Cheat Codes

While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, then type any of the following codes: 

Code			Result
klapaucius		$1000 Simoleons
rosebud			$1000 Simoleons (if using v1.1+)
route_balloons on/off	Basic tutorial on/off
sweep on/off		Shows ticks of the game
tile_info on/off	Show or hide tile info
log_mask		Set event logging mask
draw_all_frames on/off	Draw all frames on and off
history			Dumps family history file
edit_char		Open Create-A-Character screen
draw_floorable on/off	Floorable grid
water_tool		Make your home surrounded by water
set_hour #		Change time of day to # (1-24)
sim_speed #		Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000)
interests		View personality and interests of your Sims
autonomy #		Change how Sims think on their own (1-100)
grow_grass #		Grow grass # (1-150)
map_edit on/off		Edit the map
draw_routes on/off	Selected person's path displayed
move_object		Move any object
prepare_lot		Check and fix required lot objects
preview_anims on/off	Preview animations
rotation (0-3)		Rotate camera
house #			Autoload indicated house #
visitor_control		Toggle controlling visitors via keyboard
!			Repeat last cheat
;			Separate multiple cheat commands