…3 Moor MATLOCK was born on 5 February 1801. She was daughter of Jason MATLOCK Sr. and Elizabeth ‘Fanny’ RAYBORN. He died before 2 May 1842. He married Rebecca PICKLE on 5 March 1825 in Roane County, Tennessee. She was born in February 1811 in Tennessee to John PICKLE and Catherine HUFFAKER. She died before 1864.

BIBLE:  This was a family history written in a spelling book by Moor Matlock.
Charlotte shared a copy of this book with me and this is an abstract from those pages.  Thanks Charlotte.

Moore Matlock born 2-5-1801
John P Matlock born 3-26-1827 (a note by this says 'son of Jason')
Mary Matlock born 1-31-1830
Catherine Jane Matlock born 10-19-1832
Nancy Matlock born 7-8-1835
Martha Matlock born 5-3-1838
James P. Matlock born 12-21-1840
Tabitha Matlock born 10-20-1832 (obviously not a child of Moore)*
Tabitha Matlock died 4-12-1864
William Moore Matlock died 6-18-1860 (Perhaps this should have been 1850)
John P. Matlock died 3-18-1850 (census usually taken this early yet he shows in the 1850 census)
James P Matlock died 3-3-1869

COURT: (1)Estate Book F, pg 10-11; Feb 1856 term; Moore Matlock dec'd. John B Waller guardian to children of Moore, Nancy A, Martha & James P minor children.

CENSUS: (1)1830 TN, Roane Co, Ro-50; Moore Matlock, 10001-1001
(2)1840 TN, Roane Co, Ro-50; 001001-201001
(3)1850 TN, Roane Co, Ro-904-768; (Moore dec’d) Rebecca, 39,f,w,TN,head of household; John 23,m,w, TN; Mary, 20,m,w,TN; Catherine J, 18,f,w,TN; Nancy, 15,f,w,TN; Martha, 12,f,w,TN; James, 10,m,w, TN; Nathaniel ELKINS 23,m,w,TN.

DEED: Roane Co, TN, WD, G-1 pg 435, 18 Sep 1833.  Jason Matlock sold Moore Matlock 200A 18 Sep 1833 and instruments was filed 17 Jul 1837.

WILL: 18 Mar 1842, Roane Co, TN.
Moore Matlock,
"All my estate the use and profits &c thereof shall be for the use and benefit of my wife and children until my son John Matlock arrives to the age of 21. When my son John Matlocke arrives to the above age that he take possession of and have as his ownproperty the tract of land whereon Henry Fritts now live as his potion in full. It is my will that the ballance of my Land and property Remain and continue for the use of my wife and children during my wifes life or widdowhood. My son James Matlock at the death or marriage of my wife take possession of the place whereon I lived at my death and have and keep the same as his property forever. The Balance of my Property to be sold at the death of my wife and Equally divided among my other Children. If my wife should marry again then and at that time all my lands and Property disposed of- as follows -The Land to the two boys and the other Property Equally divided between my children. I appoint Absolom Matlock and William Pickle my Executors assignd & witnessed this 18th of March 1842.
Sig: Moore Matlocke (seal)
Attest: Robt Williams, R C Alexander Recorded in Kingston 2nd May 1842.

ESTATE: (1)Estate book C, pg 313-314, July term 1842, Roane Co, TN: A list of the personal property of Moore Matlocke deceased. Several head of livestock, farming tools, furniture and kitchen tools, etc. The above is a list of the personal property of Moore Matlocke deceased which was willed to the widow and family this 14 May 1842. Sig: William Pickle, A Matlock.
(2)Estate book C, pg 315: A list of property sold fo the Estate of Moore Matlock dec'd on the 11th Feb 1843 Total $10.95. Sig: Exec W H Pickle, A Matlocke Sworn to in open court 6 March 1843.
(3)Estate book D, pg 222,223, Apr term 1846; Moore Matlock estate; Absolom Matlock &
Wm H Pickel came to court made settlement. The will of Moore directed it to be kept together for the benefit of wife and children. Executors have only sold a portion of said estate such as was not desired to be kept by the widow.

Known children of Moor and Rebecca:

…… 4 John P. MATLOCK was born on 26 March 1827 in Roane County, Tennessee and died on 18 March 1858 in Roane County.  He married Tabitha Jane UNKNOWN. Tabitha was born on 20 October 1832.  She died on 12 April 1864.

