Vedic Mathematics: Multiplication
I fell in love with Vedic Mathematics when I saw how elegantly it handles complex multiplications. I hated having to remember 19*19 tables in the school days. Calculators made life a lot easier, but they also make the head duller. Vedic Mathematics requires us to remember tables only till 5*9. Vedic Mathematics give us the required brain exercise without the pain.

19*19 is now simple (10+9)* (10+9) --> 28/8 1 --> 361

I will explain this simple technique and a few more in this chapter. I am in the process of developing material for this. Will update the pages as soon as done. Please keep visiting this site for more information of the wonderful world of vedic maths and remove the fear of maths from your minds.
As I work on developing the material for this section. Please do browse the videos attached below. They talk about some interesting techniques for multiplication using Vedic Mathematics.