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[1]  Fibonacci Scales & Melodies



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[2]  Geometry Investigation



The Task:


        a)     In how many different ways can a Circle

                intersect a Square ?

            b)     Can all the different ways be constructed

                using only a compass and straightedge?



                Click for a Java Version of the Circle & Square

                                                                              Version 1

                                       Version 2


[3]  Dissertation

Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Conceptions of Variation

                                                                                           (Final Version : August 27th, 2004)



Table of Contents


Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Literature Review & Initial Conceptual Framework

Chapter 3


Chapter 4 (Part A)

Results & Analysis – Evolving Framework

Chapter 4 (Part B)

Results & Analysis – Individual Interviews

Chapter 5

Discussion & Conclusion








Dissertation Proposal  (June 2002)

Defended Version  (May 2004)











































March 5, 2006

Daniel L. Canada, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics

Eastern Washington University