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The Math Ladies have started a web site just for you! Choose any of the sites listed below to get access to all their math information. If you have a question for the Math Ladies you can click here to mail and ask questions, or leave comments.

Note that all of these mathematicians and more can be found at the St. Andrew's Site For Mathematics. This site is an excellent source for any biographical or mathematical information.

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Updated! The MathLadies Links Page!

Biographies of Famous Mathematicians A look at some of the most interesting and influential mathematicians of our time.
Math History In The High School Classroom A look at using the History of math in the classroom, and why it should be done.
Questions To Incorporate Into Curriculum These questions can be downloaded onto your computer for printing to use with your students.
Download the Word file here.
Updated!Eratosthenes First Approximation of The Circumference of The Earth
Now has easier to read HTML page.
An exciting activity to do with your students, or just a story to tell them. This activity works with circumference and ratios. Excellent for a grade 8 - 10 class.
Download the Word file here.
Bibliography A listing of the references used to create the materials on this site.
Pythagorean Theorem Page An example of a website teachers can make with their classes. For an explanation of the Internet as an Assessment Tool, click here.
Review of Math Trick, Puzzles & Games An review of the book by Raymond Blum. There also includes a sample of the games for use in the classroom.
Download of An Easter Egg Graph A review sheet to help with distinction of lines and slopes.(Word 97)
Download of A Crossword Puzzle A review of slope terms in a crossword setup. (Word 97)
Gender Issues In Mathematics A discussion of gender issues in mathematics by Jody Richards and Jeff Mahood.
Creating A Math Club A discussion of how to develop a Math Club at your school, and what directions it can take.
Computer Ergonomics A guide for teachers on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) prevention techniques to teach your students in a computer class.
Comparison of Cultural Teaching Strategies A short summary of American and Asian teaching strategies with pictures of Nancy's trip to Hong Kong.
Computer Science Teaching ItemsA listing of Computer Science related teaching items.
Math HumourA website full of Math jokes and humour!
New!Links to Math ComicsAllows you to find mathematically related comics from favourite comic strips!

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