Mrs. Bryan's Pre Calculus Class

Walk a Math Trail across SoutheastTennessee
Nat'l Math Trail
in TN
Meet our Pre Calculus Class...
We are a multicultural group from varied backgrounds.
From left to right:      
Dima Dudenkov, citizen of the Ukraine,
Jonathan (Tex) Carlson, native Texan,
Marisa Kierstead, Ute Indian ancestry,
Sam Huckaby, youngest of 6 brothers, has lived in 5 states,
Josh Patterson, Cherokee-English heritage,
and Allison Elrod, Dutch/German descent.
The Lost Sea Cave
Red Clay Historic Park.
Walk beside
The Hiwassee River
where the Cherokee departed
The Trail of Tears.
Our Math Trail is focused on the Cherokee Indian history unique to our area.  Our school is located in southeast Tennessee, only 15 miles from Red Clay, once the capital of the Cherokee Nation.
We are within 3 miles of the site of Fort Cass, one of 3 forts in Bradley County where Cherokees were held during the last days before their forced westward journey.
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The hills and valleys of Tennessee are rich in Cherokee history. In our search of mathematics in our community...
We walked beside the Hiwassee River where the Cherokees left Fort Cass to travel the Trail of Tears in 1838.
We stood where the Calhoun Methodist Church had stood in 1820 and visited the cemetery where Cherokee Christians buried young Indian Princess, daughter of Chief Lewis Ross.
We read aloud the educated words of Chief John Ross disavowing the Treaty of New Echota, which agreed to the Cherokee Removal from their homes and families.
We walked in the Lost Sea Cave where Cherokee held council meetings and possibly sought refuge to escape their forced removal.
We tasted the water of the Cherokee sacred water,
the Blue Hole Spring.
We walked the sacred council ground of the last Cherokee encampment site at Red Clay and watched the flicker of
the sacred flame.
Our footprints are forever blended with those of the Cherokee. The Trail of Tears is now a part of us.
Our nation was born of several nations. and only the logic of mathematics could explain how such diversity blends to form
strong unity.
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Red Clay State Historic Park Cleveland, TN
The Lost Sea Cave
Sweetwater, TN
Hiwassee River Area
Charleston and Calhoun
Luajean Bryan,
Math Department, WVHS
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