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Welcome to Math A  with Mr. Hui!  Here you can find resources to supplement class.  There will be materials available here that have been referenced in class such as assignments, documents, and announcements.

Please keep in mind that this site is a supplement to class, not a replacement.  Any info you find here has already been presented to you in class.
This site was created for the Math A students of Mr. Hui at Chelsea H.S.
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This week's lesson:     EQUATIONS
Important dates:
Second Marking period is coming to an end. 
It is crunch time for all of you to make the extra push and to do well. Please remember:

Peer Tutoring is available every Wednesdays in room 209 after school.  You will be given credit from me if you go!  It's a win-win!  Booya!
11/22  Second Marking Period ends
             Dress down permitted
11/23 & 11/24  NO SCHOOL -
              Thanksgiving Break
11/28  SBA trip to Museum of Natural History
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Questions for this month:
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Homework Assignments:
(must show all work to get full credit)
23.  How do we solve 2-step equations?

24.  How do we combine like terms?

25.  How do we solve "consecutive integer" problems?

26.  How do we solve equations involving rational numbers?

27.  Percent of change problem

28.  When to Cross-Multiply

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11/16  Read p. 62-63   Do p.64 #1-15
11/15  Read p.64-65 Do p.65 #1-12 ODD
11/14  Work on Project and finish classwork
11/13  Do p. 96 #1-15 EVEN
11/10  Read p.94-95  Do p. 96 #1-15 ODD

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