CENSUS: (1)1860 TN, Anderson Co, A-55, pg 26; Jethro Monger, 59,m,w,59,farmer,v.R/E $2,000,v.pers $4000,NC; Elizabeth H. Monger, 55,f,w,TN; William C., 30,m,w,TN; Mary E, 24, f,w,TN; Horace P., 21,m, w,TN; James E, 20,m,w,TN; Tobitha MATLOCK,  27,f,w,TN; Sarah J, 5,f,w,TN; Absolum M, 2,m,2,TN.

DEED: "Roane Co, Deed"
(1)23 Oct 1850, TD, Deed Bk L-1, pg 135; John P Matlock Christian Pickel TR--William H. Pickel.. 450 A, Filed 15 Nov 1850.
(2)26 Aug 1857 Deed bk N-1, pg 486, Bond, Roane Co, TN, John P Matlock to G L Crowder,  Sinking Creek; Filed 10 Jul 1860.
(3)7 Jul 1861, Deed bk N-1, pg 708, Roane Co, TN; Estate of John P Matlock George L Crowder, Hickory Creek; filed 10 Jan 1862.

WILL:  Estate Book F; pg 168-169, 
Roane County, Tennessee
John P Matlock’s will April Session 1858

The Last will and Testament of John P Matlock
I John P Matlock considering the uncertainty of this mortal Life and being of sound mind and memory Do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say,
1st I give my body to the grave and my soul to God who gave it
2nd I want my body decently entered and my Doctor bills and all just debts paid
3d I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Tabitha Jane Matlock the following articles, one years provision and twenty five Dollars for clothing and other expenses One side saddle One Bedstead Bed and furniture One other Feather Bed Two chests
4th I want the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between my beloved wife Tabitha Jane and my two children Sary Rebecca and Absalom Moore, Provided she remains a widow but in case she should marry then the whole Estate shall fall to my two children Sary Rebecca and Absalom Moore equally with the exception of what I first gave her My landed Estate I want improved and in the course of some four or five years if thought best the land to be sold on such terms as would most inure to the interest of the Estate and the money to be Kept at interest until the heirs comes of age my personal property to be soldon such terms as may be Thought best I hereby make and appoint William H Pickle
page 2; page 169
sole Executor of this my last will and testament and for this he is hereby authorised and empowered by me to take into his care and under his control all as above named together with all other dues that I may die seized and pofsefsed of and further he is to sell the land, without an order of court and is hereby
empowered to make such right to said land as I am pofsefsed of, further I want my two children to be sent to school and to have a good english education out of their Estate In witness where of I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal this 26 day of February 1858.
John P Matlock   (seal)

The above instrument as now here subscribed by John P matlock testator in the presence of each of us and was at the same time declared by him to be his last will and Testament and we at his request assign our names hereto as attesting witnefses
Edward Williams
J M Williams

State of Tennefsee} County Court
Roane County } April Sessions 1858
Then was the foregoing last will and testament of John P Matlock deceased produced in open court and the execution and declaration thereof duly proved in open court by the Oaths of Edward Williams and J M Williams the subscribing witnesses therto and admitted to record and Ordered to be certified & recorded.
Witness my hand at office in Kingston the 1st Monday of April 1858
Austin L Greene Clk

Known children of John and Tabatha:

……… 5 Sarah Rebecca MATLOCK was born on 12 September 1856 in Tennessee. She married James M. MOUNGER on 21 April 1877 in Tennessee.

MARRIAGE: Rebecca R. Matlock to James M. Mounger, 21 Apr 1887, TN

……… 5 Absalum Moor MATLOCK was born on 3 January 1858 in Tennessee. He died before 1887 in Loudon County, Tennessee. He married Rebecca UNKNOWN. Rebecca was born in November 1863 in Ohio.

NOTE: 1870 Anderson Co, TN. Absolum is living with Jethro and Elizabeth Munger; age 12.

CENSUS: (1)1880 TN, Loudon Co, District 10, pg 220-9; Absolom Matlock, head,w,m,22,M, TN,TN,TN,farmer; Rebecca, wife,w,f,16,M,OH,Wales,Wales; John, son,w,m,8/12,(Feb),TN, TN,TN.
(2)1900 TN, Loudon Co, District 10, pg 111; (Rebecca is widow of Absolom) John Mounger, head,w,m,Nov 1840,59,M-13,TN,NC,TN,farmer; Rebecca, wife,w,f,Nov 1863,36,M-13,7-5, OH,Wales,Eng; A??? M, son,w,m,May 1888,12,TN; Rosalie, dau,w,f,Feb 1890,10,TN; Ralph, son,w,m,Sept 1894,4,TN; William G MATLOCK, step/son,w,m,May 1883,17, TN.

