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Applied Mathematics Upgrades
The Great American Math Factory helps teachers who use the original C.O.R.D. booklets.

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General math classes had just been eliminated in our school system and I was concerned about how to meet the needs of my students.  

could not find the material that could "break it down" properly and decided to write activities to supplement the objectives.  

hat's what I wrote in 1994 when I first offered extra practice booklets for CORD's Applied Math Curriculum.   

Teachers still call me to ask for help with teaching resources for the original C.O.R.D Applied Math curriculum.  

Since retiring from classroom teaching, I have studied the math trends toward "thoughtful analysis."  I have spent over 3 years preparing.  Why not give your students the benefit of my experiences?

am Smith, author

Downloading from the CD is much faster than downloading from this web site

I trust these activities will help your students learn!
Though not associated with C.O.R.D., I am thought of as "one of the good guys."
Visit CORD at   www.cord.org

2002 Samuel Eugene Smith, who has written to help supplemental material for CORD's Applied Math since 1994.