Family Tree compiled by Dayal Saran (father's side)
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Family Tree compiled by Suresh Narayan Mathur (father's side)
Sheo Sahai, Ishwari Sahai, Soami Saran, Sunder Rani, Brij Kishore, Dhanwanti Devi, Shabd Saran, Prakashwati Mohan, Chunchun, Uma Shankar, Lal, Triveni Mathur, Prakash Behari Lal Mathur, Sant Saran, Prem Saran, Anand Saran, Prayagwati Mathur, Ambe Rani, Uma Mathur, Jagraj Swaroop Mathur, Ram Kishore, Mahesh Narain Mathur, Jagdish Narain Mathur, Raj Rani, Sushila Mathur, Vijay NArain Mathur, Shiv NArain Mathur, Maharaj Kishore, Basanti Kishore, Gopi Narain Mathur, Prakash Kishore, Radhey Kishore, Vishnu Sahay, Kamla Kishore, Suresh Chandra, Dayal Saran, Neera Mathur, Shailendra, Suresh Chandra MAthur, Sarla MAthur, Om Prakash MAthur, Girish Kumar Mathur, Lalit MAthur, Jitendra Kumar MAthur, Sheela Mathur, Vijai Kumar Mathur, Renuka Mathur, Ajit Kumar Mathur, Pratima Mathur, Bhagwan Sahay Mathur, Vijaya Mathur, Veena Mathur, Raj Kumar Mathur, Indra Mathur, Ravindra Prasad Mathur, Shankar Sahay Mathur, Asha Mathur, Laxmi Sahay Mathur, Abha Mathur, P K Mathur, Vibha Mathur, Satish Chandra Mathur, Chander S Mathur,   ............
Ghanshyam Rai, Chanda Lal, Jaidutt Narayan, Prem Narayan, Raj Narayan Mathur, Kishan Narayan Mathur, Anno, Suraj Narayan, Pittey, Ishwari Prasad, Bala Prasad, Prem Narain, Inder Narain, Rajendra Narain, Jagdish Narain Mathur, Shanti Mathur, Brijesh Narain MAthur, Rama Mathur, Prakash Narayan Mathur, Kiran Mathur, RAjeshwari Mathur, Shiv Shankar Mathur, Sushila Mathur, Mahesh Narain Mathur, Shanti Mathur, Kartar Narayan Mathur, Sarla Mathur, Shiv Nath, Suresh Narayan Mathur, Usha Mathur, Lalita Mathur,  .......
Family Tree compiled by Dayal Saran (mother's side)
Lalita Charan, Madan Mohan, Pyare Mohan, Dulare Mohan, Bhagwati Sahai, Mohanvidya, Sundar, Ambe Sahai, J Sahai, P Sahai, Mohini Mohan, Prakashwati Mohan, Shabd Saran,Brij Mohan, Gopi Mohan, Vishwanath Sahay Mathur, Giriraj Sahay Mathur, Jagdish Prakash Chandra, Pare M Chandra, Anand Chandra, Shyam Sahai, Chand, Kali, Mohini Sahai, S S Saharia, Sarvesh Sahai, Indra Sahai, Dayal Saran, Neera Mathur, Baby, Bimla Mohan, Shakuntala Mohan, Harish Mohan, Laxmi Mohan, Sudha Mohan, Madhuri Mohan, Shashi Mohan, Malti Mohan, V K Mathur, Kanchan Mathur, Kusum Mathur, Bansi Dhar Mathur, Rajkumari Mathur, Gopal Narayan Mathur, Madhur Mathur, Ramesh Chanra Mathur, Avinash Kumar Mathur, Kalpana Mathur, Anil Kumar Mathur, Uma, Baby, Deepa Chandra, Rupa Chandra, Satish Chandra, Rajiv Saharia, Renu Saharia, Rajnish Saran, Shalini Srivastava, Jyoti Saran, Pavan Mitroo, Neeti Saran, Rajvansh Mathur, ..........
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a compilation of family trees by Dayal Saran (2 nos), Suresh Narayan Mathur (2 nos), Deepak Sahai (1 no), Rajeev Mathur(1 no)
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Family Tree compiled by Suresh Narayan Mathur (mother's side)
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Pyare Lal, Munshi Bhola Nath,Babu Gangadhar Swarup, Babu Narain Das, Raghunath Prasad, Rasik Bihari Lal, Shyam Bihari Lal, Raj Kumar, Shyam Swarup, Kishan Swarup, Babu Ram Chandra, Lachman swarup, Gopal Swarup, Babu Ram Sukh, Babu Triveni Sahai, Radhe Mohan, Gopal Narain Mathur, Prahlad Narain Mathur, Hari Har Narain Mathur, ganga Mathur, Baldev Bihari Mathur, Mehtab Mathur, Prem Bihari Mathur, Parvati Mathur, Madho Prasad, Rukmani Devi Mathur, Kishan Narayan Mathur, Laxmi Narain, Vasudev Narain, Parvati, Radhe Kishan, Brij Bihari, Jugal Bihari, Mukat Bihari, Jagdish Bihari, Mohan Swarup, Jyoti Swarup, Kunwar Swarup,  Govind Swarup, Avadh Bihari, Narain Swarup, Babu Devi Prasad, Babu Anand Swarup, Chameli Mathur, Shiva Narain Mathur, Vidya, Govind Narain Mathur, Padma, Suraj Narain Mathur, Daya, Jagdish Narain Mathur, Saroj, Keshav Narain Mathur, Dhruva Narain Mathur, Birjan Mathur, Jugal Kishore, Rama Mathur, .....................
A simple listing of 6 Mathur family trees. Eldest siblings have been placed first in the family tree. Care has been taken to put in accurate data. Errors and omissions regretted. We shall appreciate your views and suggestions. Please feel free to add this link in your web pages. We sahll appreciate this.
Special thanks to:--- Gitanjali Mathur, Balram Mathur, Tej Narain, Jayati Mathur, Rajeev Mathur
Trying to locate ancestors of Sheo Sahai, Lalita Charan, Madan Mohan, Pyrae Mohan, Dulare Mohan, Pyare Lal, Munshi Bhola Nath, Babu Gangadhar Swarup, Babu Narain Das, Ghanshyam Rai
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One tree on the internet has been located which has some references matching with people on two of our trees ! Susheela Mathur (and spouse and children and grandchildren) at N e w   -   T r e e is the same as Sushila Mathur in the trees TREE-2(Family Tree - compiled by Suresh Narain Mathur - father's side) and TREE-4(Family Tree - compiled by Suresh Narain Mathur - mother's side).
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Family Tree compiled by Rajeev Mathur(father's side)
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