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Performance Tasks
What is a performance task?
A performance task is an approach to measure a student's status based on the way that the student completes a specified task. In a performance task, the student is required to construct an original response and apply their knowledge in an authentic, real-life siutation using hands on experience.
What are the advantages of using performance tasks?
Paper and pencil test alternative
Express what you know in a variety of formats
Recognizeable behavior
Fun and exciting
Open ended
Real world practice
Not boring
Cross content learning and application
Every learning style included

Taps into higher order thinking skills
Active participation by all students
Social interaction
Knowledge base tapped
Shows student ownership
What are the disadvantages of using performance tasks?
* Time consuming for creating, performong and grading
* Scoring is subjective
Students may need to work on assessment outside of class
Click on the mouse to the right for a sample performance task
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