Finished Project:


1) Job Title


a) Description

b) Salary

c) Salary After Taxes

d) Monthly Salary After Taxes

e) Education Required

I) Institution

II) Years of Attendance

III) Average Annual Tuition Cost

IV) Average Cost for Supplies

V) Total Cost of Education

VI) Student Loan


2) Transportation


a) Public or Private

I) Type of Vehicle

II) Total Cost

III) Down Payment

IV) Monthly Cost

V) Gas Mileage


3) Housing


a) Rent, Buy, Build

b) Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms

c) Square Footage

d) Furnished (Yes/No)

I) Living Room Costs

II) Dining Room Costs

III) Bathroom Costs

IV) Kitchen Costs

V) Bedroom Costs

VI) Other Room Costs

e) If Rent

I) Rent Payment per month

f) If Buy/Build:

I) Cost of House

II) Cost of Land

III) Total Cost

IV) Down payment

V) Monthly Cost


4) Monthly Bills


a) Rent/House Payment

b) Utilities

c) Phone

I) House

II) Cell

d) Cable

e) Auto Insurance

f) Home Insurance

g) Student Loans

h) Car Payment

i) Gas

j) Groceries

k) Dining Out

l) Clothes

m) Internet

n) Miscellaneous



Total Monthly Bills:



5) Initial Costs


a) Furnishing

b) Down payment for vehicle

c) Groceries



Total Initial Costs:



6) Savings


a) Method of Savings

I) Amount per month













Answer the following questions completely:


1) How much education after high school is required for your job, and what type of school will you have to attend? Are your current grades acceptable for this institution, and are they in line with what you will need for your career? What, if anything, will you have to change about the way you study so that you may achieve your career goals?



2) Before you completed the interest profiler you had an idea about what career you wanted to go into. Was that career listed in the results of the profiler? If not, why do you think that happened? Did the results list any careers that you hadnít thought of that you wanted to investigate further?



3) Discuss three reasons that you chose your particular career.



4) When you were looking up information about your four career options, did anything surprise you? Were the salaries what you expected? Did you change your mind about which job to go into? If so, why?



5) How much money are you willing to save each month? Do you think it will change over time? Why? Why did you choose your particular saving method?



6) What was the most difficult part of this assignment and why? What would have made it easier?



7) What did you like most about this project and why?