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Name:      Rosenquist, Mats, Hakan, Ingmar

Birth Date:      March 25, 1961      

Civic Reg. No.:      610325-3354

Marital status:     Married with 4 children

None Smoking Moderate Alcohol Consumer!
Nationality:     Swedish

Curr. Adr.:     Moo Ban Daratorn 4, 99/45 Moo 2, T. Plutaluang, A. Satahip, D. Chonburi  20180 Thailand

Contact:    Chanakarn Tanarat, adress same as above.

Home Phone:     +66 (0)38 722 453

Mobile Phone:   +66 (0)9 939 5318


Education:     Nordenbergs School for Technicians. Three years, junior degree of Basic Engineering.

Amu-Ronneby:     Cutting, Fitting and Welding [TIG, MIG, Arc and Gas] of steel structure and piping of                                       carbon, alloyed and stainless steels. Design and handling Construction, Isometric and GA                                   Drawings and P & ID"s                        

Chalmers University of Technology:      Maritime and transport safeties, fire fighting, distress signaling                                                                        equipment and first aid

Nutec Training Center:      Free falling lifeboat, plant, submerged helicopter and escape hose evacuation.

Swedish Fire Corps:      Certificate in fire-protection and risk estimation during hotwork operations.

University Karlskrona/Ronneby:      Two years of mechanical and electrical engineering,computer handling,                                                            design, construction, production, manufacturing, automation, quality                                                               control and environmental foundations.                                                                   
Computer Software:      AutoCAD, IDEAS, Lotus Notes, API-Pro, Microsoft Office, Internet research, e-mail                                       sending and file transfer

Language Spoken:      Scandinavian, English, German and Thai, fluently

Experience:      17 years, construction and maintenance of food processing factories, paper mills, ships                                     offshore facilities, petrochemical plants and other process industries as welder,                                                 fitter,.supervisor, construction and safety manager
                        Responsble for planning and execution, all aspects, of piping, steel structures and equipment                              installtion.
                        3 years offshore experience (Oil-rigs, Semi-sub's, FSO's and FPU's) on Brown field and Green                          field operations.
                        I have through the years gained the experience to work with national engineering codes as                                 ANSI, ASME, JIS, D IN, and SIS (the swedish international standar)
                        This on projects in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Thailand and Indonesia
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