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Mather, our home, is a small coal patch town located amidst the rolling hills of Greene County in the Southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, just a few miles East of Interstate 79.  The town was built around 1918 as an ideal model for other patch towns to follow.  The purpose was to house the men working in the Pickands Mather Collieries and their families.  Mather Collieries began operation in 1918 and ceased in 1964.  During it's 46 year history, the mine produced an estimated 33.4 million tons of coal.
The Mather mine made history on May 19, 1928 when there occurred an explosion killing 195 men.  It ranks as the 2nd most lethal mine accident in Pennsylvania history, and the 6th most deadly in the nation.
The mine closed in 1964, but its' presence is still evident by the structures still standing; the mine yard with the old mine office and gob pile, the company store, and the old theatre building.  These structures have been renovated into homes and apartments, and the gob pile is currently undergoing reclamation and development, but they will always be testimony to our coal mining heritage. 
With coal mining comes waste in the form of slate dumps / gob piles.  There is much interest in the final outcome of the reclamation and development of the approximately 50 acre site in Mather. 
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