The Course
Math 450: Teaching Secondary School Mathematics is the capstone course in the secondary school mathematics teacher education program at Western Michigan University. The mathematics teaching major also includes courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Proofs, Geometry, Statistics, Abstract Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Teaching Middle School Mathematics, and Technology for Teaching Mathematics.

The Fall 2000 teacher is Dr. Laura Van Zoest. The students are: Angelique Castro, Diane Rogers, Jesse Webb, Josh Anders, Lindsay Akers, and Pam VeenKant.
Things we've done this semester include:
Clinical Interview to investigate a student's geometric understanding and learn about our own questioning strategies and their effectiveness.
Reflecting on Teaching session with classroom teachers where we watched and discussed key components of a lesson (launch, students at work, closure).
Textbook Analysis to find out more about reform curriculum materials.
Take-home Midterm that allowed us to review some mathematics and analyze a problem in relation to the NCTM Standards.
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