We are glad to hear that you are interested in our parties / gatherings. We usually try holding parties about once a month. We also meet with couples over dinner and drinks if needed or preferred to answer or cover any questions. So let us give you an idea of how our gatherings work.

             To start off with, there is no charge for any of our gatherings at this time. We simply ask anyone that plans on attending to bring some sort of a dish to share with the rest of the crowd & if you have a specific type of beverage (alcohol), you will need to bring that as well. Everyone is also expected to bring condoms for any play that might take place later on in the evening. Also, we do request a picture of both of you prior to attending so that we can recognize you upon arrival to our gatherings. There is a section of this site that is managed for when we get a confirmation that someone is going to attend, they are asked what they would like to bring as their food item, then it is posted next to their names on the R.S.V.P. list for everyone to see so that we don't end up with 2 & 3 dishes of the same thing.

The location of the gatherings is in the Luray, Virginia area which is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the D.C. area. So, PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE, take the time to look Luray, Virginia up on the map in order to see where it is located in relation to your location.  We ask that you do this prior to contacting us about attending so that you are not disappointed by finding out that after all the emails, the location is entirely too far from your home. We also ask that you try and make sure that your schedule is free before committing to attending any of our gatherings. We ask this due to the fact that once we have you down for a specified food item, it makes things awkward to replace said dish and try to find someone to take your place in short notice. The gatherings are on a much more personal level, usually consisting of 6 to 10 couples and if we get 2 or 3 cancellations, it has a great impact on the gatherings.  Repetative cancellations can & will result in not being invited to future gathherins. However, we certainly understand that un-expected emergencies do arise and that family comes first. The gatherings take place in a private home atmosphere, which allows people to relax a lot more then being in a club which may consist of upward numbers of 60 to 100 people in which case you don't have the opportunity of getting to know the people on a persnal level so to speak. However, due to the distance that is involved, we do invite everyone to stay overnight and join us for breakfast the following morning before departing.

               The meet & greet portion of the gatherings usually starts at around 7:00 pm and will run until 9:00 pm or so. During this time, there is no play allowed! We use this time for everyone to enjoy the food and drinks while socializing & becoming more acquainted with one another. After 9:00 pm, people are then allowed to wander off and play at their own pace but it is not mandatory.

                Outside, there is a swimming pool & hot tub for everyone to enjoy. Once you are in the house, there is a large king size waterbed down stairs along with a gynecologist table in what we refer to as kind of the group room. It doesn't mean you have to be part of a group to play in there but that is just how it has played out lately. At any rate, if there is no one in there and you have found someone to play with and are comfortable enough being in that room, then by all means...have at it! In another room, there is a sex swing and upstairs there are other rooms for people to wander off to if you want a little more privacy.

               We have had several new couples attend our parties from time to time & they did not participate in any of the activities. This doesn't mean that you will not be invited back to another party. We understand that you feel the need to start somewhere and it comes down to finding someone that you are both very comfortable with before taking that next step. This is why we ask people to explain what they have or haven't done so far in relation to the lifestyle if it was not stated in their email when they first approached about our gatherings. Our gatherings are very mellow and we plan on keeping them that way. We never have gotten into the whole wild & crazy type of settings. Our gatherings run until the early hours of the next morning and several people enjoy lounging in the hot tub socializing & getting to know one another during this time. It's just not all focused on having sex! We hope this has been of some help. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. We will be looking forward to hearing back from you soon.