Our School

Burlington Shorin-Ryu is dojo #28 in the American Karate Federation.  The AKF was founded by Sensei Gary Tiktin in 1961 based on the Matsubayashi style of Shorin-Ryu karate do.  Sensei Tiktin trained in Okinawa under Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine circa 1958-59.  He then returned to the States to help promote Nagamine's teachings.

Among Sensei Tiktin's many American pupils was Tom Hronic.   He trained under Tiktin during the early 1970s.  It was Sensei Woody Bell who founded Shorin Ryu in Burlington in the late '70s.  The Dojo was an old mill with no comforts or ammenities.  Sensei Hronic later became the head instructor.

While in Burlington, Bell and Heronic trained Jim and Jane McIver.  In 1981, Sensei Jim was awarded 1st Dan,  Sensei Jane shortly after.  In the mid-80's the dojo relocated to the Elmira community center with Sensei McIver (now a 2nd Dan) in charge.

Today our club still meets at the Elmira center on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In the traditions of the AKF, the cost to each student is an affordable $10 a month.  This allows us to pay the city for use of the facility and to buy any equipment we may need (we make no profits).  In addition to warm up exercises and floor drills, our class emphasizes 3 elements:

1.  Line training

2.  Kata & kumite

3.  Self Defense

Anyone who is interested is welcome to visit us and watch or participate in our workouts.  We are always anxious to welcome new students who are interested in the benefits of Karate training.

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