NOTE: Rebecca married John Mounger about 1887; after Absalum’s death. The 1900 census states that Rebecca and John have been married for 13 years. 

…… 4 Mary MATLOCK was born on 31 January 1830 in Roane County, Tennessee.

…… 4 Catherine Jane MATLOCK was born on 19 October 1832 in Roane County, Tennessee.

…… 4 Nancy Ann MATLOCK was born on 8 July 1835 in Roane County, Tennessee.

…… 4 Martha MATLOCK was born on 3 May 1838 in Roane County, Tennessee.

…… 4 James Pickel MATLOCK was born on 21 December 1840 in Roane County, Tennessee. He died on 12 April 1915 in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee.  He married Elizabeth F. HUDSON on 3 May 1859 in Roane County, Tennessee.  She was born on 3 January 1838 in Tennessee to Robert HUDSON and Sarah 'Sally' MEAD. She died on 11 January 1922 in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee.  Both were buried in Woodlawn Baptist Church Cemetery, Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee.

NOTE: (1)He was elected to the County Court in Loudon Co, after it was formed in 1870.
(2)His land was located on Williams Ferry Road in Lenoir City.

MARRIAGE: Matlock, James to Elizabeth Hudson 4-30-1859 [5-3-1859] Ro; "Early East TN Marriages" by Sistler, groom, pg 234.

CENSUS: (1)1860 TN, Roane Co, pg 64-133; Jas P Matlock, 19,m,w,TN; Elizabeth, 22,f,w,TN; Wm, 3/12, m,w,TN Martha MATLOCK, 22,f,w,TN (sister).
(2)1870 TN, Roane Co, District 3, #162-155; (Listed under female S A Williams) Jas P MATLOCK, 29,m,w, farmer, $2000,TN; E, 32,f,w,TN; Wm 10,m,w,TN; M A, 8,f,w,TN; John, 3,m,w, TN; Robert,1,m,w, TN; Martha (sister), 32,f,w,TN; S A WILLIAMS, 84,f,w, keeping house,TN.
(3)1880 TN, Loudon Co, 11th dist, #24-24, pg 438C; James Matlock, 39,head,w,TN,TN,TN, farmer; Elizabeth, 42,wife,w,keeping house,TN,TN,TN; Mary, 19,dau,w,TN; John T, 13,son, w,TN; Robert E, 11, son,w,TN; Jullia, 9,dau,w,TN; James P, 6,son,w,TN; Charles, 3,son,w, TN; Jenne E, 5/12 (Feb),dau, w,TN.
(4)1890 Civil War Veterans Census; James P Matlock; Lo-195-1; Ord Sgt K Co 5th TN Inf; 18 Oct 1862 to 30 Jun 1865; Eaton's X Roads PO; rheumatism & heart disease.  (Loudon County)
(5)1900 TN, Loudon Co, District 10, pg 170-171; James P Matlock, head,w,m,Dec 1840,59,
M-41,TN,TN,TN; Elizabeth F, wife,w,f,Jan 1838,62,M-41,8-8,TN,TN,TN; Robert E, son,w,m, Jun 1869,30,S,TN; Charles R, son,w,m,Apr 1877,23,S,TN; Jennie E, dau,Jan 1880,20,S,TN.
(6)1910 TN, Loudon Co, old dist 10, #29-29; James P Matlock, head,w,m,69,M-50,TN,TN,TN; Elizabeth, wife,w,f,72,M-50,8-8,TN.
(7)1920 TN, Loudon Co, Lenoir City, pg 208B; Elizabeth Matlock, head,w,f,82,Wd,TN,TN,TN; Martha Miller, servant,w,f,40,S,TN,house keeper.

MILITARY: Civil War, Union Army, Co K, 5th, TN Inf Vol... He was in the battles at Franklin and Nashville, he also accompanied General Sherman's army as far as Atlanta.

TOMBSTONE: James P Matlock, 21 Dec 1840 - 12 Apr 1915, Woodlawn Bapt Ch, Lenoir City, Loudon Co, TN; Co K, 5th TN Inf..

TOMBSTONE: Elizabeth F Hudson Matlock, 3 Jan 1838 - 11 Jan 1922, Woodlawn Bapt Ch, Lenoir City, Loudon Co, TN; SS: James P.

Known children of James and Elizabeth:

……… 5 William Moore MATLOCK was born on 22 February 1860 in Roane County, Tennessee.  He died on 18 June 1918.  He married (1)Lillie E. UNKNOWN before 1880 in Tennessee. Lillie was born about 1863 in Tennessee. He also married (2)Emma UNKNOWN about 1898. Emma was born about 1868 in Illinois.

