Integrated Math 1A & 3A Syllabus

A.    General Information

Instructor:          Ms. Mitchell, Room #211
Class webpage:    
Contact info:     (206) 252-6150 (school), Prep period: 4th
Extra Help:        Thursday in room #211 after school and/or see tutoring schedule        

Teaching Goals:
1.    Have students learn the importance of Math for future careers and everyday applications.
2.    Cover algebra, geometry, logic, probability, and data analysis topics in book.
3.    Have students learn about the history, philosophy, and multiculturalism of Math.

B.    Requirements and Grading Policies

My Grading Scale
A = 90 - 100 %
B = 80 - 89 %
C = 70 - 79 %
D = 60 - 69 %
N = 0   - 59%        

My Grading Policy                                        
60% - Tests (after every chapter) & Quizzes                          
                   *Math Essay (November or December)              
20% - Class work (participation & being on task)                   
20% - Homework (check every day at start of class)              
                   *Can make up homework in tutoring before unit test    
•    All work must be done in pencil or erasable pen.
•    Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.  A student will not get credit for work that shows academic dishonesty.

Materials needed:
•    Textbook: Integrated Mathematics by McDougal Littell
•    Loose-leaf binder/folder or composition book, paper, graph paper, pencils/erasable pens
•    Scientific Calculator

C.    Classroom Policies & Consequences

My expectations of students:
1)    Regular attendance is important! Students are responsible for missed work.
2)    Come to class prepared and on time.
3)    No food and/or drinks.
4)    Turn off & put away cell phones & cd players.
5)    Be RESPECTFUL.  No cursing.  Keep hands to self.
6)    Only 3 bathroom/locker passes/qtr.  (No passes given 1st & last 10 min of class).
7)    With a guest teacher: students are to follow directions and do work.  

Consequences:     Consequences depend on severity of student’s behavior.  
                            If necessary, parents will be contacted and/or poor behavior grade.