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 Sunday, February 11, 2007




I found this picture and thought it
was awesome so I put it up.

if any of you have any interesting photos
out there that you'd like to see up on the
site, feel free to email them to me.

NOTE: people have emailed me pics and
I WILL update them, its just that I really
like this one and decided to keep it up for
an extra month. :p


So, here's another of my favorite cities: Las Vegas.

I love the idea of living somewhere so decadent; the gambling, the prostitution.

The city is all glittery with the lights and the extravagant hotels. There's something weirdly hypnotic about all that.


  1. I haven't checked my email in a month. And that's
    only partially due to how lazy I am. Still not sure
    what's wrong with the site layout/design. If you
    have any ideas as to what the problem might be
    [or better yet, know how to fix it], you can leave
    me a comment.
  2. I'm still working on 'In The Bedroom' ...
  3. I haven't really been doing anything other than
    working of late and watching TV [Battlestar Galactica,
    Rome, Heroes, 30 Rock].





Jonathan Chase



  1. He's extremely hot.
  2. He starred in "Another Gay Movie" [I like that movie].
  3. He's 6'3.
  4. He's got a seriously cut body.
  5. He's extremely hot.
This month's "favorite things" is: Random!


  1. Thursdays; they come right before Fridays which kicks off the weekend [and weekends are awesome] and TV programming is always great [e.g. '30 Rock']
  2. 30 Rock. It's hilarious.
  3. Chocolate chip teddy grahams. Need I say more?
  4. Anticipation for the end of winter; this cold weather makes me wanna sit on a knife [Again, how awesome is '30 Rock'?].