During a game press enter and type:


power overwhelming                     -    God mode

operation cwal                         -    Build really quick

show me the money                      -    10,000 resources

black sheep wall                       -    Reveal map

whats mine is mine                     -    Minerals

breathe deep                           -    vespene gas

something for nothing                  -    all upgrades

medieval man                           -    unit upgrades

war aint what it used to be            -    no fog

radio free zerg                        -    special Zerg rap ( you must be Zerg when this is entered)

modify the phase variance              -    build all the buildings

food for thought                       -    build anything without minerals or gas

the gathering                          -    unlimited spell energy

game over man                          -    lose game instantly

heal me                                -    click on units and they explode

noglues                                -    opponents cannot use spells

there is no cow level                  -    complete mission

staying alive                          -    mission never ends