
for completing his masteral
degree.  It's quite an achievement for a family man
like him. 
We like to pay tribute to the the past accomplishments of our collegues.  We hope our kids will follow these footprints.

     Criselda Aniag-Siquian who graduated from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila was the seventh placer at the Nurses' Board Exam given in 1984.  It will never be too late to  honor Cris for this great accomplishment. 

Congratulations, Cris !!!
Dana Bartolome-Bautista
( June 9 )

Guess Who???

 Can you guess who this fellow on the sketch is?


The goat-tee is the give away. A director from New York.

Happy 11th Anniversary
.Jollo & Monette Semilla
( June 24 )

Happy 12th Anniversary
.Felix & Tess Parado
( June 24 )

The AfterMath
Life After IV-Math
This section will features general info on our classmates... where they are, their family life, work and how life turned to be after Math '78.  Click below to access the profiles.
The Math After

     Welcome to the section in our website that will link us to what's fun and cool with Math '79.  If you did not get a chance to meet and know them during our last year in THS, it's never to late to do so and now is the time.

Missed the previous editions of Aftermath?

Click on the binder clip to see the Archive Room

     Thanks for giving me Tet's phone number. Yes, after almost 22 years we we're able to talk to each other. I appreciate all your hardwork in putting this web page for us. If not thru you guys I don't think I will find her. Galor and I also talked for almost an hour last week. I called her up at her work in Makati. We talked about the web page and also about Mila's passing away which I was never informed. I was kinda mad about it. Also thru you , now I'm in constant telebabad with Tess Parado. It was nice talking to her, that it helped me come to terms with  Mila's death. Dana and Riz are coming to Las Vegas in June and we are making plans of meeting each other at circus-circus. Thank's a lot for everything. 
...............CRIS ANIAG
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