NOTE: Middle name from Vol 1 WFT.

CENSUS: (1)1880 TN, Loudon Co, 11th dist, 25-26; William Matlock, 20,head,w,TN,TN,TN, farmer; Lillie E, 17,w,f,keeping house,TN,TN,TN.

……… 5 Mary A. MATLOCK was born on 23 November 1861 in Roane County, Tennessee. She married Unknown GALLAHER.

……… 5 John T. MATLOCK was born on 16 January 1867 in, Roane County, Tennessee. He died on 10 May 1944 in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee. He married Lavinia E. MATLOCK on 21 September 1892 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Lavinia was born on 14 July 1868 in Roane County, Tennessee to John C. MATLOCK and Mary Jane OLIPHANT. She died on 24 May 1938 in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee. Both were buried in Woodlawn Bapttist Church Cemetery, Loudon County, Tennessee.
NOTE: John C. Matlock is son of JesseeMatlock.

MARRIAGE: John T Matlock to Levina E Matlock, 21 Sep 1892, by Rev W. C. Burnett; Loudon Co, TN. "Loudon Co, TN Marriages 1875 - 1910"

CENSUS: (1)1900 TN, Loudon Co, District 1, pg 94; John Matlock, head,w,m,Jan 1867,33,M-8, farmer,TN,TN,TN; Lavinia, wife,w,fJul 1868,31,M-8,4-3,TN,TN,TN; Maud E, dau,f,w,dau,Oct 1894,5,TN; John W, son,w,m Nov 1896,3,TN; James B, son,m,w,Jul 1898,1,TN.
(2)1910 Knox Co, 124-23; John L Matlock, head,m,w,43,M-17,TN,TN,TN,Farmer; Ella L, wife, f,w,41, M-17,9-8,TN,TN,TN; Maud E, dau,f,w,15,TN; John W, son,m,w,13,TN; James B, son, m,w,11,TN; Mary V, dau,f,w,9,TN; William H, son,m,w,8,TN; Callie, dau,f,w,4,TN; Charles R, son,m,w,2,TN.
(3)1920 TN, Loudon Co, District 2, pg 180B; J T Matlock, head,w,m,53,M,TN,TN,TN,farmer; E L, wife,f,w,57,M,TN,TN,TN; W H, son,w,m,17,TN; Calley, dau,f,w,15,TN; C R, son,m,w, 11,TN; E F, son,m,w,9,TN; M M, dau,f,w,6,TN.

OBITUARY:  J Matlock - - John, 77, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Floyd Goodwin of the Woodlawn Community near Lenoir City.  Survivors: four daughters, Mrs, Goodwin, Mrs O J Dale, Mrs George Retledge, Mrs Clyde Pickle; five sons, Walter, Bruce, Herbert, Raymond, and Frank.  Funeral at 2 p.m. Friday at Woodlawn church, the Revs. O H Lawhorn and Oakley Johnson officiating. 
Burial in the Church Cemetery.  Quinn Funeral Home, Loudon, in charge.

OBITUARY: "Lenoir City" May 25 1938-- Funeral for Mrs. Ella Levina Matlock, who died Tuesday night, will be at 2p.m. Friday at the Woodlawn Church with burial in the Church Cemetery.  Surviving are the Husband, John Matlock; four daughters, Mrs. Floyd Goodwin and Mrs. George Rutledge of Lenoir City, Mrs A. J. Dale of Evansville, Indiana, and Mrs. Clyde Pickel of Martel; five sons, Walter, Bruce, Herbert, Raymond, and Frank.

TOMBSTONE: John T Matlock, 16 Jan 1867 - 10 May 1944, Woodlawn Bapt Ch Cem, Lenoir
City, Loudon Co, TN; S/S Ella L.

TOMBSTONE: Ella L Matlock, 14 Jul 1868 0 24 May 1938, Woodlawn Bapt Ch Cem, Lenoir
City, Loudon Co, TN.

……… 5 Robert E. MATLOCK was born in June 1869 in Roane County, Tennessee. He married Minnie P. HARVEY on 15 February 1903 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Minnie was born about 1881 in Tennessee.

