Matlock Cemetery and School and other photos
Loudon County, Tennessee
These photos were taken at Matlock Bend  in Loudon County, Tennessee.
Matlock Cemetery, Matlock Bend, Loudon County, Tennessee
        Jesse Matlock                        Elender M. (McPherson)
4 Mar 1796 - 6 Jul 1877                27 Feb 1802 - 21 Dec 1883
       The newer tombstone was erected after vandalism.
        May 2004 the new tombstone has been vandalised
After taking a photo of the newer stone.  My husband started kicking the dirt and grass around and found these two stones just under the surface of the ground.  These were lying just in front of the new tombstone closer to the road....Wanda
Isn't this a beautiful photo?
This was taken near the Matlock Schoolyard gate looking down onto the Tennessee River.
This is the old Matlock School.  It sits back from the road [Matlock Bend] approximately 120 feet. You can see the edge of the tombstone in the lower right corner. Taken in 1998.
This barn is the one that is in the above photo.  That is Matlock Bend Road behind the barn and it runs along the fence line going up the hill.. just to the left of the barn. The cemetery is just behind the barn on the hill.
Matlock Bend Road
Below is a trascript of an article published in 1972.

                             Story Behind The Name of Matlock Bend Road

“The Loudon County Herald” Thursday, 20 April 1972
By Lee Price  (father of Charlie Price)

   Recently, with the assistance of the Regional Planning Commission, a new map of Loudon County was approved by the local County Court.  This map shows an index listing of the roads in Loudon County.  One of these roads is Matlock Bend Road. In one way Matlock Bend Road has recently become unique.  It has the standard, state approved sign or marker dentifying its entrance and exit.  These signs have a green background (”Keep Tennessee Green”) and white letters, and reflect light from cars at night so that they may be seen easily.
   The history of a road is history of people.  The history of Matlock Bend Road is an example.
   On July 16, 1867, Jessee Matlock registered a State of Tennessee grant of title to 600 acres of land in the Recorders Office of Roane County, Kingston, Tennessee.  According to the description of its land, given in the grant of title, it was located in the 6th civil district of Roane (now Loudon) County, Tennessee, long the South bank of the Tennessee, including an island in the river.  It is from the name of this man, Jessee Matlock, that Matlock Bend had got its name.
  Just where Jessee Matlock came from, before he arrived in this area, no one seems to know.  His grave marker, now ocated in front of Matlock School House, Matlock Bend Road, says that he was born March 4, 1796, and died July 6 1877 – 81 yrs., 4 mos., 2 days.  His wife Elenoer McPherson Matlock, buried beside her husband, was born Jan 27, 1802 and died Dec 21, 1883 – 81 yrs., 9 mons., 24 days.  At this grave site there appears to be three other graves thought to be those of slaves.
  Jessee and Elenoer Matlock had four children, John C. (married to Mary Jane Oliphant), Sarah (married to Odom, McMinn Co.,) James (killed in Civil War), and Thomas (went to Texas).
   John C. Matlock (who acquired by inheritance and purchase his father’s land) and his wife, Mary Jane, had the following children: James J., (Uncle Jim), Bruce, Willie, Salley, John S. (Sam), Edna, Robert F., *Uncle or Mr Frank), Calladonia )married Robinson, Harriman, Tenn.), Lavina E., Mary J (married Robinson), Minnie, and Lois M. (married Dent James). Lavina E. married a Matlock and is the mother of Walter and Bruce.  Walter Matlock married Gladys Dial, of Spanish decent, and daughter of Dr. Dial of the Paw Paw Plains community of Roane County.  Dr. Dial represented Roane County in the Tennessee legislature, 1889, 1890.  Walter and Gladys Matlock’s children: Jessee, Nell, Ed, and Tom are very well known in Loudon County today.  Most of these people were born in or near the Matlock Bend Community.
   After recently having read Ramsey’s Annals of Tennessee. I can visualize the beginning of Matlock Bend Road as at first an animal (buffalo, bear, deer, etc.) trail.  Then came the Indian hunters, white men hunters with pack horses, followed by wagons, buggies and then modern day vehicles.  From the varied and many Indian artifacts found along the river banks and bottom land in Matlock Bend, there is no doubt that an Indian Village was there at one time.
   Do you live on and daily use a Loudon County road?  If so, are you proud of ti enough to help get an approved Tennessee standard sign with name of road, placed at entrance or exit? These signs may be had by placing an order for them with your Loudon County Purchasing Agent, Mr. Buddy Jenkins, at his office in the old Loudon County High School building.  The cost is approximately $3 per sign.  The three Loudon County Road Commissioner, Mr. Lillard Bledsoe of District One, Mr. Lee Malone of District Two, and Mr. Joe Greenway of District Three, have promised to install these signs at appropriate places, if the signs will be made available by the people who live along the road, or others.  May be a business enterprise might supply the signs if asked.
  The new Loudon county Road map may be had by applying to the Bank of Lenoir City, who were kind enough to pay the cost of printing and helped with the distribution.
                            Matlock School
Not sure when this was taken.  It was published with the article in "The Loudon County Herald" in April 1972.

Note: There were other pictures with article but I have not scanned them. 
*Ed Matlock with new Matlock Bend Sign
*Robert Frank Matlock and sister Lois Matlock James
*Photo of Jesse and Elendor's old tombstone.
*John C Matlock and Mary Jane Oliphant and their children.
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