Virginia to Tennessee to Indiana
DISCLAIMER: These families are copiled from facts that I have found and then my interpretation of them. You may agree or disagree.  But, would love to have comments from you.  Wanda
My Matlock connection was first discovered in Roane County, Tennessee. Where my grandmother Mary 'Polly'  MATLOCK and her husband Thomas Littleton raised their family. I have learned over the years that there is much controversay in connecting these families. And, whose to say who is right. I hope that I am LOL...but who really knows. With all the DNA testing that is done it is clearly pointing to who is or who is not connected to certain lines.

Having a paper trail on your lineage is very important. It not a good practice to just take anything off the internet and use it. But use it as a tool to help you in your search. Hearsay information should be checked out. If there has been documentation found on some of these has not been shared. Therefore, be leary of peoples work that does not list a source. Having seen other peoples work and seeing how different my work is from theirs wonder how we came to our conclusions. Trying to following some of these lines as researchers have them have just plain ole given me a headache. Guess I just do not have access to records that they do. So....I have decided to put what I have out for others to see as well. Right or Wrong! I have tried to use the facts as I have found them. But assumptions are sometimes used because of time and place association. There are errors, I am sure, but with help of others this is the best that I can do at this time.

Most of my research on my lines was done in courthouses, trips to the Mormon library in Salt Lake City, libraries over the country, correspondence with these places, and for the kind generosity of others who shared their immediate lines with me. To these researchers, I give you a big THANKS!  I also have shared much over the years. And have seen some of it in many places.  But that's the fun of genealogy...helping others.  The earlier Matlocks, before Virginia, are taken from old group sheets in Salt Lake City. I will not include all of my work and no living person will be listed.  I may list a source but if I do not you are more that welcome to write to me.  I will share what I have with you. These pages will be mostly names and dates.

Since spending 2 years with Brenda doing our interpretation of the Matlock, Medlock, Matlack, (various spellings) census I have not had much time to work on my other lines. So in the coming months I will extract some of my information from my files and put it out here.. But, only as time permits.  In order to verify some of these lines you may want to check the census records. A link to Matlock census for 1790 thru 1920 is found on my Home Page. I have found many errors in our census records as I was working some families over several states. Finding these I have decided to verify them. I started this project in January of this year (2005). As of this date 1 August 2005 I   have complete 1790 thru 1900.  

Since I have done these pages 2 years ago the DNA project is off the ground and have several males that have tested. If you have not done so...PLEASE consider it. From these DNA test I find that my line is closely related to Moore Matlock but probably not a son as I thought. So there you go. You just never know.. They say DNA's doesn't lie. But have heard that sometime enviorment and diesease can cause a change in the DNA..

Because of lack of space where these pages originally were. I decided to move all my Matlock information to this site.  But it will be linked to my homepage.

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This is my line as I have found it.


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