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A Vacation, Latin Style
Project Overview
    Do you have any idea what is involved in planning a two-week vacation in a foreign country? Well, prepare a two-currency budget for such a vacation in a Latin-America country that you have never visited before. And you'll find out!
A Vacation, Latin Style" is a multidisciplinary project which will enhance a student's learning experience through "unique and compelling" applications of instructional technology. In particular, this learning experience makes use of stimulating new applications of the Internet in education asuch as real-time financial data, real-time political news, and international cultural resources.
    Students will tap into these fantastic assets in the context of an authentic situation which will need: 
        social studies savvy for intelligent decisions making;
        language arts  proficiency for a well rounded
         summary of the country's profile; and specially,
        mathematics skills for the budget itself.
Learning Objectives
The major leaning objectives of this project are:
         To calculate the distance between two
         cities using map scales
         To solve real-life situations involving time,
         distance and rate.
         To unravel real-world problems
         concerning time using a world time-zone
         To manipulate currency exchange rates by
          means of the ratio-rate concepts.
         To interpret a line graph.
         To compute percent increase-decrease from
          a line graph
         To utitilize the trends to make projections.
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