MARRIAGE: Robert E Matlock to Minnie Harvey, 15 Feb 1903, by Rev. P Pardue; Loudon Co, TN. "Loudon Co, TN Marriages 1875 - 1910"

CENSUS: (1)1910 TN, Loudon Co, Distric 10, Lenoir City, A Street, #187-197; R E Matlock, head,w,m,40, M-7,TN,TN,TN; Minnie, wife,w,f,29,M-7,2-2,TN,TN,TN; Henry F, son,w,m,6, TN; Freida, dau,w,f,4,TN.
(2)1920 TN, Loudon Co, Lenoir City, pg 185B; Robert E Matlock, head,w,m,50,TN,TN,TN; Minnie P, wife, w,f,37, TN,TN, TN; Fred, son,w,m,15,TN; Freda, dau,w,f,12,TN.

……… 5 Julia MATLOCK was born on 1 December 1871 in Roane County, Tennessee. She died on 27 April 1939 at Eatons Cross Roads, Loudon County, Tennessee. She married James Vance WATT on 27 September 1891 in Loudon County, Tennessee. He was born on 12 April 1867 in Tennessee to Joseph Hugh WATT and Mary Ellen HARMON. He died on 30 May 1926.

……… 5 James Pickel MATLOCK was born on 11 July 1874 in Loudon County, Tennessee. He died on 14 April 1941 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.  He married Sallie Ethel WATT on 27 September 1899 in Knox County, Tennessee.  She was born on 26 August 1875 in Knox County, Tennessee and died on 7 September 1964 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

MARRIAGE: James P Matlock Jr (25) to Sallie Ethel Watt (23); Knox Co, TN;  #531 by C H Everett MG; bn R E Matlock.

CENSUS: (1)1900 TN, Loudon Co, District 10, #169-170; James P Matlock Jr, head,w,m,Jul 1874,25,M-0, TN,TN,TN; Sallie E, wife,w,f,Aug 1876,23,M-0,TN,TN,GA.

……… 5 Charles Rufus MATLOCK was born on 1 April 1877 in Roane County, Tennessee. He died on 10 June 1924 in Loudon County, Tennessee. He married Blanche L. LANE about 1903 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Blanche was born on 1 October 1880 in Tennessee. She died on 9 February 1963 in Loudon County, Tennessee. Both were buried in Woodlawn Baptist Church Cemetery, Loudon County, Tennessee.

CENSUS: (1)1910 TN, Loudon Co, Old District 10, #30-30; Charles R Matlock, head,w,m,33, M-7,TN,TN,TN; Blanche, wife,w,f,28,M-7,2-2,TN,TN,TN; James P, son,w,m,6,TN; Hazel, dau,w,f,1 6/12,TN.
(2)1920 TN, Loudon Co, District 2, #60-77; C R Matlock, head,w,m,42,TN,TN,TN; Blanch, wife,w,f,38,TN, TN,TN; J P, son,w,m,16,TN; Harit E, dau,w,f,10,TN; Edna H, dau,w,f,8,TN.

TOMBSTONE: Chas R Matlock, 1 Apr 1877 - 10 Jun 1924, Woodlawn Bapt Ch Cem, Lenoir City, Loudon Co, TN; S/S Blanche L..

TOMBSTONE: Blanche L Matlock 1 Oct 1880 - 9 Feb 1863, Woodlawn Bapt Ch Cem, Lenoir City, Loudon Co, TN; S/S Chas R.

……… 5 Jennie E. MATLOCK was born January or February 1880 in Loudon County, Tennessee. She died on 26 March 1965. She married Joseph P. ALEXANDER on 12 February 1908 in Lenoir City, Loudon County, Tennessee. Joseph was born on 10 September 1868. He died on 10 May 1954 in Loudon County, Tennessee.

NOTE:  (1)Have seen where her birthday was listed as 1908 but she appears on the 1880 census with James and Elizabeth being age of 2/12 then on 1900 she is listed as 20 years old.
(2)The bible record below was printed in “Knox County Bibles” by Genealogical Society.

BIBLE: Alexander Family Bible
Mrs. J. P. Alexander of Lenoir City,TN

Family Record:
Husband...Joseph P. Alexander   b. Sep 10, 1868
Wife...Jannie Matlock Alexander b. Jan 10 1880
      Married Feb 12, 1908 by Rev. George Boatman at Woodlawn Church

Frances Marene Alexander was born August 29, 1909
Joe Ralph Alexander was born October 16, 1915
Hester Reba Alexander was born July 17, 1918
Marion Earl Alexander was born January 11, 1924

Joseph P Alexander and Jannie Matlock were married Feb. 12, 1908
Joe Ralph Alexander and Charlotte Hambright were married June 23, 1940
Marion Earl Alexander and Rhea Ghormley were married Sept 28, 1952

Frances Marene Alexander died October 8th 1913
Joseph P. Alexander died May 10th 1954

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